7 Clean Christian Comedy Acts which Will Leave Guests in Stitches

Jeff Allen Christian Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

May 2, 2017

If there is one thing, Christians need more of….is laughter. I can say this because I am one. Too often we walk around with long faces and not enough smiles sharing the joy that is within.  Your church needs to book christian comedy!

Did you know that the concept of Christian Comics was born as a way of attracting people into the church? Fast forward many years later, and we can clearly see that this type of comedy has become hugely popular.

The truth is that any audience will enjoy Christian comedians, whether it is younger or older people, and even kids.

4 Great Reasons to Book a Christian Comedian

1. We need to laugh more.

Jeff Allen is one of four Apostles of Comedy.  Along with three other Christian Comedians, they form a core group of stand-up comics dedicating themselves to performing with respect for their audience. With the ordinary sensibilities of decency and respect, they are creating a new wave of stand-up comedy.

Jeff’s connection with the appreciative audience is palpable. His routine generates enthusiastic laughter and an apparent camaraderie between Jeff and those enjoying his performance. His ability to slide into physical humor without appearing to seem desperate for a laugh is an excellent innate quality of his comedic talents. The man is smooth and confident. For Americans who like to enjoy comedy that is not offensive and more family-oriented humor, Jeff Allen is one of the best Christian comedians.

2. Something to do with families.

When you book Christian Comedy you reach all ages. Whether they are 4 or 104, everyone likes to laugh. Parents are often challenged to find an event their entire family will enjoy. Taylor Mason is the best family friendly comedy entertainer in America today.

Having earned two NACA “Family Entertainer of the Year” awards, and the star of the Emmy-winning* children’s TV show “Taylor’s Attic,” he is uniquely qualified to bring an exciting, all-ages, all-inclusive family friendly comedy program to any church, community or institution. Taylor Mason performs with The Disney Corporation over 120 days each year, where he consistently earns “A+” ratings, Taylor Mason can take your event to another level with his clean comedy.

We are pleased to offer your his family friendly Universal comedy and wide-ranging live presentation. Taylor is flexible and comfortable in any setting. He is capable of handling children, adults, and teens in every kind of venue. Mason can fit easily into current events that have been booked; we can help create an entertaining program for your situation, and Taylor Mason will incorporate family friendly comedy themes and concepts you have established into his already-proven and constantly-updated set.

3. Easy to do and little support.

4 Great Reasons to Book Christian Comedy

Comedians are the easiest bunch around to work with. You provide a microphone and a stage, and the rest is up to them!


People young and old enjoy listening to clean comedy that is entertaining and funny. Daren Streblow does both in the comedy project “Though Shalt Laugh 5” and his Dry Bar Comedy special.

Even though he grew up admiring people some of best Christian comedians, Daren had no idea that inspiring people would be his career of choice. As a child, he performed sets for classmates in school, whether they got the joke or not. Daren did his best to improve his comedic performances, going so far as to drive a couple of hours from his home once a week for four years, just to perform a brief comedy set. During this time, he gleaned from his comrades their comedic styles and characteristics. Daren ultimately learned how to perform clean comedy suitable for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

4. A different take on Church.

You do not have to go far in the media, and you will find a poor representation of real faith. Christians have the greatest story to tell, but often it gets explained poorly. Comedy is a different take on Christianity because it provides a real authentic look at us laughing at ourselves rather than judging others

Chicago native Anthony Griffith became a stand-up comic in college after retiring from his neighborhood outstanding career as a teenaged escape artist. Anthony began his career taking his clean Christian comedy about family life and growing up in the inner city to any venue which would have him, and through his hard work, quickly found success.

He first gained a national audience with his appearance on “Star Search” and has since gone on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”, “HBO”, “Showtime”, “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”, Dry Bar Comedy and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. He also is a part of the “Apostles of Comedy” tour, which features stand-up and comedy sketch shows in churches across the United States.

We want to show you how skilled and talented Christian comedians are, so we decided to showcase 7 of them in this article.

