See Why Clean American Comedians are Refreshing and Funny

Written by Tim Grable

March 17, 2017

Clean American Comedians and laughter are an excellent stress buster, and in times of hardship, many people turn to comedy as a way to deal with the daily frustrations of modern life. Laughing out loud is a fantastic way to feel better about yourself and improve your mood, and this is why going to see a comedian is now such a popular pastime. We all have our favorite comics, and our preferences will largely depend on our sense of humor and what we consider being funny. Humor is an incredibly personal thing and what may be hilarious to one person, may not even register with someone else.

See Why Clean American Comedians are Refreshing and Funny

What are Clean American Comedians?

There are many different types of comedy available these days. Some people like the anecdotal comedy where the comedian will tell a funny story about their lives, this is a favorite amongst stand-up comedians; others prefer classic satire or slapstick comedy. Nowadays, many comics include swearing, profanities, dirty stories and discrimination in their acts in a bid to shock the audience into a reaction. For many comedians, the more vulgar and controversial the jokes the better; as if they were competing with other acts to be the most shocking. Sure, vulgar stories and swearing can be funny if timed well, but if this is all that the comedian can do then it can become quite tiresome, quite quickly. The comedian then gets themselves into the awkward position of having to be more controversial and more shocking each time they perform to get a reaction from the audience, and this can sometimes lead to them being known as a ‘one trick pony.’

When you think of Clean American Comedians think of Taylor Mason.  Following a hilarious account of a fan that purchased a pig puppet and didn’t quite understand the powers it held inside, Taylor Mason shows off some of his outstanding ventriloquism skills. By having a conversation with the adorable little pig, he can explain how the process of ventriloquism works by showing rather than telling. Clearly having the attention of the audience, Taylor mesmerizes them with his effortless skills and duality of voice.

If you are in the market for a skilled comic that completes a routine and gains the respect and love of the audience without the use of vulgarity or cursing, Taylor is for you. A degree in Agriculture from the University of Illinois may not have given Taylor the same foundation as professional comedians, but his down-home roots and his small town charm wins crowds over within a few minutes.

As a response to the amount of modern comedians who are using foul language to get laughs, there is a new breed of entertainers who are fighting this stereotype of a modern performer and promoting themselves as ‘clean comedians.’ These acts as using good clean, old-fashioned humor to entertain the masses and are getting excellent results. Audiences see this sort of comedy as a refreshing change from the foul language and discrimination that often features heavily in modern comedic acts.

While there are some occasions when smutty humor is appropriate, these circumstances are limited. If you are planning a corporate event, an awards evening or a non-profit gala then this type of humor just is not going to work. You need something that is family-friendly and is going to be enjoyed, and understood by all ages, and clean comedy is the perfect solution. Many people are under the impression that clean American comedians are not funny, but this simply is not the case. Other people think that just because a comedian practices clean comedy that they must promote Christian comedy, and this is not true either. Some entertainers do bring a religious theme to their act, but this is not compulsory. Clean comedy can be as straightforward as a string of funny anecdotes about everyday life, just without the swearing and vulgarities. Clean comedians are all about making people laugh and keeping an audience entertained instead of telling stories that downgrade our intelligence or disrespect the culture in which we live in.

Bill Arnold reminds us that humor does not have to be crass or controversial to be funny. Combining classic magic tricks with comedy, Arnold embodies the spirit of old school comedians. He is not afraid to make fun of himself and his act, pretending to be a less competent magician than he is and engaging in self-congratulations to solicit laughs from the audience. His humor is free from controversy and gives audiences a chance to sit back, laugh and re-focus as they marvel at his magic tricks and appreciate the value of classic jokes and gimmicks.

Jeff Allen is a funny corporate clean comedian and inspirational speaker who has performed for all audiences. His unique brand of clean humor delights audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Discussing family and marriage in a frank and funny way, his comic anecdotes give insight with humor into solutions to life’s everyday problems.

In this video, Happy Wife Happy Life, Jeff gives his secret to both a happy marriage and a happy life. In a hilarious story about a conversation with his wife, he relates some of the pitfalls that men can find themselves in when dealing with women. Anyone can relate to the situation that Jeff not so delicately maneuvers his way out of.

To witness a geniune comedic phenomenon, look no further than Chicago-born Anthony Griffith. This comedian has a style of humor that appeals to all audiences. Griffith tells it like it is, doing so in a way that is both wholesome and extremely entertaining.

In this clip, watch Anthony get the crowd roaring yet again with his hilarious imitations and observations about today’s society. Armed with his manner of wit, this performer fires off several amusing anecdotes to his fans. He intends to make one thing clear, and that is Anthony Griffith does not like assumptions, especially when it comes to his height.

Griffith is known for appearing alongside his fellow friends and comedians in the nationwide “Apostles of Comedy” tour. Be sure to watch for his appearances on Jay Leno, Comedy Central and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Have a look at The Grable Group website where you will find more hilarious clean comedians. Here, there is bound to be at least one act that will be perfect for your event and will be able to take it from a good event to something that people will be talking about for weeks to come.

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