Christian Comedians With Marriage Comedy You Can’t Live Without

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Written by Tim Grable

February 25, 2017

Marriage is one of the most complicated relationships in the world and the basis for a good marriage comedy. You are living with another human being for the rest of your life and are expected to keep the toilet paper roll in the right direction, remember all important dates of interaction, and even agree on how finances should be managed. At some point, you will even have to take care of other human beings that are the spitting image of you, right down to the spark plug attitude. Chances are; there will be more than one. Still, there are moments when smiles ensue and these Christian comedians are there to bring light to the dark corners of marriage in their marriage comedy routines. Some couples would agree that marriage humor does not exist, but that does not stop these comedians from exploring the possibility of “I’ve been there” experiences and relating them in a more joyful and personable manner.
5 Comedians With Marriage Comedy You Can't Live Without

Finding the Right Standup Christian Comedians on Marriage

When planning an event, it can become a difficult task to select from an abundance of entertainers when considering Christian comedians on marriage. There are many benefits to be gained when selecting Christian comedians to host an event, including clean jokes that are free from negative connotations.

Caution must be taken when choosing the right person to share some comical point-of-views on marriage. For it is known that according to comedians, nothing is exempted from what they can and will say to get a laugh from their audiences. Therefore, in the case where moral values are at the top of an event planner’s list, hiring Christian comedians on marriage becomes the best choice. For example, consider the following five comedians whose jokes are considered “clean”:

Marriage Comedy for Your Next Date Night

Originally from Minnesota, this observational comedian sees married with a different perspective. He began his career in 1998 and has opened for Wierd Al Yankovic and Brad Stine. Clean and funny, Daren Streblow has earned the title of “King of Uncool”.

You will find yourself agreeing with comedian Jeff Allen by laughing as he talks about the weather extremes in the US, speeding golf carts in retirement communities, and important lessons in marriage comedy. With donuts on the mind, he takes you on his journey to try new things, experience new climates, and travel the ever-changing US. Jeff Allen is a clean comedian, both hygienically and in language, and can bring to life those family moments that are just laugh out loud funny.  Centering on marriage and raising children, Jeff Allen’s comedy routine is clean and hilarious. He is been featured on many cable networks including Dry Bar Comedy, Comedy Central and VH1. Jeff has been doing comedy for over thirty years and does not show any signs of stopping.

Thor Ramsey is classified as one of the funniest “clean” stand-up comedians worldwide. He is a writer, producer, director, and has starred in a plethora of movies and TV Shows, as well as, nominated for several awards. He makes his jokes personal by involving the audience and, in addition, adapts them to information that he receives from the organization that books him.

Ron Pearson held the world juggling record at age 15, a great start to any comedy career. From acting, to performing, to recording, this triple threat comedian can do it all. Ron has also earned three Telly awards and continues to make everyone filled with laughter.

As a Member of the National Speaker’s Association and the CCA, Rik Roberts keeps his marriage comedy routine clean and relatable. Rik’s style is involved and dynamic, incorporating different visual methods to maximize his point. He also teaches comedy writing workshops online centering around clean comedy.

Carlos Oscar, born in New York, comedy career began after enrolling in acting school. He has made appearances on many television shows. His jokes are family-oriented and centered around ordinary events. He has appeared in several movies and also has traveled with The Clean Stand-Up Comedy Tour. He now lives in California with his wife and two children.

Rex Havens is a funny keynote speaker, as well as, a standup comedian. His comedy has been categorized as family-friendly, and it appeals to all ages. He traded his position from standing behind the podium teaching in classrooms as a college professor, to standing on a stage and making people laugh for the last 20 years worldwide.

It was at a college in Tennessee where Bradley Bean and Jackson Bailey attended school and began writing music and comedy. After college, then following different paths, they later teamed up together once again to began a full-time acoustic comedy team act of Bean and Bailey. Their comedy appeals to all ages and is family-friendly.

Steve Geyer entertains his audiences with inspirational comedy that is centered around marriage. His “clean” comedy is greatly enjoyed by married couples. He is also a pastor and a devoted husband to his wife, Kathy. He has recorded marriage videos as well as comedy albums and has appeared at many Christian festivals.

Jay and Laura are a real couple with real challenges. The difference is they get onstage and let everyone else see. They call themselves edu-tainers because their brand of education and comedy is unique. Married almost 30 years and performing together for 17, this marital team teaches about life together in the most hilarious of ways.

Actor and comedian Michael Joiner will crack you up with his witty insights on all kinds of topics including marriage. First place winner of the Hollywood Improv’s “Funniest Comic in L.A.” and nominee for the Christian Music Hall of Fame’s “Comedian of the Year,” Michael’s take on spouses will make you feel like he knows your life.

Laughter has always been an excellent remedy for mind, soul, and body; therefore, for those who are married or about to be married, there can always be a joke that will allow them to look on the brighter side of things. These Christian comedians with marriage comedy make this thought a reality as they travel throughout the country bringing a smile to so many faces.

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