Clean Magicians for Corporate Events that Thrill Audiences

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017


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Using Clean Magicians for Corporate Events that Thrill and Delight AudiencesMagical acts are best when they are accompanied by strong performances. Most magic acts require the audience to pay attention to the entertainer to set up the illusion. Unfortunately, some magicians think that to get ahead in the world of entertainment they have to throw around plenty of blue language that can be offensive to corporate guests at your events. The wrong entertainer can cause rifts between company employees, business partners and harm company relationships with other firms.

There is a way to provide high-class entertainment without resorting to off-color routines. The following clean magicians for corporate events integrate some of the industries finest illusions and magic tricks with wholesome patter that will leave your guests amazed and feeling great about their time spent with you. Along with the abracadabra, these clean magicians will captivate your audience with routines that are funny or intriguing without a hint of offensive language.

4 Clean Magicians for Corporate Events

Simon Pierro - The Amazing iPad Magician

A fast-rising star in the world of magic, Simon Pierro, known as “The IPad Magician,” doesn’t need off-color language or an offensive attitude to blow your mind. He uses technology to create one of the unique magic acts in the world. Born in Germany, this magician is an award winner who has been seen on a variety of televisions shows including “Penn & Teller’s Fool Us” and “Ellen.”

An all-around entertainer, Jason Michaels is one of the most stylized clean magicians for corporate events. He creates unique acts tailored to the specific needs of each event. Jason can work magic for small intimate crowds or huge arenas. Unlike many modern magicians that specialize in particular types of magic, Jason incorporates many styles including close magic such as card tricks or grand illusions like escapes. He has performed for Fortune 500 companies and local businesses alike, and always treats each event with individualized care and professionalism.

If you love comedy and magic, you’ll adore Adam Trent. His act incorporates the very best of both worlds. As much fun as the show is, Adam’s skill as a magician is unsurpassed. He has won many awards for his magic act. Even though he has performed for some of the largest corporations in the country including Time Warner Cable, Disney and Sate Farm, his performances do not demand expensive sets or technology. All you have to provide is a sound system, and he will create a show your event guests will love.

Collins Key - Demo

One of the youngest professional magicians on the circuit today, Collins Key has already accomplished what many can only dream of. In spite of the enormous fame he is experiencing, he has not lost sight of the fact that magic is a unique experience that doesn’t need to be sullied with sensational language or debauchery.

The clean magicians for corporate events listed here will give you a great start at producing a marvelous show that is fresh and enjoyable. These acts use non-offensive routines that are appealing to everyone. Use them as individual acts or hire one as your Master of Ceremony for a real unique event.

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