14 Clean Comedians that Will Make Any Audience Laugh (updated for 2021)

4 Clean Comedians that Will Make Any Audience Laugh in 2017

Written by Tim Grable

March 13, 2017

Who doesn’t like having a good laugh every once in a while? They say it even brings significant health benefits. However, in the case of an event, the fun can immediately turn into embarrassment if you pick the wrong entertainers for the occasion.

If you want to avoid this situation, clean comics are your safest option. So so that it happens, we have some excellent suggestions for entertainers who can elevate your next event.

Clean comedy is safe for any audience because the entertainer avoids the use of raunchy humor, specifically the use of curse words and sexual content, to keep the joke inoffensive.  

Clean comedians have become probably the most ‘wanted’ comics in the world. One of the reasons why people have started enjoying their shows without being offended.  They have come to be known as family-friendly comedians as well.

Without further ado, here is a list of comedians who perform unique shows which are also 100% clean.  These top clean comics should be your go-to choice for any event.  Not only are they the funniest comedians who will leave any audience in tears of laughing out loud.  They are some of the most ‘wanted’ entertainers, since they can add value to any event – be it charity or corporate. They will bring in more people which take you one step closer to reaching your goals.

4 Clean Comedians that Will Make Any Audience Laugh in 2017

#1 David Crowe – One of the Few Clean Comics who Performed for a President

David Crowe is a 20 year veteran of the comedy stage. He won both the Seattle and San Francisco Comedy Competitions. 1996 was also the year when he performed for President Bill Clinton.

He makes people laugh without offending anyone. Most of his shows are personal stories of things he has done or places he has visited.

David is also an excellent impersonator, being able to imitate celebrity voices or particular sounds. It is an all-around type of clean comedy that will appeal both to grandparents and children.

Here’s a piece from one of his shows:

You can book David Crowe from here.

#2 Dwayne Gill – One of the Funniest Clean Comedians and… Cop!

Dwayne Gill is a cop by day and comedian by night – “like a superhero,” how he puts it in one of his performances.

His first show took place back in 1993. “Right then I knew comedy was what I was here on earth for,” he laughs. “And I’d much rather take laughter than a bullet any time.”

Dwayne Gill is one of the best clean comics in the world. His show’s topics range from current events, men and women relationships to the crazy situations he is encountered as a police officer.

#3 Dustin Nickerson – A Unique Brand Of Clean Comedy

Dustin is one of our rising stars, and we love his work. He likes challenges both on stage and in his personal life. He left Seattle to become the funniest guy in San Diego. And oddly enough, he did it by winning San Diego’s Funniest Person Contest.

Dustin likes to think of himself as an average guy. However, we know he’s anything but average. He has a natural charm you can’t resist and the ability to empathize with others.

Dustin makes fun of marriage, parenting and other day-to-day duties you will relate to. He appeals both to a young and a mature audience through his honesty and naturalness.

Your audience will have a great time if they can relate to the entertainer on stage. That is one of the things you get from Dustin, a humble yet intelligent clean comic.

He has been seen on:

  • Laughs on Fox,
  • the KPBS Comedy Hour,
  • Hulu,
  • Rooftop Comedy,
  • ComedyTime TV,
  • Yahoo TV,
  • UT-TV.

Dustin brings your audience into his life thanks to his jokes about marriage, kids, culture and childhood. He also likes to joke about being called “Justin” his whole life.

Here is a funny piece of “the world’s most average person,” as he likes to call himself:

Go ahead and learn more about Dustin Nickerson.

#4 John Crist – One of America’s Funniest Young Clean Comedians

Stand-up comedian John Crist continued to gain momentum as one of America’s young rising stars of comedy in 2016. So far, he shared the stage with Dave Chappelle, Seth Meyers, Tim Hawkins, and Anjelah Johnson.

Being a clean young comedian means he has an active online presence as well. Crist has. more than one billion video views, millions of fans on social media, and sold-out shows from coast to coast.

His shows are energetic and engaging, and he often jokes about his childhood, texting and driving, and the ills of social media. In fact, his childhood is where he gets his inspiration from – he had seven brothers and sisters, and his father was a pastor.

#5 Daren Streblow: the Peculiar Comedian

Daren is a multi-talented entertainer we’re glad to work with. His humor is quite peculiar; some would describe it as serious and offbeat. Still, he appeals to a vast array of audiences, and his presence has been requested at churches, corporate celebrations, and non-profit events.

Intelligent and open-minded audiences are likely to appreciate his style of humor best, as Daren is one of those clean comedians who makes you look at ideas in more depth.

His ability to challenges the mundane and make it seem less dull is impressive. Also, his jokes are always hilarious, no doubt about that. However, they often carry a more profound message, as well. Also, this is the essence of his comedy.

4 Clean Comedians Who Perform Unique Shows, clean comics

#6 Jeff Allen: One of the World’s Funniest Comedians

Jeff is one of our most versatile artists. His jokes are timeless, and he has an incredible ability to connect with his audience.

Jeff’s specialty is corporate entertainment, but he is also a regular on TV, radio shows, and casinos. He is the kind of artist who can adapt to any situation and please even the most demanding audience.

He has an impressive portfolio of performances. However, his experience is not the only reason why we recommend him. Jeff is unique because he is utterly appropriate, so you won’t have to worry about any of the guests getting offended.

#7 Rik Roberts: 100% Clean, 100% Charming

Rik is yet another experienced entertainer who has been making people laugh for the past 20 years. He has what we like to call the ‘speaker’s gene.’ In other words, he has outstanding communication skills.

Of course, all great comedians are good at mastering the art of words. However, Rik is different. He is simply brilliant. No matter the topic, he has the power to conquer the audience, so everyone has a good time.

