27 Top Christian Comedians You Need to Know (Updated for 2020)

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Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

Being in charge of organizing an event and finding the right entertainer, can be a daunting job. This is especially true if you do not know where to turn to when searching for entertainment.

We have noticed Top Christian comedians have become more and more popularThat is why we thought we should give you some examples of a few performances.

There’s no doubt that today’s Christian comedy scene features some great talent with enough funny material to keep even the toughest audience in stitches. What makes Christian comedy funny? The quickest and laziest route to a laugh is the dirty joke. Much more skill, however, is required to produce laughs with clean jokes. The Christian comedian connects with his audience and makes them see familiar things from different perspectives, making it impossible to not laugh.
27 for 2019: Top Christian Comedians You Need to Know

The world of entertainment is full of acts that run the gamut from clean and family-friendly to adult-only content. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find entertainment that is fit for the whole family, especially in the world of comedy. To help you in your search for clean humor, we have put together the following of 27 Christian comedians for you. They range in style from dry straight-faced humor to zany and demonstrative – all quite funny. Sometimes all it takes is that one Christian entertainer with a real wit to one full of funny facial expressions and antics to make you laugh. Take a few minutes to watch these funny videos of clean comedians through to the end and see what they’ve got to offer. You will not be disappointed. Hire a clean entertainer for your next event, meeting, or party, and no matter who is in your group, you will not have to worry about what he is going to say next. The entertainers below have what it takes to keep your group laughing while keeping it clean and wholesome.

Christian Comedians You Have to See

1) Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen’s style is laid back, jokes funny and testimony powerful. He not only delivers the joke but he demonstrates it as well. As a Christian comedian, entertainment that is fit for the whole family, and he has a way of getting the audience to come along with him for the ride.

2) Ken Davis

Ken Davis has a very natural style as a Christian comedian. He seems like someone you would invite over for dinner not necessarily someone you expect to make you laugh – that is until he opens his mouth. Davis might even remind you of your math teacher. His style of humor is simple and descriptive of everyday events, but when he demonstrates the oddities we have all thought about, you can no longer hold in your laughter.   Find out why Ken Davis is Seriously Funny.

3) Chonda Pierce

Chonda Pierce is a well-known clean comedian. She has been around for a while, and everything from her facial expressions, voice, and delivery style is hilarious. Chonda often involves the audience in her routine and has a host of personal stories that make her youtube comedy videos easy to watch to for hours. She will make you laugh no matter how your day started out. She is not someone to miss.

4) Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry is also widely known as one of the Top Christian comedians that toured with Bill Gaither. Mark is hysterical and well respected for his craft. He rallies the crowd and gets you laughing almost immediately. His brand of clean humor and style is almost in our face but with an excellent it’s-all-in-good fun attitude he can get away with it. If you have a chance to catch him, don’t miss it.

5) Michael Jr.

Michael Jr is newer on the scene but has been in some Christian movies, so his fame has spread quite quickly. Michael as a very broad appeal. His style is a bit of a dry wit that works very well for him. He is one of those comedians that once he delivers the joke, it may take a few seconds to kick in. When it does, get a great laugh out of it. Michael came from very humble beginnings but with his talent, he could not remain hidden for long. As a Top Christian comedian, Michael also has an artistic side that emerges at times – and that can be refreshing. His comedy has been featured at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit and in Virtual Date Nights.

6) Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins is another Christian entertainer, who has been on the circuit for a while. He is known for his incredible facial expressions, hilarious antics, and surprising ways he treats everyday events to result in his comedy material. You will laugh or even cry from this man’s performances. Make sure you catch Tim in a live comedy concert or watch his entertainment that is fit for the whole family at home.

7) Anita Renfroe

Anita Renfroe is one of those funny comedians who uses self-deprecating humor in a way what makes her audience relax. Moreover, although she is well-known, she does not come across as a self-important celebrity. Renfroe pokes fun at the trials of womanhood and does it very well. She is an upbeat and funny Christian artist.

