Keeping It Clean: 11 PG-Rated Clean Corporate Comics Everyone Will Love

Kermet Apio

Written by Tim Grable

May 30, 2017

It is true: Many of today’s stand-up comedy acts are the kind most people cannot watch with their entire families because the content is not suitable for younger audiences.  Many stand-up comedians like to use topics that are inappropriate for some audiences. That makes them unappealing for certain corporate events or fundraisers.

However, it is equally true there are some great clean corporate comics out there who have a knack for making crowds laugh without resorting to:

  • Foul language
  • Sexual jokes
  • Curse words
  • Vulgar subjects.

The result? Squeaky-clean humor which is appropriate for all audiences. Laughter is a great way for people to relax – especially when it’s a corporate event. Having a comedian as part of your event can bring in more people than you expected. If you are planning an event and you are looking for entertainment everybody can enjoy, this article is for you.

Here are fifteen top clean comedians who work clean whom you should consider:

1. Kermet Apio

Keeping It Clean: 11 PG-Rated Clean Corporate Comics Everyone Will Love

Kermet Apio was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but gave up paradise to move to Seattle and attend the University of Washington.

He made his debut in comedy in early 1989 when he did his first open mike night. He fell in love with it, and there was no going back. One year later, he gave up his regular job for a full-time career as a comedian.

Since then, he has had many appearances on both television and radio and performed in 47 states and 3 Canadian provinces. 

Here are two key ingredients which make Kermit’s act so widely enjoyable:

  • Clean, witty and observational humor which will appeal to everyone. Kermit bases his comedy on everyday life events people can easily relate to.
  • Autobiographic jokes: Kermit knows how to make his act more particular, by drawing inspiration from his personal life (his childhood in Hawaii, having the same name as the most famous frog in the US, his adventures as a dad and husband).

2. Dwayne Gill

Dwayne Gill, comedy, comedian, cop

Dwayne Gill is what you would call a triple threat. He is a Comic, a Marine and a Police Officer!

That is an interesting mix of qualities, right? Moreover, Dwayne knows precisely how to play it to get laughs every single time he performs.

Dwayne first stepped on a comedy stage back in 1993, and he has not slowed down ever since. In fact, he is now one of the fastest rising clean corporate comics in the United States.

His material puts a hilarious spin on a wide array of topics, such as:

  • Current events you can find in the news
  • Man and woman relationships issues
  • Wacky circumstances he is faced as a cop

3. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is one of the world’s funniest comedians. He has a special way of combining clean and hilarious jokes. He has appeared on Comedy Central, Showtime, Dry Bar Comedy and VH1.

He is well-known for his role in Happy Wife, Happy Life, Revisited. Besides television and movies, he is constantly booked for Christian, corporate and fundraiser events.

Allen began his career in 1979. He didn’t have much success at first. He became depressed and felt humiliated. He went down the path of alcoholism but became sober again in 1987.

He then adopted the style of clean corporate comics like Jerry Seinfeld or Jim Gaffigan.

Most of his humor focuses on marriage and living with children – he has two. His shows are appropriate for audiences of all ages.

4. Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason’s brilliant wit and humor make him perfect for all audiences – even children. He is one of the few clean comics good enough for both Disney and Microsoft.

In 1990, he won Star Search (predecessor of America’s Got Talent). He is a world-renowned ventriloquist, musician, and stand-up comedian.

Taylor is a professional committed to performing at his best. Most of his shows are for corporate clients (like Microsoft) and family-friendly events. Here is a part of one of his shows:

5. Clean Comedians’ Veteran Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson’s first live performance took place in 1978. He has 40 years of experience with putting smiles on peoples’ faces.

His shows include dressing up and giving life to different characters. His routine harmoniously combines different types of comedy. He even performed in front of former president Ronald Reagan.

Mr. Nelson’s spontaneity and genuine humor make him one of the best clean comedians in the world.

He’s been featured on Comedy Central and HBO. He was also invited to shows like “Late Night Show with David Letterman”. Here is a piece of one of his shows, considered one of the funniest skits in comedy history:

6. Daren Streblow

Daren has a different style of comedy than the other three mentions above. He adopts a unique style of observational stand-up. His creativity got him a job at a local radio station in Minnesota when he was young.

His comedy career started with open mic events. Daren would drive a few hours for a 10 minutes show.

But it paid off and he became one of the best clean comedians on Earth. He opened shows for stars like Weird Al Yankovic, Brad Stine, and James Gregory.

Here is a piece of one of his shows:

7. Paul Aldrich

Paul Aldrich

Clean comedy and music is a match made in Heaven, and Paul Aldrich proves it!

Paul made his first steps in the entertainment industry while he was still in high school. As a talented young singer and guitarist, he performed with various school and church groups.

It was an experience in his life which opened up many doors for him, including one which led him to comedy.

Paul started performing original songs and comedy material at different churches, youth gatherings, and retreats. As he gained more experience, his fan base also increased.

The demand for Paul’s clever remarks and musical impressions grew to people of all ages.

8.Nick Arnette

Nick Arnette is one of the most experienced clean comics you can book for an event. He has been energizing hundreds of groups through his motivational and humorous programs that people absolutely love.

