Why you need Brilliant Clean Comedy for Corporate Events

Written by Tim Grable

July 10, 2017

clean comedy for corporate events When planning a business conference or otherwise booking work-related entertainment you might be looking for stand-up comedy.  Whatever the occasion, you will almost certainly need clean comedy for corporate events.   Comics are a great way to get your audience engaged and also help them relax, making them more open to the ideas you are going to present to them.

There are many reasons why you might need clean comedians for corporate events. Maybe the occasion you are hosting is a party where employees’ friends and family are invited, and children might be present. However, even when all attendees are adults, you cannot control when a stand-up comedian veers into comedy that’s too blue for the audience. That is counter-productive when you want to foster a real community feeling in your company. It is better, then, to just provide clean comedy.

Why you need funny clean comedy for corporate events

The Chicago Sun-Times calls Bob Stromberg “A mesmerizing physical comedian” and it is easy to see why. His act combines music, illusions and regular stand-up. He has years of experience playing emcee for business and corporate events, including Fortune 500 companies like General Mills, Cargill, Sonic and American Family Insurance..

Frank King, the Cardiac Comedian, is no stranger to performing for business conferences and similar events. He has had shows on Showtime, CNN, and A&E. He is written jokes for other famous comedians as well, including the likes of Jay Leno, Dennis Miller, and the late Joan Rivers.

Scott Wood, also known as Mr. Punchline, is a stand-up comedian known for his impressions, fast-paced one-liners, punchline-heavy routines and, of course, working clean. He is a veteran of corporate functions, having worked events for big names like Disney, Toyota, and Xerox, among others.

Ross Bennett has been a comedian for over thirty-five years. He went through the Army’s Basic Training and then was accepted into the prestigious military school Westpoint Academy. However, he left after only two years to pursue a career in show business. He was soon discovered and started out doing stand-up at the Improv.

Dennis Regan, the older brother to the slightly more well-known comedian Brian Regan, has been doing comedy for over twenty years. Dennis has sometimes appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, as well as had comedy specials on Comedy Central and Showtime.

The Panic Squad Improv Comedy is classic comedy and fantastic comedy group that specializes in creating hilarious and CLEAN comedy for corporate events. Sometimes it’s hard to find both. Who wants to go to a clean comedy night if it isn’t actually funny?

Sometimes there are those comedians who can actually make you laugh but are so raunchy they make you uncomfortable. This team of improv comedy masters is determined to give you both, to reach an audience that is ready to laugh without walking away feeling offended.

This team does improv performance, similar to that of Who’s Line is it Anyway. Improv is a fantastic way to know the audience and to be able to create some in-jokes with those you are performing to individually. When you watch a night of improv, the audience gets to contribute their own ideas and fun, and as they are included time and time again through their suggestions and participation, the audience and the performers create a sort of relationship and bond through the ability to laugh. Performers have to be quick on their feet as they create a scene for the audience to find entertaining and enjoyable, and so you really have to have professionals. There is no worrying about that with The Panic Squad Improv Comedy. They have a marvelous group of 11 talented men, whom they will split up into teams of 3 and send to wherever they are booked.

With improv, no show or game is ever the same. You no longer have to worry about choosing either quality or wholesomeness. With The Panic Squad, you can have both!

When you need clean comedy for corporate events, you would be hard-pressed to find five comedians better suited for the jobs. The acts above not only work clean, but they have decades of experience not only in comedy but in working events for corporations and businesses all over the United States. Any one of these comics would be an excellent choice for clean comedy in a corporate setting.

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