Top Clean Corporate Event Comedians and Entertainers

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Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

There’s one big reason why more and more event planners have started to consider clean corporate event comedians: the lack of R-rated jokes.

A younger audience may be a fan of that, but what if the audience at your event is not going to be formed by young people? We will tell you what: you would go for a clean comedian.

If you are not convinced that you should consider this type of comedy, then keep on reading to find out why you should.

Top Clean Corporate Event Comedians and EntertainersWhy You Should Hire a Clean Comedian At Least Once

  • Their act is spontaneous. Like any other artists, clean entertainers have a particular scripted act they are performing. However, they are always bringing something fresh to the table and adapt to the present days. Being able to come up with topics that won’t lose their amusement can be hard, especially when you are not using foul language.
  • They relate to any audience. Whether your audience is formed by baby boomers, millennials or kids, they will all love clean jokes as much. At the same time, no one will be offended, made fun of and the lack of explicit content will not damage the event’s image.
  • They have multiple talents. Clean entertainers do not make people laugh just by talking or telling jokes, but by performing different acts as well. For example, Andy Gross is a clean comedian, a magician, and a ventriloquist. So not only your audience will enjoy quality comedy, but they will also get the chance to experience something different.
  • They can do various types of events. Whether you are organizing a corporate or a charity event, clean comedy will work just fine. As we have pointed above, not only will they relate to any audience, but they will also entertain bigger or smaller events. No matter the size of the crowd, clean comedy will always grab the attendees’ attention.
  • People are tired of explicit comedy. A few years back, blue comedy, where performers use R-rated words, was extremely popular. Fast forward to today, and it seems that this type of comedy, which was offensive, is not making people laugh anymore. Instead, the audience prefers clean comedy which can put a smile on their face.
  • It does not hurt your brand. Whether you are organizing events for a corporation or an NGO, clean comedy will always be a safe bet. That is because the majority of comedians which don’t do clean comedy rely on sensitive topics or politics to make fun of. It is best both for you and your organization to stay away from these type of subjects as they can get controversial.

Hire Clean Corporate Event Comedians

When You Have An Imaginary Friend. Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is famous for his excellently off-kilter delivery and the quick wit that he works with at his shows. He is one of the few top-tier headline comedians who manage to work in an incredible ventriloquist act into his stand up that helps him get a laugh from people of all ages. This has made him a big hit working at Disney and Microsoft events.

Guitar Comedian Matt Jernigan Demo

Here is another one of the creative, but clean corporate event comedians. He separates himself from the field by incorporating a guitar into his myriad parodies and impressions. Moreover, despite his on the mark celebrity impressions, Matt Jernigan can never offend anyone and always draw a huge laugh from his audiences. He has been featured on networks like NBC and Comedy Central.

Mark Schiff - Going to the Doctor

Mark Schiff might appear as just your average comedian, but his bonafide are huge. All you have to know is comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld said Schiff is one of the brightest, funniest and best stage comics he has had ever seen.

Ron Pearson's Life and Career: Two Extraordinary Comedy Juggling Acts

Having been awarded the Corporate Comedian of the Year, Ron Pearson’s resume is prolific having entertained the audiences of such comedy superstars as Bob Newhart, Drew Carey, and Ellen. His brand of comedy is dynamic and full of energy that makes him a favorite of all lovers of laughter no matter their age. Ron Pearson’s goal is always to make his audience roll on the floor laughing.

Understanding The Wife's Code. Jeff Allen - Full Special

Comedian Jeff Allen is best known for his film Happy Wife, Happy Life, Revisited and starring roles in several feature-length comedies. He has appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival. He tours the country performing for corporate events, churches and comedy clubs.

We have worked with many different organizations over the years, and all of them loved the clean corporate event comedians they have picked.

We recommend to try it out as well, and we assure you that your audience will fall in love with every bit of your event.

Have no idea which clean comedian to pick for your event? Then give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we can help you out decide or send us a message here.

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