8) Taylor Mason

No list of clean comedians is complete without the name Taylor Mason. We’ve all seen ventriloquists like Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham before, but Taylor brings his unique clean style to the stage with a veritable menagerie of puppets. Taylor Mason is quite intelligent and funny. He is a ventriloquist who uses audience participation is a very uncommon way. It takes a certain level of skill to coordinate the timing of the material and managing the puppets. Taylor’s show is great for adults and kids, too given the puppet aspect of his show. However, if you go to a show, don’t be surprised if you have an opportunity to be on stage.

9) Daren Streblow

Star of The Daren Streblow Comedy Show, Daren Streblow is no stranger to making people laugh. Daren looks at everyday life from a humorous perspective, focusing on the idiosyncrasies of normal human interactions while keeping the jokes clean and family-friendly. Daren Streblow uses his facial expressions in hilarious ways to deliver his comedy material. He makes the simplest everyday events seem entertaining with his unique style of observational comedy. He is a very talented comedian who can describe things we have all experience, but when he tells it, you’d want to laugh and laugh. Daren is a hilarious and talented comedian. His talent is undeniable, which makes him unforgettable.

10) Fish Sticks Comedy

Fish Sticks Comedy is a group of improv comedy artists that is at home in front of a business meeting as it is in the church. Their clean humor will be a favorite of any group fortunate enough to be their audience as they become a part of the show.

11) Rik Roberts

Discussing such everyday issues as cholesterol and diet, Rik Roberts invites the audience into a fun-filled, good-spirited place where laughter replaces concern. Everybody will enjoy Rik’s natural storytelling and audience including style of always clean, never dirty or even questionable humor.

12) Ken Groves

Another clean ventriloquist, Ken Groves will have an audience laughing at the hilarious antics of his puppet alter-egos. Discussing issues ranging from aging to ventriloquism itself, Ken’s friends keep his performances entertaining and clean from the start to finish.

13) Paul Aldrich

Paul Aldrich is so much more than just a funny voice. He is also a musical comedian who has 13 pieces of work under his belt. His CD, “Mock and Roll,” received an award for the performances he gave in it. Aside from being musically inclined and comically fortified, Paul also has experience. He has given performances abroad and in various parts of the United States. He is well-seasoned and motivated about his work. Paul gives his audience an excellent taste of reality with a warm cup of decaf coffee.

14) Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey has performed his brand of Christian comedy throughout the country since 1987. He got his start in comedy in Des Moines and Chicago and later moved to California. This Christian comedian starred in the popular DVD series Thou Shalt Laugh and has written three books including The Most Encouraging Book on Hell.

Thor Ramsey has produced and acted in a number of short films, such as 2012 short How I Met My Father and 2013 short The Accidental Proposal. He has also acted in short films such as Hang Town and Skip Listening. Ramsey’s brand of comedy has been captured on a live recording from The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour and episodes of the Bananas DVD comedy series.

15) Brad Stine

Brad Stine reminds us that knocking over tables and chasing people with a whip is occasionally an acceptable answer to the question “What would Jesus do?” Brad is a proud Christian, who will remind you that violating “political correctness” isn’t necessarily a sin. Watch him skewer busybodies and feel better.

16) David Dean

David Dean describes himself as a “clean comedian” and lives up to the billing. His comedy deals with the idiosyncrasies of Christian living – marriage, parenting, and church life all provide the basis of his material. His quick wit and interaction with the audience make him a favorite of Christian groups around the country.

17) Ron Pearson

Juggler comedian Ron Pearson is a clean act with a World Record under his belt, achieving a record for juggling at the age of 15. His comedy act earned him a nomination for “Corporate Comedian of the Year” and has had an array of guest-starring roles and performances for shows like “That 70s Show,” “The George Lopez Show,” “Boston Legal,” “Chelsea Handler” and “The Late Late Show.”