It is time to laugh out loud, dear reader.

7 Clean Christian Comedy Acts which Will Leave Guests in Stitches, jeff allen

1. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen’s comedy is clean and to die for. Many have proclaimed him the world’s funniest and most inspiring comedian. He performed at various events, such as corporate or fundraisers and he was also featured on Dry Bar Comedy, Comedy Central and VH1.

He has an observational humor that no other comedian has. His comedy material revolves around marriage, family, kids and living with teenagers.

He’s performance is rapid-fire, so your audience will barely get a chance to catch their breath between laughing sessions. Corporations love him because Jeff can deliver clean, Christian comedy which will not offend a single person in the audience.

Here’s just a quick sneak peek of his acts, so you can see what you can expect when seeing him perform.

2. Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. is a natural born comedian. He is currently one of the most valued and praised entertainers.

Michael is a gifted artist who can tailor his show according to the specific exigencies of each public.

His act is clean enough to be featured in church, but also funny enough for a club performance.

Michael is an active entertainer who appears on TV. ”The Tonight Show”, ”Comedy Central” or “Late Show” marked some of his successful appearances.

He consistently performs in different occasions for churches, universities, prisons or private events.


3. Brad Stine

 Did you know that Brad is the most media covered Christian comedian in the country? He was featured in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC News, HBO, CNN, Fox & Friends.

Brad’s comedy is built on a mission, and that is to free people from the chains of political correctness and prevent “wussification.” He is a firm supporter of first amendment rights and asserts that they should be universally applied.

He uses his comedy to attack ideas, and not the people who formulated them. George Carlin, Brian Reagan, Jim Gaffigan are just some of the comedians who influenced Brad’s approach to Christian comedy.

You can watch a small section from one of his shows to see how crazy his performances are.

4. Dustin Nickerson

Dustin Nickerson performs in clubs, colleges, corporate events, churches, casinos, and colleges throughout the country. At just 30 years old, he is one of the most talented clean comedians in the world.

Dustin is humble and intelligent – describing himself as “the world’s most average person” – so he does not resort to insults to get your audience laughing out loud.

His shows tend to contradict him, and the cheering and smiles make him one of “the world’s best Clean comedians.”

5.Lisa Mills

Can church-clean comedy be as funny as club-based comedy? Sure thing!

Lisa Mills is the living proof. She has worked with countless top-level comedians in the world, and she is also one of the comedians from Dry Bar Comedy.

No matter the venue, occasion or audience, it is easy to see why Lisa Mills is such a successful entertainer. Her wit and talent leave your guests with their face hurting from laughter and their hearts healed from love!

6. Michael Smalley

His popularity as a nationally renowned marriage and relationship expert quickly grew through his signature straightforward, hilarious, yet clean, no-nonsense advice. Michael’s message inspires, motivates, challenges and amuses people to thrive in their most important relationships.

He teaches with entertaining stories, illustrations, and smart jokes, allowing audiences to learn through laughter

7. Daren Streblow

Daren got his start on the open mic comedy club circuit with good comedy writing. However, by the time he started performing at comedy open mics in the mid-1990s Daren already had the advantage of years of radio experience under his belt. With his already honed skills as a storyteller and entertainer, it was not long until he was successful enough to turn comedy into his day job in 1998.

Throughout his career, Daren Streblow has insisted on working clean, meaning that he only performs family-friendly material. As a hilarious comic who also happens to remain appropriate for all audiences, Daren is regularly in high demand and has opened for such luminaries as Weird Al Yankovic as well with major companies like Universal Studios and Disney Cruise Lines.

Christian Comedy is Here to Stay

 It is a fact. Among the most successful comedians out there, there are many who focus on clean, Christian Comedians. Audiences love them, and so we believe that if you want quality entertainment for your event, you should go for one of them.

Are you looking for more information on how to book Christian Comics into your next event? Do you need a clean comedian that will help deliver your message that fits within your budget?  Do you have questions for us or want to chat about your upcoming event? Then you can give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will do our best to help.

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