What clean comic is Comedy Club tested, Pastor approved?

Daren Streblow Funny

Written by Tim Grable

May 16, 2017

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Do you want a clean comic who will have the whole family laughing themselves out of their seats? Do you want an easygoing, relatable guy who can give you a new outlook on your life by telling his hilarious stories?

What clean comic is Comedy Club tested, Pastor approved?

If so, then look no further than clean comic Daren Streblow! A successful Christian comedian with decades of experience, Daren has performed for the comedy series “Bananas” and “Thou Shalt Laugh“. He also speaks at churches, wedding receptions, Bible camps, conferences, and just about any other place with a microphone. Daren gives a unique take on life with his storytelling, covering just about any topic from marriage to puberty, from braces to pregnancy, and from tornadoes to hotel hot tubs. His nightclub-tested, family-approved jokes and stories are guaranteed to produce a night of laughter and joy that your entire family can love.

Daren Streblow is a clean comic tested in Comedy Clubs

All the “cool” people in today’s society are covering their bodies with tattoos and piercings. Daren Streblow gives his opinions on these new trends while giving his audience some comedic relief.

He describes piercings as a “metal pimple”. He also makes his audience laugh at the thought of sneezing out a tongue piercing. At one point he mentions the use of glue and a BB as an entertaining alternative.

His family-friendly comedy does not stop with piercings. He also discusses the addiction aspect of tattoos. He hilariously describes how a single tattoo can make a body look like a fraternity prank. Streblow then closes with a joke about getting a tattoo to avoid missing his next anniversary.

Daren Streblow offers just a touch of the distinct observational humor he has made his own. In the clip, Daren reflects on allergies and seemingly ordinary human reactions to them.

With his clean style of comedy, Streblow relates easily to his audience, endearing them with his unique worldview while presenting material that is suitable for all ages. Often, Streblow’s practiced articulation is just as chuckle-inducing as the underlying jokes and his delivery works to enhance his humor, bringing the audience to collective gasps for air between fits of laughter.

As a child, Streblow did not find a career in comedy or entertainment, but he did notice early on a strong affinity for bringing people joy. After honing his stand-up with the ACME Comedy Company, Streblow began his arduous journey as a comedian- a trip full of awkward sets in various inappropriate venues including wedding receptions, unlit ice skating rinks, and empty comedy clubs. Streblow, like any talented entertainer, simply chalked all of these difficulties up to experience and moved forward.

Focusing on a wide range of topics from family to allergies, to tattoos, piercings, and obscenity, Daren Streblow makes comedic fodder out of the peculiarities he notices in life and brings them to his audience as a clean comic with a  family-friendly manner.

Daren Streblow offers clean, respectable comedy on topics many people find interesting. Even supporters of tattoos and piercings cannot help but laugh at this presentation.

For additional information on Comedian Daren Streblow, contact Tim Grable at 615-283-0039.

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