Corporate events are no stranger to him because, during his career, he has performed for some big companies such as AT&T, Unilever, Microsoft, Adobe, and Motorola.

Most importantly, Nick will provide clean and smart material that your audience will be able to relate to. You can rest assured knowing that his programs won’t offend anyone.

He can quickly become friends with your audience in a light-hearted manner, as one of his specialties is helping people focus on the positive aspects of life.

Whatever requirements and needs you have for your corporate event, Nick is one of the clean comics who can customize his material so that the performance will be the perfect fit.

He will even stay after his program and talk to your audience which is an excellent thing if you want to strengthen the engagement during the event.

Top Clean Comedians Who Also Do Magic

For comedians, delivering high-quality – as well as diverse – content is something they master brilliantly.

However, some of them do not stop there and seek to exercise other entertainment muscles on top of that.

Like, for instance, magic tricks mastery.

Although they do not really need other stunts or razzle-dazzle to their acts, these comedians are just too talented not to add magic to their comedic arsenal.

You will have the chance of meeting 3 of them in this article, so be prepared to have your pick.

9. Andy Gross

If there’s a headliner worth mentioning, that is Andy Gross.

Given that he is such a multitalented individual, it is no wonder why he is so in demand – especially for corporate events.

His brand of clean comedy presents well-established features which have brought him broad recognition and massive audience appeal.

Although he is mostly perceived as an illusionist, Andy’s entertainment philosophy relies on a comedy-based recipe. In his words from a recent interview,

“I feel first, and foremost people should laugh and then be fooled or amazed by what they just saw.”

andy gross Top 3 Best Clean Comedians Who Also Do Magic

That is why, by choosing him as your clean entertainment act, you know you will get top-notch comedy alongside critically acclaimed illusionism.

10. Chuck King

Chuck King is the man to hire if you need to get the best of all these worlds: corporate entertainment, comedy, magic, and hypnosis.

Moreover, mind you, we are not talking about a regular performer, but of a highly certified one. Just to mention the top of the iceberg, here are Chuck’s peak certifications:

  • Master Certified Stage Hypnotist
  • World Champion Magician
  • National and International Sleight of Hand Champion

chuck king

Chuck is the perfect pick for high-profile corporate events, as he employs a well-established method:

  1. award-winning magic for the opening part
  2. interactive hypnosis involving audience members

Moreover, over 20 years of experience in the industry recommends Chuck for crafting the best-suited act to your needs.

11. Mark Robinson

If Andy Gross and Chuck King are most known as magicians rather than clean comedians, Mark Robinson is the one who’s primarily comedy-oriented.

Dozens Fortune 500 companies can speak for his ability to deliver shows which are ideal for chasing corporate stress away.

Mark Robinson’s performance skills also touch on motivational speaking. You can only imagine how capable he is when it comes to weaving in gimmicks, laughs, but also a powerful message. Your attendees will get something valuable from the event.

12. Ross Bennett

Ross Bennett is a staple of the New York comedy scene, appearing at top comedy clubs like Comedy Cellar and Caroline’s on Broadway. His comedy album “New York Country” is on iTunes, and he has been featured on the major TV networks and Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.” His vibe is “NY intellectual.”

13. Dick Hardwick

Dick Hardwick is in constant command for conventions and corporate events. He honed his comedic and musical shows at Disney’s Golden Horseshoe Revue for ten years. He has done shows at The Las Vegas Hilton, Silver Legacy, and Caesars Palace and has worked for many national names such as AT&T Wireless, State Farm, McDonalds and more. He is a nice guy mid-westerner with old-school shtick comedy and music talents.

14. Brad Trackman

Funnyman Brad Trackman, in his words, “eats, lives and breathes comedy.” He regularly appears at NY Comedy Clubs like the Gotham Comedy Club and Stand UP NY and has appeared on numerous TV shows like CBS’s The Late Late Show and NBC’s Later. He takes pride in being hilarious but keeping it clean, which has led to performing for Fortune 500 companies like Price Waterhouse Cooper.

15. Dennis Regan

Stand-up comedian Dennis Regan has headlined most of the major comedy clubs in the United States. He has had numerous appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. His style is observational humor with an amicable, yet salty guy, persona.

These Clean Corporate Comics Can Make a Difference

The most relevant advantage this kind of clean comedy is you will no longer need to be on the fence with your choice.

No more doubting, no more asking yourself “Will my guests love it or will it leave them cold?” or “Can I be sure my entertainment will not offend anyone?”. These 3 are seasoned professionals have everything under control – they know the value of broad-appeal entertainment, and they do their best to deliver exactly what serves this purpose.

Clean Comedians: We Only Manage the Best!

Great entertainment, whether it be musical acts, inspirational speakers or clean corporate comics, is key to a corporate event’s success. Book the right act and-and an event that is good will be elevated to greatness.

We encourage you to browse through our selection of clean comics and take a better look at some of the other options you have.

We are confident you will find the best for your event’s specific goals and needs.

The Grable Group is a booking agency and entertainment company that manages a select group of clean entertainers.

You can rely on The Grable Group to mediate contact with these amazing professionals. Contact us if you have already made up your mind or browse through our stuffed list of clean comedians for more ideas.

For any questions, you might have regarding our entertainers or the booking process, call us at 615-283-0039. We are excited to hear from you.

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