The Best Clean Christian Comedy Videos from YouTube

Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

Clean Christian comedy videos from youtube a rare and valuable gem. It radiates its light with stories and impressions that connect the audience through everyday experience rather than offensive language. It reinvents mundane daily life into ironic, knowing laughter instead of divisive character assassination. Christian comedy has a meaningful presence in the comedy circuit. The Best Christian YouTube Videos demonstrate clean, hilarious performances that engage the audience and create an atmosphere of relaxed laughter. Joy comes from within, and Christian comedy brings the best outpourings of that joy to the stage. No one leaves the event offended. Instead, all should leave refreshed, reminded of how good it feels to laugh, and maybe with a little something to contemplate.

The Best Christian Comedians Youtube has to Offer

clean Christian comedy videos from youtube

Funny is funny. That is all it is. Funny doesn’t have to be complicated, raw, or mean. It also doesn’t have to be docile, safe, or polite. Funny is just what it is. The clean Christian comedy videos from youtube listed below know that. These Christian comedians understand that to be funny you don’t have to curse or be lewd to get a laugh. However, they know you can raise the roof and raise your voice.

Talking about everyday life is funny – plain and simple. We all have moments in our day that make us laugh when we least expect it. A good comedian knows how to tap into that humor and display it for everyone to see. The clean Christian comedy videos from youtube in this list have honed their skills to be able to do just that. They make you laugh about the things that didn’t seem funny at the time. They make you look at yourself and see the humor. They do so without cursing and without lurid displays. However, they do it with animation, raised voices, and much fun.

10 Funny Clean Christian Comedy Videos From YouTube

Michael Joiner

Michael Joiner is sarcastic. You may not like it in real life, but you will love it when he is on stage. His wit is quick – you do not get a second to breathe before he says something else to double you over. Michael Joiner talks about the things that everyone thinks about – the things you were thinking in your car on the way over or at lunch. He lays them bare, points his finger at it, and laughs. Moreover, you will too.

Thor Ramsey

You can’t miss a minute of a Thor Ramsey show. You won’t want to, but his delivery makes it so that you can’t. One minute he is talking in a normal voice and the next he is explosively loud, animated, and raucous. Moreover, you will love every second of it!

Steve Geyer

Steve Geyer’s talk of how married life changes you is refreshing because it lets us know we are not alone. The way that life changes when two people come together to live in a household can be unsettling and Steve Geyer’s matter-of-fact discussion about it makes it all seem ok somehow. He bonds with his audiences over ordinary life situations and everyone leaves better for it.

Bean and Bailey

Bean and Bailey brings a different approach to comedy. They stand before their audiences and relate songs in a different way over a guitar riff. You do not know if you should groove to the music or laugh at the delivery. Adding words, changing lyrics, ad-libbing – they do it all to the tune of your laughter.

Brad Stine

Comedian Brad Stine knows how to share his opinion while evoking a laugh! With a strong belief in the freedoms of United States citizens to share their views and practice their beliefs, this comedian celebrates the world’s number one holiday.

Christmas causes mixed reactions from celebrants and non-celebrants alike. With clarity, he defends Christmas and exalts the Peace on earth message of the popular holiday. Brad’s Christmas viewpoint, offers a non-confrontational resource to share their beliefs with friends and family. Use Brad Stine’s unique humor to open conversational doors about an important societal topic. With clean humor and clever wit, Brad Stine equips citizens to defend their Christmas opinions and beliefs with the community around them throughout the Christmas season.

Brad is equally qualified to bring down the house from an intimate church setting to sold-out stadium venues.  Brad Stine has been featured in the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today. He has been featured on NBC Nightly News, HBO, Showtime, CNN, Fox and Friends, Glenn Beck, Hannity and Colmes, NPR’S Fresh Air, ABC Nightline, MTV, Comedy Central. He has appeared in numerous films including “Poodle Springs” on HBO, “Welcome to Paradise”, “Sarah’s Choice”, and “Christmas with a capital C.”

Anthony Griffith

Anthony Griffith draws on personal experience with pain and grief, and he finds a common thread to which everyone can relate. Implementing his “can-do” attitude, he uses humor to navigate sensitive topics and create laughter out of stressful situations. Andy’s singular style has entertained a wide range of audiences from “The Tonight Show” to corporate events.

Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow has a unique take on it all.  Surprising even himself with a career in comedy, Daren Streblow has honed his skills through years of open-mic nights in comedy clubs. Proud to have a family-friendly performance, Daren uses a relaxed style with a consistent pace that keeps the audience engaged and laughing. He is recognized for his unique personality and facial expressions which effortlessly manage the stage.  Daren Streblow brings the truth to light in the most unsuspecting ways. His delivery is calming – his very presence makes you feel like you are settling in for good, wholesome show. That is until he makes you laugh harder than you thought you would about something you would never have thought was funny will not cannot. Daren Streblow surprises his audiences on stage and the people across America who listen to his radio show.

Scott Wood

Working on the comedy circuit for over 20 years, Scott Wood is one of the many Christian comedians youtube has seen create an online presence as well. Scott is applauded for stand-up that flows seamlessly from one story to the next. His Christian faith is the source of his joy which a emanates through impressions, facial expressions, and punchlines.

Jeff Allen

If you think puberty is hard on the kids, imagine the parents. Jeff Allen takes the most awkward stage of growing up and throws it open for all to laugh. From voice changing to moving out, Jeff takes us there. We all survive puberty, but this time we are laughing for the entire ride.

Ron Pearson

It is no coincidence the Christian comedian’s youtube displays occupy page after page of posts. Family-friendly and inspirational laughter is good for the soul. Generating a positive experience for both secular and Christian audiences through laughter requires more than merely writing a set of jokes. Christian comedians like Ron Pearson know how to blend wholesome with hilarious and take humor to a higher level.

If you want to laugh openly at material that is appropriate for everyone, you will take a look at the comedians listed above. Clean comedy is refreshing and unencumbered – you will feel the difference the moment you go to a show. Clean comedians are perfect for corporate, church, and community events. If you want to celebrate funny, clean Christian comedy videos from youtube are the way to go.

Life is stressful. Life is demanding. These comedians continue to hone their craft, and their material is always evolving and fresh. No two shows are ever the same. If you want a high quality, professional show that your guests can relate to.

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