Who are the Best Bananas Comedy Comedians?

Bananas Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

August 28, 2017

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Who are the Best Bananas Comedy Comedians?

Are you looking for something to spice up your next event? Bananas Comedy Comedians can transform any event into a night that nobody in attendance will ever forget. The talent available from the Bananas Comedy TV Show is unrivaled in the country. These seasoned comedy veterans bring exactly what you need to make your events stand out from the pack. There is no competing with the experience that live comedy provides. It can bring people together and create an atmosphere that attendees will lose themselves in. An event featuring one of these comedians will be the sort of thing that audiences will talk about way past the event itself. Booking one of these clean comedians ensures that your next event will be one for the history books.

Bananas Comedy Comedians are the Best Entertainment

Mason is one of the best clean comedians that can bring a room to its feet. Comedian Taylor Mason combines sharp dialogue, expert ventriloquism, and a positive message about achieving what you previously didn’t think were possible into a show full of inspiration and gut-busting laughs. Mason’s effortless charm and ability to engage with his puppets manage to bring everything around him to life, including his audiences.

Bob Nelson is a comic not interested in building up his ego at the expense of his audience. Nelson displays a humility in his self-deprecating style while still owning his flaws and accepting them. Whether it be by unveiling a fool-proof test for baldness or analyzing how Americans express love compared to other countries, Nelson shows that you do not need to be blind to your flaws to love yourself.

Jeff Allen is a family man and comedian who can find the humor in everyday life. Allen speaks from the perspective of a husband who is just trying to do right by his wife and kids, helping any audience relate to the inherent humor and strengthen the ties that bind people together.

Tim Hawkins is not the kind of guy to just stand in one place and speak drolly for an hour. Hawkins’ stage act runs at breakneck speed, so quick that audiences will get a workout just trying to keep up with his movement. Audiences will also get a great ab workout from the constant stream of laughter Hawkins produces by deftly jumping from one punchline to another without a moment’s rest.

Thor Ramsey is one of the Bananas Comedy comedians who knows how to take the every day of household and marriage and spin those yarns into golden threads that double audiences over. Ramsey can find the humor in life, and brings an effortless charm that can sweep any audience off of their feet.

Daren Streblow has a youthful appearance that allows him to connect with parents as well as their children. Streblow can analyze high school life one minute and then pivot toward the adult world in the next, managing to bring generations of people together with laugh out loud observations palatable to any age group.  You can also listen to the Daren Streblow Comedy Show each week on over 100 radio stations.

Watching Greg Hahn perform, you’ll wonder where he manages to find the energy. The spark plug of stand-up comedy, from the moment Hahn steps on stage he never wavers in his full-frontal assault on your funny bone. Hahn barely gives you the time to catch your breath before he doubles you over again in a fit of giggles, which is fitting seeing as he never seems to take a breather himself.

Ron Pearson is a former street performer turned comedian, who manages to land his punchlines as smoothly as he juggles. This acrobatic performance can make you laugh out loud and gasp in admiration for his talents in the same minute. Pearson can snatch your gaze as quickly as he can grab your ear for a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to entrance any audience.

Bananas Comedy comedians offer a style for any event. The diversity on display is unparalleled, and there is a comedian for every occasion. Comedians who have been on the Bananas Comedy TV Show can leave anybody rolling in the aisles and transform events from dull and droll to the time of your life. The only question is: Can you manage to keep your sides from splitting?

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