Why a Clean Corporate Magician is the Best Entertainment?

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Written by Tim Grable

May 11, 2017

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Why a Clean Corporate Magician is the Best Entertainment?There are many reasons you might want to celebrate at the office. Maybe you just completed a big job, want to throw a fun party for the office?  Or just liven up employee spirits and get people excited about coming to work. However, if you want a great celebration, you had better have some excellent entertainment. What kind do you pick?

Everyone loves magic, and a great show by a clean corporate magician can make a party a big hit. Coming from diverse backgrounds from different parts of the world, and having their distinctive styles, these clean corporate magicians are marvelous, experienced entertainers who know how to dazzle their audiences. Bring some fun and wander into the office. Your party is sure to be a hit, and you might see employee spirits start to rise in the following weeks – as if by magic.

What Clean Corporate Magician is the Best?

A talented magician can do extraordinary things with everyday objects. We have all seen magicians do tricks with cards, coins, and hats. However, what about magic for the age of the touchscreen? If you want to see classical magic tricks reimagined for the world today, you will love Simon Pierro, the iPad magician. Simon Pierro has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC’s Today Show, and more.

Do you like magic? Do you love to laugh? How about both of them together? You will have a blast with Jeff Hobson. Jeff, the host of Las Vegas, has been mixing magic with comedy for years. Energetic, flamboyant, and downright funny, Jeff Hobson, whom you might have seen on The World’s Greatest Magic II, is sure to leave your sides splitting while you wonder how he did it.

Young and energetic, you may have seen the self-taught magician Collins Key on the eighth season of America’s Got Talent, where he finished in fifth place. This pop star of magic has performed at the prestigious Magic Castle and knows how to really wow audiences. Collins is a true entertainer and clean corporate magician.

These guys know magic. Puck and Scott Alexander, whom you might have seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, come from two very different backgrounds but found a common calling as magicians. Now they have joined forces and are ready to put on a great show.

Good natured humor joins some interesting tricks in this show, and the audience participation will have your crowd hanging out for more fun and laughter. Dana combines good his refreshingly witty humor with a fun twist utilizing his psychic parrot Luigi as his sidekick to generate good-humored fun with his tricks all while wearing a suit and tie.

When having a small or large crowd for anything from sales meetings to seminars to fundraisers and everything in between, you should include Dana Daniels Magic in your roster. Dana and his psychic parrot Luigi will have you breaking the ice and laughing in no time. Who else but Dana Daniels can put on a show with a parrot, a deck of cards and some good humor and make it magic!

The right entertainment can take a party to the next level, raise morale and give people a chance to enjoy themselves. With the wrong entertainment or none at all, a party can quickly turn into just another day at work. By hiring a clean corporate magician who knows how to amaze an audience, you can make sure everyone in the office is smiling and having a wonderful time.

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