Clean Comedians offer Parenting Advice and comedy about grandchildren

Teenage Girl In Trouble With Parents

Written by Tim Grable

March 4, 2017

Clean Comedians offer Parenting Advice Raising children is not an easy job. Keeping a sense of humor is not always easy, but it does help to ease the pain and stress that inevitably comes with the job. Who better to get advice from than another experienced parent who takes their views and experiences about parenting and gives them a comedic spin for all to relate to and chuckle at.

Parenting Advice from Clean Comedians

John Heffron

John offers his audiences the experience of floating down memory lane. He reviews the “Dangerous Things Our Parents Let Us Do.” Bringing our memories back to the good old days of Shrinky Dinks and Magic Bubbles. His comedic style and stage performance will leave your head spinning just as it did when the smell of rubber cement permeates the room.

Michael Joiner

For side splitting humor about a life bringing up three boys, Michael is guaranteed to deliver. From views about the movies that he watches with his kids to observations about daily life as a dad, his comedy reaches out to everyone. His parenting advice is delivered with a sense of amazement at the outrageousness that parenting involves.

Daren Streblow

Daren is the father of four boys who are all under the age of 15. The youngest is 3 years old. His lifetime experiences lend a great platform for hilarious stories and unforeseen events that occur in his life. With such a large range of age in his children, Daren is never at a lack of comedic material to work with.

Jeff Allen

When it comes to the best in comedic parenting advice, Jeff Allen knows how to deliver. His comedy is taken from his own life experiences with his parents and his childhood and how they relate to his bringing up his children today. In his set “Need Therapy? Blame Your Parents!” Jeff has his audience rolling on the floor with laughter at his recollections of his early life and the differences in discipline.

If you feel that you are in need of some parenting advice, what better way to get the information than from a parent who can take child rearing situations and put a comedic spin on them. There is no better way to spend an evening out than being able to laugh at the situations and problems that all parents experience.

Comedians who have stand up comedy about grandchildren

Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is a comedian, ventriloquist, and musician who adds props to his comedies. Having worked for The Disney Cruise Line, Mason uses clean and effective humor for audiences of all ages. Incorporating things such as puppets and music into his written performances, Mason offers a humorous, engaging experience for the audience.

Daren Streblow

Having once been a radio show host, Daren Streblow is now a full-time stand-up comedian. He uses hilarious faces and different voices during his performances, an example being his stand up comedy about grandchildren. Streblow observes and uses the audience’s reactions to further his comedies.  Daren can be heard each week on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show.  The show features comedians like Tim Hawkins, Brian Regan, Ken Davis, Chonda Pierce, Andy Andrews and Anita Renfroe.

Anthony Griffith

Having made over thirty appearances on comedy television shows, including Comedy Central, Anthony Griffith is both a comedian and an actor who has had several years of experience in stand-up comedy. Along with other comedians, Griffith performs at churches across the nation. Griffith’s comedic acts will not disappoint party guests.

Bob Stromberg

Speaking of his humorous stories and comical jokes for audiences at any age range, Bob Stromberg has been a comedian since 1952 and is reliable entertainment. Stromberg has a unique and uplifting effect on audiences and is sure to have constant laughter as a result of his routine.

Finding stand-up comedy entertainment is something that will make any event more fun and enjoyable. Having one of these five comedians perform a stand-up comedy about grandchildren will have the audience begging for more. There is nothing gratuitous about these comedians; they use ordinary things to perform phenomenal work that is sure to have audiences laughing and falling out of their seats, not falling asleep.

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