What Christian Stand Up Comedians are Funny?

What Christian Stand Up Comedians are Funny?

Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

What Christian Stand Up Comedians are Funny?

What Christian Stand Up Comedians are Funny?Whether you are planning a party, fundraiser, conference, or outreach, one of the most important decisions you will make when organizing a Christian Outreach event is the choice of entertainment. Let’s face it, events can be annoying. What could be worse than packing in a great audience, only to find that your speaker’s jokes are falling flat as your attendees watch in uncomfortable silence? If you are looking for a fun speaker for your event but are hesitant to invest in a newcomer, rest assured it never fails to go with a professional. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a selection of Christian stand up comedians who are guaranteed to make any event a success.

By integrating key faith formation topics with humor, these Christian Comedy A-listers allows audience members to retain better the information they receive, as well as associate these lessons with positive feelings and laughter. So let your attendees loosen up with some good, clean, faith-filled fun.

Comedy For Hire – 8 of the Funniest Christian Stand Up Comedians

Daren Streblow: Technology

The first comedian on our list is Daren Streblow. This Minnesota native is a great starting point when searching for Christian stand up comedians. His smooth storytelling style and a multitude of hilarious accents are sure to draw laughter from the crowd. Daren specializes in situational comedy, inserting his deadpan style into his observations of the quirks of everyday life. Moreover, of course, his nerdy, awkward demeanor make him one of the most endearing entertainers in Christian comedy.  Daren Streblow has made a name for himself through observational humor revolving around the more mundane, but often absurd, aspects of modern life. Fans enjoy his nerdy style of dress and delivery. This same style, though, gained him success on television and radio comedy shows.

Jeff Allen: Short Comedy 2

Jeff Allen is a Christian comedian from Chicago Illinois. What sets Jeff apart is his intricate sense of comedic timing. His family-based comedy is devoid of any cynicism, and his humor reveals both a joy-filled marriage and the ability to poke fun at himself. Aside from making your audience laugh, Jeff will deliver many profound insights and deep truths through his comedy.

Thor Ramsey - Reality of Life and Love

Thor Ramsey is a preacher, comedian, husband, and father of two. His comedy focuses on his views of the world around him, all the while poking fun at hypocritical cultural standards. He is goofy, charismatic, and completely honest when it comes to relationships. Above all, Thor possesses a talent that is paramount to Christian stand-up comedians: the ability to connect with his audience through comedy and leave them with a lasting message of faith.  Thor Ramsey has an incisive wit that he uses to pick apart trends in mainstream American society. At the same time, he turns preconceptions about Christians on their heads through his observational humor. Ramsey has also appeared in several comedy video shorts, hosted the TV series Bananas Comedy and collaborated on projects as a writer, producer, and director.

David Dean delivers original, wholesome comedy

Like Thor Ramsey, David Dean is a pastor, husband, and father. Native to Indiana, David is another goofy comedian with an infectious laugh. His hilarious one-liners dig out little moments of joy and sorrow in everyday life as his humor transitions into serious life lessons. David Dean is a great entertainer for any audience of any age, and he is sure to be a hit at your event.

Anthony Griffith on Dogs

Anthony Griffith is a Christian comedian from Chicago, who is now based in Los Angeles. Know primarily for his unique storytelling ability, Anthony possesses the demeanor of a common everyday guy, and, as a result, his slow-burning, deadpan humor is refreshingly relatable. Perhaps the most accomplished performer on this list, Anthony has made many major comedy TV appearances and even received an Emmy award for a dramatic television role.

Steve Geyer - My Wife

Steve Geyer possesses the unique ability to find humor in sadness, making him an especially influential Christian stand-up comedian. Although his childhood was filled with hardships, his gentle smile reveals a life filled with infectious joy. His charming personality could win over even the most hard-hearted audience member. Steve is a talented and insightful storyteller who specializes in relationships, and while his joked will have your audience in stitches, he never fails to bring home the message of love and faith.

Michael Joiner - Hand Transplant

Michael Joiner makes use of his experience with improv to adapt his act according to the audience and its vibe. His shows never turn out the same and Joiner thrives on interaction with his crowds, which makes his shows very popular with audiences. Joiner has done the rounds on the LA comedy circuit, written for major late night television shows and appeared on TV and the big screen.
Scott Wood - Car Names

Scott Wood’s comedy delivers fast-paced jokes strung together one after another. For this, he has been dubbed “Mr. Punchline.” Wood has made his way through almost every major television comedy outlet with his quick style of humor. Most notably, though, Wood excels at impressions of a variety of celebrities.

So there you have it! An excellent speaker is a useful tool for bringing attendees to your event, as well as ensuring that these attendees have the most positive and rewarding event experience possible. When your audience loves your event, they are more likely to return next year and bring all their friends, mostly marketing your event for you! Your entertainment can make or break your event, so be sure to choose wisely. Every christian stand up comedians on this list is guaranteed to provide clean; entertaining content perfect for any audience, so what are you waiting for? The success of your event is just one Christian comedian away.

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