Planning a Christian Event? You need the Best Christian Comedy

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Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2017


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Planning a Christian Event? You need the Best Christian ComedyThe guys who make up the Panic Squad have been called a combination of Billy Graham and Brian Regan. These Improv Comedy players use family friendly comedy to entertain Christian Events. The troupe specializes in fast-moving and think-on-your-feet improvisational comedy.

With improv comedy, every show is different. Sometimes compared to “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” the Panic Squad blends a mixture of stage props and audience participation to generate unexpected twists and turns in their story lines.

Panic Squad Improv Comedy- Numbers Game

Their on-stage antics are crowd pleasers at a Christian Comedy Event. They have performed together for more than a decade in churches, before business meetings and conferences around the nation.

The Best of Comedian Michael Jr.: Part 1

Consider booking Christian Comedian Michael Jr. for your next Christian event for a brilliant selection of Christian beliefs and relevant humor. Who ever said praising the Lord could not include joy and laughter? Michael Jr. explains that the road to salvation can be a lot easier journey if we just listen to the Lord and follow his example. He uses realistic stories that people can relate to to lead the audience to Christ.

Funny Christian Comedian Al Fike delivers good clean comedic fun at The Improv Club in Addison, Texas. Using everyday props, his quick wit, and a unique musical talent, Fike treats audience members at a Christian Event to a side splitting funny time.

Funny Christian Comedian - Al Fike For Good Clean Comedy

Voted as one of Dallas’ Top Twelve Comics, this family man’s act can be classified as the Generation X’s version of Red Skelton. Bob Hope, another late, great, comedy legend described Al Fike as “a real nut”. Al Fike has appeared on stage with other celebrities as well, including country singer, Ricky Skaggs and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. So in the spirit of having a funny, clean, hilarious, fun time, check out Christian comedian Al Fike.

Christian Comedy is Perfect for a Christian Event

“In a world where no matter what someone says to you, you can just interpret it to mean whatever you want it to say” comes Christian Comedian Brad Stine to tell it as it is. When “Stop” implies roll and signs are ignored, common courtesy has been forgotten. With his funny take on life, Brad gives us a reminder that life’s common courtesies need to be revisited.

Brad Stine and how Animal Rights have affected us. - Dry Bar Comedy

In this hilarious video, Brad gives his humorous spin on everything from parking in the no parking zone to the neglectful use of turn signals. Prepare to laugh as you watch Mr. Stine pace across the stage with his impression of modern day drivers and those in the courtesy field.

Paul Aldrich Performs The Politically Correct Classic "Frosty The Snowperson" | Huckabee

For good, clean comedy that rocks, check out Paul Aldrich. Gifted with musical impressions and hilariously profound insights into humanity, Paul Aldrich has thousands of performances as well as thirteen projects under his belt.

In a style similar to Weird Al, Paul Aldrich is a lyrical mastermind, arranging stanzas that hit close to home for the average person. His tunes are recognizable, and his themes are relatable.

Clean Comedian Paul Aldrich was discovered during his stint as a Young, Life leader. Later, his music spread to audiences of all ages. Whether lamenting the struggles of aging or finding the fun in singleness, Paul is gifted in revealing the humor in every life situation.

He has performed all over the United States as well as abroad. For over 25 years, he has shared his musical gifting in comedy clubs, theaters, churches and even on TV.  His songs uncover universal truths while causing his audience to laugh at the wonders of simply being human. Paul Aldrich is 100% pure comedy!

Anthony Griffith: Laugh Factory

Few clean comedians can keep up with the mental speed and verbal precision that the well-dressed and sharp-tongued Anthony Griffith possesses. While explaining the trials of trying to raise a 6’7″ inch cousin that has taken to bodybuilding in recent years, Griffith gives his audience an example of his wit and irreverence.

Raised in part by a stepfather that served two tours of duty in Vietnam, Anthony has seen to the good, bad and ugly sides of living with an American soldier. He has skillfully turned his experiences into a breed of comedy accepted and acclaimed by audiences all over North America.

Anthony is a man of strong faith that raised in a traditional environment, but his down-to-Earth take on the everyday situations in life make him a favorite of secular and non-secular folks. Anthony shows that the essence of comedy is not about fitting into any one stereotype, but rather about being a genuinely funny person that has a knack for making people laugh for very long periods of time.

If you are booking entertainment for a Christian event that is going to feature an entertainer, there is no better choice than Christian Comedy.

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