You should also know Rik is a versatile artist who writes songs and teaches comedy writing. His show gives you food for thought and a break from everything which is mundane.

#8 Jeffrey Jena – Thirty Years of Live Performances

Jeffrey is a true veteran of the stage. During his thirty years of live performances, he has also been featured on over forty national television shows, including:

  • Comics Unleashed
  • The Bob and Tom Show
  • The Dennis Miller Show
  • HBO
  • MTV
  • Evening at the Improv
  • NBC Friday Night
  • The Showtime Comedy Club Network.
  • Dry Bar Comedy

Jeffrey Jena is the perfect entertainer for corporate parties. He has tremendous experience, performing shows for countless companies all over the world.

#9 Marty Simpson – One of the Most Talented Clean Comedians in the World

When you will see the video embedded above and hear how hard the audience is laughing, you would wish you knew Marty. He truly is a talented comedian who has performed for countless audiences of all ages.

Marty Simpson uses a self-deprecating comedy. His shows focus on his experiences as a husband, dad and former high school coach and teacher.

While he may fit any event or theme, Marty is perfect for:

  • Family Comedy Nights
  • Church Outreach Events
  • Corporate Parties
  • Ticketed Events
  • Fundraisers and Galas.

#10 Andy Gross – Comedian, Magician, Ventriloquist

 Funny Clean Comedians Perfect for Any Audience

Photo credits

When looking for clean comedians for your next event, you may have come across Andy Gross, especially while surfing on the Internet – his videos have a total of over 100 million views.

When he is performing, the shows almost always go sold-out.

The combination of stand-up comedy, magic, and ventriloquism make Andy an all-around entertainer, especially for corporate events.

Additionally, he is also a role model for his four children, who are also in the entertainment business.

#11 Lisa Mills – Author, Motivational Speaker, Stand-up Comedian

Lisa likes to help event organizers get results while having a blast. Hiring her as an entertainer for your next event will both empower and make your audience laugh.

Her show focuses on her personal experiences, delivering club-funny yet church-clean comedy for any audience. Lisa aims to leave your guests with their face hurting from laughter, and their heart healed from love.

Be sure to check the presentation included above and head to this page if you would like to learn more or book Lisa Mills for your next event.

#12 Brad Trackman – Versatility and Universal Appeal

Brad Trackman has made national television appearances thanks to his tremendous talent. You may have seen him humor on:

  • CBS’s “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and “Comics Unleashed” with Byron Allen
  • AXS TV’s “Gotham Comedy Live.”
  • NBC’s “Later” and “Friday Night.”
  • CBS’s “Star Search” with Arsenio Hall.

Brad Trackman has opened for Dana Carvey, Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Damon Wayans and Weird Al Yankovic.

He is one of the clean comics you can hire for charity, fundraisers or corporate parties and can be booked from here.

#13 Henry Cho – Self-deprecating, observational humor

What sets Comedian Henry Cho apart is his fun, clean comedic style. His jokes are fresh and relatable, staying away from the overused tropes often seen in comedy shows, yet he still manages to appeal to large audiences and keep crowds laughing all the way through. He has a talent for observation comedy and uses those skills to bring good, clean fun to audiences of all ages. His self-deprecating, observational humor allows him to poke fun at a wide range of topics while still being sensitive and inoffensive, a big part of the appeal for those who prefer clean humor.

He finds material in the every day, drawing from things such as his home life and his wife’s Alabama roots. From the birth of his children to his one and only trip to Korea, Cho isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself and the world he grew up in. He’s not afraid to point out the injustices in the world, including an overabundance of food in America, but he ensures he does so in a way that is fun and lighthearted, rather than offensive or judgmental. His ability to keep audiences laughing while keeping the fun clean makes Henry Cho one of the best comedians around.

Henry Cho is from Knoxville, Tennessee and has found great success as a comedian in his hometown. He has worked with such acts as Vince Gill, Carrie Underwood, and Willie Nelson, among many. He has appeared in many movies, including Say It Isn’t So starring Heather Graham and Sally Fields and Material Girls starring Hilary Duff and produced by Madonna.

He is no stranger to television, either, appearing on not only The Late Late Show, but also The Tonight Show and NBC’s Young Comedians Special, as well as hosting NBC’s Friday Night Videos. He worked with GAC (Great American Country) where he hosted, co-produced and co-wrote his own comedy show. You can see his Comedy Central special still running on TV or hear it on XM satellite radio. Comedian Henry Cho has also had guest spots on several different sitcoms.


#14 Greg Hahn Is the Ultimate Comedian as Corporate Event Entertainment

Greg Hahn landed his first job as an emcee at a theme park, he soon started working as a stuntman in the Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show at Universal Studios. Then, he decided to head to New York, which turned out to be a good call.  Here, Greg became a touring headliner and even co-starred in an independent movie called Tomorrow Night, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

A highly energetic show is exactly the kind of corporate event entertainment your event needs to kick things off or to wrap up the day.

Greg will include your audience as well, which means it will get as interactive as it can. He will take any suggestions from you because he wants to provide a customized experience.

What’s Next?

We loved presenting these excellent, clean comedians, but know that reading about these artists is just a way to get to know them better.

Being in the audience at their shows is how you get a sense of their actual value as entertainers and offer guests a chance at a unique experience.

The Grable Group is a professional booking agency and entertainment company managing a select pool of talents. Your satisfaction is our purpose, and we always deliver.  Working with us gets you the right type of entertainment that will make your event memorable.

Go ahead and get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you are looking for a different type of entertainment for events.  Don’t miss your chance to one of these clean comedians for your event and reach out to us at 615 283 0039 today!

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