3 Clean Comedy Myths That Are Ruining the Corporate Event Scene

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

Have you ever wondered why some people are reluctant to hire clean comedians?

It’s because many of them wrongly believe the entertainment won’t be great. This is actually the result of people falling clean comedy myths.

In reality, corporate parties miss out on many great things because of these rumors.

In this article, we’ll try to lift the veil and make you see things for what they really are. Here are three of these myths that are totally fake:

Clean Comedy Myths #1 – It Is Not Funny

Clean comedy is an entertainment style where the artist is making the audience laugh without offending anyone.

These shows revolve around situations or the performer’s past experiences. They do not refer to certain typologies and the language does not include R-rated words.

Clean Comedy is funny and there are many experienced entertainers to prove it.

Here’s John Crist, a young clean comedian, for example. He is one of America’s youngest rising stars. He has over 10 million Buzzfeed views and was a regional finalist in Comedy Central’s Up Next.

Here’s a piece of one of John’s shows that will destroy clean comedy myths like this one:

Contact us if you’d like to book John Christ for your next event.

Another good example is Taylor Mason. He is a world-renowned ventriloquist with hundreds of shows so far. He performed for Microsoft and on a Disney Cruise Ship. Here’s an example of his clean comedy:

Contact us if you think Taylor Mason would be the right choice for your next event.

Clean Comedy Myth #2 – It’s More Expensive

Some believe that clean comedy is more expensive. They think that these entertainers charge more. The reason is simple: They believe it is harder to master this type of humor.

Granted, to some extent, clean comedy can’t be pulled off by everybody. It requires intelligence and a lot of work. Many argue that it is way easier to write a dirty joke. But the problem is that some people will feel offended by that.

Dirty comedy doesn’t appeal to all audiences. You can’t have somebody cursing on the stage when there are children in the audience.

Clean comedy myths like this one are just that – rumors. These entertainers are booked for certain types of events. Some of them are even fundraisers, where the organization doesn’t have a big budget.

Here’s a list of clean comedians you can book for your next event.

3 Clean Comedy Myths That Are Ruining the Corporate Event Scene

Clean Comedy Myth #3 – It’s Only for Christian Events/Charities

The last of these clean comedy myths is about the events where it is suited. If there is no cursing on the stage, only charities or Christian events would book it, right?


Granted, clean comedy is suited for Christian events or fundraisers. They want their attendees to have a good time. They want to make sure that if someone brings along their kids, they’ll be okay.

But clean comedy is suited for corporate events as well. The entertainers will make guests have a great time without offending anyone. It can also help your company make a good impression on potential new clients – or even partners.

We are a booking agency and entertainment company. Our professionals can help you with organizing the event and handling the marketing process.

You also get access to a select group of entertainers suited for any type of event.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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