18) Max Winfrey

Stunt comedian Max Winfrey’s antics won him an appearance as a semifinalist on the hit NBC reality show “America’s Got Talent” in 2010. His act includes daring stunts like knife throwing that requires audience participation! In addition to the church and corporate events, Max has performed as a headliner for both Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise lines. His act is very interactive and engages audiences of all ages.

19) Bob Cates

Juggling stuntman Bob Cates is a favorite performer for functions and parties in Canada. As a Canadian Juggling Champion, Bob delights audiences with his amazing stunts. Included in his act are wild juggling performances, balancing acts with a unicycle, and even a shocking grand finale where he spins 22 plates. Bob was also nominated in 2006 and 2007 for “Best One Man Show” for the Canadian Comedy Awards.

20) Dustin Nickerson

Dustin has been a finalist in San Diego’s Funniest Person Contest in 2015. He also won the San Diego Clean Comedy Competition. He is 30 years old and has already been happily married for 10 years now.

Dustin Nickerson performed in various locations until now, such as colleges, clubs, corporate events, and even churches. Dustin’s humor is best described as original, candid, poignant, observational, relatable and engaging.

Here’s just a quick sneak peek of one of his shows.

21) Jonnie W.

Jonnie W. is one of those Christian comics who could make any audience laugh. Starting with a young comedy club audience and ending with grandmas.

He has worked with companies and charities because he is the perfect mix of both worlds. Jonnie’s first DVD ever released is called “Angry Sandwich, ” and it was a huge success. This video shows you why.

22) John Crist

John is one of those young aspiring, clean and Top Christian comedians. He is always on the road because currently, having approximately 250 live shows every year.

He says his inspiration for the jokes comes from the fact he grew up in the south and was homeschooled. John enjoys making people laugh, so it is no wonder he won comedy competitions.

Want to hear some of his jokes? Then check out the video below.

23) Lisa Mills

Lisa is a committed comedian, and she wants to put a smile on everyone’s face with clean and Christian comedy. She is also a member of the Christian Comedy Association, and she enjoys working with other Christian comedians as well.

Lisa is an author as well, and her latest book is called “Lord, Did I Shave My Legs for This?” If you want to see Lisa on stage, then play the video below.

24) Rex Havens

Rex has been a comedian for over 20 years and entertained audiences in more than 15 countries. His shows focus on insightful observations about how we fail to communicate with others and how it affects our personal lives.

The two largest shows he performs are “Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned from My Wife” and “Bidding You a Fond ‘I Do.'”

Here is a couple of minutes which give you an idea about the first show

25) Robert G Lee

Robert’s most remarkable talent is probably the fact he can perform the Bible in approximately 30 minutes. He also appeared on the cover of The Wall Street Journal and is known as Hollywood’s top warm-up comic.

Want to see how he performs the Bible in 8 minutes? Then watch this video. You will love it.

26) Bean and Bailey

This duo plays off each other to create a unique show. There’s comedy, there’s music, there’s storytelling with Bean and Bailey. It is entertaining all the way around. They are expressive in different ways, which gives the show a unique texture that is unmatched buy other comedy teams.

27) Justin Fennell

Life’s frustrations are funny –come on, you know they are. Justin Fennell shows you just how funny life can be when he talks about the mundane of tasks spiraling into the abyss of the ridiculous. You’ll laugh in spite of yourself.


Whether you need clean comedy entertainment for a party or business meeting, any of these comedians know how to keep funny videos clean. Why worry about who might be offended by questionable jokes? Hire one of these performers and keep your funny videos clean. Prove to everybody that funny can be wholesome with a comedy experience that’s safe for the whole family yet funny enough to make anybody laugh.

So if you are looking for clean humor and a good time, whether with your family or without, check out any of these Christian comics. They are all on the current circuit and may be coming to a venue near you. Watch their comedy videos on youtube, you will not be sorry you did.

Christian Comedians Are the Best!

We hope you enjoyed the selection we have made for you. We cannot get enough of this type of comedy, and we believe it is the kind of entertainment which fits any audience.

If you are looking for a Christian comedian for your upcoming event, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (615) 283-0039 so we can discuss more.

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