Booking Comedy Acts? 15 Clean Comedy Videos that are Funny

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Written by Tim Grable

July 24, 2017

It’s no secret that funny people offer great entertainment which is why comedians have long been one of the most sought-after types of entertainers for corporate conventions, conferences, even non-profit events. But it’s no longer just any type of comedy these event planners are seeking. While first and foremost they want the comedians to be funny, it is becoming more and more popular that they also want comedians to be clean when booking comedy acts.

Is Clean Comedy the Secret to a Successful Event?

Clean comedians offer something that all ages  can enjoy together. With clean comedians, there is no inappropriate language, gross bathroom humor or expletive content.

Let’s face it: Planning an engaging corporate event can be quite challenging. The reasons are various and may differ from an organization to another.

  • Some attendees may not be too eager to socialize with their co-workers outside of work.
  • The theme of the event is dull and doesn’t add any value to the audience.
  • Most of all (and this is a harsh truth), many people find lectures tiresome and annoying.

Clean comedy helps people unwind and become more receptive to your messages.

That is why event organizers all around the world turn to clean comedians to liven things up. It is one of the only ways you can get people actually to participate in a spirited discussion.

You might just think any stand-up comedian will do the trick, right? As you will see in the following section, things are not always what they seem.

Comedy Offers Loads of Laughs

While there are many comedians who made a successful career out of entertaining audiences with vulgar humor, there are many artists who choose to present a routine fit for spectators of all ages. When booking comedy acts, talented individuals find simple fun in plenty of everyday situations. While listening to these stand-up performances and clean comedy videos, guests cannot help but associate with and laugh about the topics that convey the human condition.

What better way to enjoy a family evening of fun than by sharing a laugh? By booking a clean comedy show, there is never a need to worry about age-appropriate material. Though clean and void of shock value, audiences are never bored. Each artist brings their special talent to the stage that offers a unique but humorous perspective on life. Wholesome and professional in every sense of the word, these comedians have experience entertaining vast demographics of spectators from small towns to large auditoriums under the hot lights of Hollywood. Whether looking for an exhilarating night out or someone to entertain at a private venue, these performers aim to please.
Booking Comedy Acts? 13 Clean Comedy Videos that are Funny

Thirteen Clean Comedy Videos

1) Anthony Griffith

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Griffith began his career on “Star Search.” He later appeared on “The Tonight Show” before becoming an actor. Though living with Multiple Sclerosis for the past two decades and enduring other life-changing tragedies, Mr. Griffith continues to find the humor in life. His comedy videos remind one of sitting down and listening to the stories shared by an old friend.

2. Joby Saad


Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, Joby Saad became enthralled with Harry Houdini. He was inspired to follow in the footsteps of the famous illusionist but found that his jokes entertained audiences more than his tricks. He soon became the class clown in school. Saad combines physical comedy and characterizations in his story-telling brand of clean comedy.

3. Michael Joiner

With his unique blend of audience interaction, improv, and sarcasm, Joiner won first place as the “Funniest Comic in L.A.  He went on to win various awards and also ventured into comedy writing and acting. His clean comedy videos might share his view of teen fashion or heckling audience members in jest. Regardless of the topic, Joiner keeps guests in stitches.

4. Taylor Mason


A talented pianist, Taylor Mason suffered a knee injury while playing football in high school. He soon discovered his ability to make people laugh while recuperating. He eventually incorporated ventriloquism into the act with a puppet given to him during his early childhood. Over the years, the multi-talented comedian has grown into a one-man variety show.

5. Henry Cho

Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, Cho began his comedic career in 1986. Within three years, he was making guest appearances on a number of sitcoms before gaining a role in “Revenge of the Nerds III.” Being of Korean descent and having a southern accent provide some of the topics for his humor. Overall, his routines feature parodies on numerous personal experiences from growing up to spending time with family and friends.

6. Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey is a stand-up comedian who incorporates clever improv and audience reactions into his clean comedy routine. For over twenty years he has been recognized as one of the Nation’s funniest clean stand-up comedians and was even the host for Bananas Comedy.  It doesn’t matter that Thor Ramsey happens to be a clean comedian. He’s funny. And funny is the thing that matters when you’re booking comedy acts to entertain your audience.

7. Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow is a stand-up comedian that is noted for his clean observational humor. His comedy does not feature topics about religion, but there is no profanity or sexual innuendo in any of his acts. Daren has a radio show, The Daren Streblow Comedy Show, which airs on over sixty different stations in fifty states.

8. Steve Geyer

Steve Geyer reaches his audience by talking about what is going on in their lives and in the church through his songwriting and his stand up comedy routines. He has a mission that he hopes to accomplish through his comedy of providing hope to those in need and helping them start on a life-changing journey to find their purpose in God’s kingdom.

9. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is a clean stand-up comedian that has been known to be hysterically funny without using any vulgarity. His straightforward comedy is laced with compassion and sarcasm that reflects his passion for his faith and family. His style has made him extremely popular for both corporate and non-profit events.

10. David Dean

David Dean is known for his clean stand-up comedy routine that focuses on the bumps in the road and the trials we all face in our lives. He ensures the laughter of his audience while relaying his devotion to God and his mission in life.

11. Brad Stine

High-energy comedian Brad Stine visits Virginia and finds the number and kinds of road signs more than bewildering in this short clip from a live performance. He specifically mentions the warning signs about deer, saying what’s needed is not a bunch of signs but a wall to keep deer off the road.

Stine takes his frustration with everyday problems and turns them into a laughter-laden rant with which we can all identify. Heavily influenced by George Carlin, Nashville-based Comedian Stine departs from the Carlin genre by keeping his act clean and profanity absent. He also includes patriotic themes in his work to build up Christianity and the United States.

12. Ross Bennett

After 30 years of trying, Ross Bennett finally fulfilled his dream by making his television network debut on the “The Late Show with David Letterman.” An amazingly gifted comedian, Ross Bennett is also a huge advocate of following your dreams and never giving up. Ross has also made appearances on Dry Bar Comedy, Comedy Central. Hailing from New York, he has taken his act to places around the world including South Africa and the United Kingdom.

13. Wayne Cotter

Jay Leno himself said that Wayne Cotter is “one of the funniest comedians working today.” The clean comedian is smart, fresh, funny, engaging and vibrant.

Wayne’s engineering background makes him the perfect entertainer even for high-tech events. Moreover, he knows how to customize his comedy material so it will suit your event type and your particular audience.

Whether you’re looking for a talented stand-up comedian or an upbeat emcee, Wayne can fit both roles.

14. Dave Dugan

Dave is a voice actor, an award-winning writer, and a highly sought-after corporate clean comedian. He has made quite a few appearances on HBO, Comedy Central, FOX, CBS, ABC, The Bob and Tom Show, SIRIUS/XM, which have added to his popularity in the industry.

Event planners describe him as “smart, wickedly funny and quick – with impeccable timing.”

Dave believes humor is essential in life – this inspired him to create the program called “Laughing Your Way Through Life.” In this program, he talks about how people should not take themselves too seriously, and we should all go with the flow more.

You can hire Dave to be your event’s keynote speaker, emcee or an impostor, which means he can be whomever you want him to be and he’ll play the role flawlessly. The latter one is a great option when you want to add the element of surprise into an event.

15. Matt Jernigan

Matt Jernigan, guitar comedian, sings, plays and humors audiences of all ages from young to old. His made-up song parodies featuring the likes of  Elvis and Justin Bieber are hilarious to all generations. Matt Jernigan is originally from Washington, North Carolina has taken his comedic guitar act all over the United States.

Ready to Start Booking Comedy Acts?

A comedy show is a great way to provide an entertaining experience for people attending your event. However, not all comedians are created equal. You’ll want someone who has undeniable charisma, a unique brand of comedy and who knows how to keep an audience engaged.

Take the time to get a sampling of what live performances entail by viewing the clean comedy videos created by these funny men. It will not take long to discover why each of these artists has enjoyed a successful career in stand-up.

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