Clean Comedy Night? 6 Pieces of Advice You Shouldn’t Ignore

Written by Tim Grable

February 25, 2017

Clean comedy can be difficult. At the least, it’s harder to create this kind of routine than an obscene one.

If you’re going to get a clean comedian for your event, make their job easier. As an organizer, it is your duty to provide the best for your audience.

After all, good jokes are no of use if everyone is feeling uncomfortable. The evening should be for relaxation, not fussing around in a small chair – in a dark, crowded room, no less.

Clean Comedy Night? 5 Pieces of Advice You Shouldn't Ignore

The first item we talk about on our list will be the budget. Enjoy the advice!

1. Budget Things Carefully

It’s a clean comedy night, not a king’s feast. At first, however, you won’t know exactly how many people will attend your event.

That will make it difficult when you budget your food and drinks. Get your caterers’ and suppliers’ quotes in writing, and adjust everything as you go along.

As the event starts selling out, you’ll have a better idea about guest numbers. Consequently, you can set a more sensible budget.

Now, budgets will be budgets. You also have to look out for the location.

2. Location, Location, Location.

This real estate motto can apply to your situation. To ensure a successful clean comedy night, you need an excellent spot for your guests.

You might run into one of a few problems along the way:

  • The place is close and easily accessible, but your guests would feel crowded inside. Our advice? Look for something more spacious.
  • The location is roomy, but too far for attendees to get there without a ride. We suggest providing transport if your budget allows it.
  • The location is just right, but it doesn’t have the proper amenities. Multiple bathrooms, a parking lot, and comfortable seats are a must.

Just don’t go overboard with your location budget.

3. The Food and Drinks Should Satisfy Your Guests

One thing that sticks with your audience after they’ve left the building is the quality of your refreshments.

If you have the possibility, contact your attendees and check if they have any preferences. That, and maybe ask about allergies. It’s one way to prevent an unfortunate disaster.

If the refreshments aren’t free, make sure everyone gets their money’s worth.

4. Factor in Emergencies on Your Clean Comedy Night Schedule

When you’re scheduling the night of the event, keep this in mind: Accidents happen.

Have a backup plan so your guests won’t feel like they’re wasting their time until you solve the issue.

For example, let’s say the power goes out. Ideally, you get a venue with a standby generator. Until the situation is resolved, have your clean comedian do a skit about the situation.

Letting your audience laugh at something out of your control is the best way to save face.

actor, entertainment, entertainer,stage man

Scott Wood does that really well, with his rapid-fire style performances and quick wit. Be creative with your backups, and you won’t have a problem.

5.  You can do a Virtual Comedy Night

Don’t limit your event to a live comedy night.  Your special event can also be enjoyed around the world by making it a virtual program.  Marty Simpson is one of the top virtual comedians in the world.

6. Get the Best Team on the Job

Having your schedule and budget planned out is nothing if your staff is not up to the task.

Make sure everyone knows that the guests’ time is the most important aspect. Plan for any interruptions that might occur, and get everybody on board with the plan.

Keep all of the above in mind, and the night will be superb.

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