13 Church Outreach Ideas for The Community (updated for 2021)

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Written by Tim Grable

October 29, 2017

Church Outreach Ideas for Ministries to Reach the Masses Church outreach ideas are one of the most important parts of any ministry. Outreach ministries serve a two-fold purpose; one is to draw people unto salvation through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal savior and the second is to grow the Kingdom of God into a body of believers in Christ Jesus who can be ministered to and go out and minister. This commandment is known as ‘The Great Commission,’ charged to the church.

From church-sponsored picnics to gospel skates and back-to-school rallies, churches have developed a host of ideas to include nursing home and jail ministries, television, radio, Christian movie night, and social media as well as performing arts to draw in new crowds to introduce Jesus Christ.

One outreach ministry jumped leaps and bounds with church outreach ideas to reach the masses and draw in congregations, mixed entertainment, and Christianity by using professional performing artists such as musicians, dancers, illustrators, and comedians to tell the message of Jesus Christ.

The Secret To The Best Community Outreach Ideas

If you have ever planned an event with a focus on uniting your community, you understand that community outreach ideas are difficult to come by. When choosing a performer for your event, it is important that you choose someone who is both compelling and family friendly. In fact, selecting the right artist is one of the most important aspects of planning a community event.

The Secret To The Best Community Outreach Ideas

When you are promoting your event, the performer you have chosen is one of the main threads holding the event together. Selecting an artist who upholds the ideals of your community is a way of bringing the people of your community together. It lets everyone in the community know that they belong to a community that understands and respects them. This is why choosing the appropriate live performance for your outreach event is one of the best community outreach ideas you can have.

However, aside from all that, hiring the right performers can make for an utterly captivating outreach event. Here are seven live acts that will bring your community together in awe, wonder, and even a few laughs.

Church Outreach Ideas for Ministries to Reach the Masses

Christian Sand Artist

An America’s Got Talent finalist and visionary artist, Joe Castillo creates mesmerizing works of great faith with what he calls his “SandStory.” Using a light table, Castillo draws images of remarkable beauty in the sand for a live audience. He is also a storyteller and motivational speaker, relying on his many talents to keep communities inspired and engaged.

Christian Painter

Marc Eckel has come a long way from his days illustrating for General Motors. In his stunning live performances, Eckel is known for creating exceptional works of art using only his bare hands. He calls his performances the “Splat Experience,” as a reference to the way he throws paint onto a canvas. That means each audience witnesses the creation of an entirely new and unique piece of art. Incorporating an inspirational message into his unique performance art, Eckel is sure to astonish your audience and inspire them with hope.

Christian Illusionist

Igniting the classic wizardry of Houdini with contemporary energy all their own, Haris III and his wife, Katie, is a sought-after pair of master illusionists. This duo has captivated international audiences and would bring an exciting blend of magic and storytelling to any large community gathering. Harris is known for giving audiences the kind of hope and inspiration that strengthens the connections within an audience.

Christian Danger Artist

Dan Meyer is a gifted sword swallower, fire eater, and an Upward Unlimited speaker. His astonishing physical feats will amaze everyone in the audience, but it is his words of faith and spirituality that will inspire the members of your community to strive for greater connection with each other. Like Joe Castillo, Dan Meyer has also demonstrated his immense talent as a finalist on America’s Got Talent.

Christian Comedian, Singer and Musician

Mixing comedy with rock and roll guitar playing as he sings a few funny lyrics, Paul Aldrich drew in a laugh among the congregation as he questions songs of different religions.

Community Outreach Ministry Ideas

A comedy outreach event is a perfect way for a church to come together for a joyful time of church fellowship and laughter. Many Christian comedians are great outreach ministry ideas. They deliver not only hilarious stand-up routines but motivational discussions.

Christian Comedy

For a family friendly comedy that brings volunteers of all ages to the stage, Taylor Mason is a fantastic choice. Incorporating a range of techniques that includes ventriloquism, improvisation and audience participation, Mason will have everyone in your community in absolute stitches. Moreover, because his comedy does not make fun of anyone or put anyone down, every community member will feel included in the fun. The children will especially appreciate his hilarious use of props.

John Crist is a comic in the vast tradition of family-friendly stand-up comedians. His humor is insightful, relatable and occasionally poignant. While still managing to be appropriate for a community audience, he playfully navigates the perils of the modern age and helps us all laugh at the little things.

A former drug addict and alcoholic, Jeff Allen now openly shares his troubled history to prove that we are all capable of overcoming extreme adversity. Moreover, he somehow makes us roar with laughter while he does it. Allen is an accomplished stand-up comedian and an inspirational speaker. Although he tackles difficult subject matter in his comedy routine, he does so in a way that is completely family-friendly. His blend of outrageous comedy and disarming honesty makes him a fantastic choice for your community event.  Jeff Allen is a comedian who tells stories about life scenarios with clean church humor. Adding a Christian comedy perspective with a touch of funny in the message, he shares his viewpoint on how one’s behavior affects events and happiness in life.

Scott Wood is a comedian whose concern was entertaining his audience. Causing his audience to forget the worries of the day, he brings in chuckles by making humorous jokes about fast-food restaurants.

Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow has honed his routine to include plenty of audience participation and hilarious storytelling. He has performed for hundreds of churches and college universities, as well as Dry Bar Comedy, Disney Cruise Lines and Universal Studios. He currently has his own radio show, “The Daren Streblow Comedy Show”, airing in over 100 markets in the United States and Canada.

Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg’s mix of clean comedy and inspirational speaking has evolved from over thirty years performing both as a comedy duo and solo act. He has performed for churches, corporate events, and stadium settings. Bob has also written three books, co-authored the 1995 hit play “Triple Espresso”, and created the one-man show “Mr. Wonderboy” in 2008.

David Dean

David Dean is a clean comedy veteran with over 22 years under his belt. He got his start in the 1980s at Chicago’s acclaimed Second City School of Improvisational Comedy. Today, he performs his hilarious clean comedy routines for any church event, including fundraisers, youth conferences, and banquets. He also founded “David Dean’s Mission Possible” for routine mission trips to the Dominican Republic.

Praise Dance

Lindsey Norton is an Acrobatic dancer who demonstrated her zeal for the Lord through a praise dance. A former contestant on “America’s Got Talent,” Norton used a combination of ballet and gymnastics in her routine to give testimony through praise dance.

When you are planning an outreach event, finding the right live performance is among the best community outreach ideas to bring everyone together for a fun and inspiring event. The artists detailed here are among the most talented and awe-inspiring of their kind. Their unique abilities to weave inspiration with entertainment will have your audience amazed.

If you are looking for church outreach ideas to increase membership, think outside the box. Examine society’s interests and add a Christian perspective to it. Performing art ministry events can afford the Pastor opportunity to present the message of Jesus Christ and open the doors of the church to new believers.

The church has learned over the decades how to take part in the world’s activities to preach the gospel and increase memberships without becoming worldly. These types of performers can be ideal for church outreach ideas for ministry.

For outreach ministry ideas that lead to an unforgettable outreach comedy event, a clean stand-up comedian would provide hilarious entertainment for audiences of all ages. The comedians are interactive with the audience for a performance tailored specifically to the church members for a fun and engaging time for families! With clean jokes performed by true professionals, it would be an outreach event worth repeating!

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