Clean Comedy Acts That Will Get A Good Laugh Out of The Audience (2021)

Comedian Dick HArdwick!

Written by Tim Grable

September 1, 2018

Funny is funny. Comedians make you laugh. Comedy does just what it is supposed to do – it makes your life light for a moment. These comedians embody funny. They can tell a story and make it something unique. Their dynamic delivery coupled with a keen sense of audience preference is what makes them special.

Many would think comics that work clean are just playing it safe. It is quite far from that. Clean comedians often push themselves a step further by being funny without ever using curse words.

Besides that, clean comedy acts are also perfect for a corporate audience. It can be incredibly funny, without having to step on anyone’s toes.

Over the years, clean humor has been making waves in the corporate world. If there’s one conclusion to be drawn from this is that the audience loves it. As an event organizer, you can leverage people’s appeal towards comedy to put together memorable events that everyone will enjoy!

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to know more, then be sure to read further and find out about the clean comedians we’ll showcase.

That said, here are 11 clean comedy acts you should consider:

1. Tim Gabrielson

He’s a package of entertaining performances, inspiring speeches, and an unshakable stage presence, topped with the finest clean humor in the business. That’s what you should expect whenever Tim is performing.

Tim does admirable work with his humor. He uses his standup routine as a platform to deliver motivational speeches of the highest quality comedy.

There is something we haven’t told you yet, namely that Tim is also a skilled magician. See for yourself in this following video:

Magic plays a pivotal role in how he conducts his performance. Tim successfully manages to blend it with his standup routine much to the audience’s delight.

He has an arsenal of many skills at his disposal, and he isn’t afraid to use it. He’s part musician, part comedian, part motivational speaker and all entertainment.

With that, Tim is the kind of performer that knows what his audience wants and makes sure to meet their expectations.

2. Dick Hardwick

Few comedians can boast that they’re so versatile on stage such as Dick Hardwick. He can perform comfortably at a private luncheon or on a stage in front of as many as 250.000 people.

How does he do it?

It all comes naturally for him. However, it’s his vibrant humor that helps him stand out. He can drop some of the most amusing lines out there without ever using a curse word.

Clean Comedy Acts That Will Get A Good Laugh Out of The Audience

There’s a reason why Dick is among the best clean comedy acts out there. Besides his standup comedy show, he is a motivational speaker, and also an accomplished drummer.

It’s not uncommon for Dick to put on a drumming performance in the middle of his show, leaving the public in awe.

3. Robby Wagner

There’s no comedy show quite like the one that Robby Wagner puts on. His uniqueness comes from the combination of comedy and fitness – two elements that many would say don’t fit together.

However, Robby manages to blend them with great success. His 15 years in the industry stand as a testament to that. After all, they don’t call him a wellness comedian for anything.

He struck gold in the comedy industry with his presentation, known as Sweatiquette. When it comes to clean comedy acts, Roby proved that he’s on top of the game.

Don’t believe it? See it for yourself in the following video:

The presentation consists of a comedy routine that is packed densely with humor and stories from the corporate world. However, Robby intends to encourage the public to change their lifestyle.

And that’s something that he often manages to achieve. Sweatiquette is the type of show that brings out the best in people, and they always come back for more.

4. Don Friesen

If Don’s name may seem familiar to you, then you may have seen his very well-received stand-up special titled Don Friesen: Ask Your Mom.

However, if you haven’t seen his one-hour special, then this is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted.

He is an incredibly funny comedian who has a knack for capturing and showcasing the subtleties of everyday life.

It is a strange world out there, and that’s what Don is here to show us. During his entire show, he exposes the absurdity behind the mundane things in our lives. Also, he does so in a way that puts a smile on people’s faces!

Not only that, but he does all of this without the use of any profanity. It’s comedy at its best!

Don’s show well suited for both corporate or more, informal audiences, making it one of the best clean comedy acts out there.

5. Rex Havens

Rex Havens is a well-known name in the comedy scene. He has been going at it strong for about 20 years, and there’s no sign of stopping.

There’s a high chance you may have seen him on TV since he has made appearances on Showtime, Comedy Central, and Comic Relief.

So when he’s not doing comedy on TV, he’s doing private comedy shows for multi-million dollar companies.

Here are some of the big names he has worked with: American Express, Coca-Cola, IBM, Toshiba, Verizon, and many more.

He has also worked for the IRS, a fact which he always likes to make fun of. For example, he jokingly says, “working for the IRS is the only sure way to get money from them.”

Rex isn’t the type to gloat around about past achievements. He acts on them!

He is always committed to putting on an amazing show; whether he is performing for a stadium crowd or a small private venue.

So just what makes Rex so appealing? We believe it has to be his off-the-charts sense of humor.

Whenever he goes on stage, he delivers comedy of the highest quality, which will make people in the audience laugh for minutes on end. And imagine he does all this without ever resorting to profanity.

6. Cash Levy

Cash Levy’s jokes never get old. Moreover, the reason behind this is that he is an improviser. Not just any improviser, he is regarded as being one of the finest in the entire U.S. – and that is no small feat.

You can make fun of everything, and Cash Levy knows this very well. Because, no matter the situation, he always has an ace up his sleeve. We’re talking about the fact he can never run out of jokes to tell.

So when you’d think you heard them all, Cash manages to surprise people with a new fresh batch of jokes.

7. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen makes you see just how funny everyday life is. He pulls out the humor in things that, on the surface, might be frustrating but are intrinsically funny to an outsider looking in. The joys of parenthood and married life are discussed in his stand-up comedy and rightfully, because, as we all know, there is a great source of comedic value in those relationships. Jeff Allen’s fresh brand of humor makes him a heavyweight in the world of comedy.

8. Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg exudes comfort and down-home charm. You feel like you’ve known this comedian for years after only ten minutes. His jokes are good-natured with a hint of sarcasm at the base. You’re almost unsure if you heard him right because his delivery is so pleasant. He emotes, uses facial expressions and body language with the best of them. A Stromberg show is entertainment for the senses.

9. Michael Joiner

Michael Joiner’s sarcasm resonates. It hits home and makes you laugh even while making you think. He has an uncanny ability to read our thoughts and voice them without abandon. His presence is cool and calm – like he was born to be on stage. Called the “Funniest Comic in L.A.” in 2008. Michael joiner is one to watch.

10. Anthony Griffith

Anthony Griffith delivery is reminiscent of times past. He uses tonality and inflection to impart his stand-up comedy and message, endearing you to him and making cheer with him at the same time. Anthony Griffith makes you walk in step with him and laugh at the things he sees.

11. Ken Groves

Ventriloquism is a lost art. You just don’t see many of them around anymore, so when you do, you want the show to be good. You end up watching more closely than you might have in its heyday, trying to see the ventriloquist’s lips moving. You try to see then manipulating the dummy, watching how well they handle it. With Ken Groves, you can look as hard as you want – you’ll never see anything. Ken Groves has honed his comedy skill and offers a show that is as fresh as it is classic vaudeville comedy.

Clean Comedy Acts, Fresh Out of the Oven

If you were impressed by what you’ve read about these comedians, then wait until you see them on stage, your guests are in for a treat.  If you are planning a conference or a corporate function, consider booking a clean comedian.

By seeing these comedians in action, your event guests are guaranteed to have a good time. Do not hesitate any further and elevate your event by booking them now! If you are interested in booking them for your next event, then be sure to call us at (615) 283- 0039 and we can help you with all the necessary arrangements.

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