How Can Clean Observational Comedy be Funny?

daren streblow

Written by Tim Grable

September 4, 2017

How Can Clean Observational Comedy be Funny?Daren Streblow’s takes everyday life and finds the funny in it with his unique blend of observational comedy. His use of gesture, body language, facial expressions, and inflection really drive the scenario, engrossing you in the hilarious story he is creating and making you wait on the edge for the punch line.

Daren Streblow is a stand-up comedian who has been active on the clean comedy scene since he left his radio job in Minnesota in 1995. He entered the full time stand up scene with a splash in 1998. Daren has used his great comedic timing and family-centered approach to comedy shows and opened for several well-known acts, including the parody master himself, “Weird-Al” Yankovic.

With a worldview skewed just the gentlest little bit, Comedian Daren Streblow has always seen things in a funny, unexpected way. His comedy is thought-provoking, clean and, most of all, hilariously funny. Daren delivers humor that audiences love. He makes people laugh, and he makes them think about their faith in compelling new ways. His personality and his comedy are mild-mannered yet surprisingly impressive.

Observational comedy is one that we can all relate to

Funny Comedian Daren Streblow considers how a tattoo addiction can go terribly, terribly wrong, and suggests a sensible if dull, alternative.  Daren’s stand up routines are very funny as you would expect and surprisingly easy to relate to for all ages. Daren employs a type of comedy known as an observational, meaning that he observes the world around him and makes notes of the humorous, everyday moments. He then retells these stories in such a way that the audience feels as though they were in the room observing with Daren.

Daren Streblow, a Minnesotan, stepped on the comedy scene in 1995 when he decided to try his hand at stand up on a part-time basis. In three years, he was able to work as a full-time stand-up comedian using observational comedy. Since then he has headlined for many acts, including Weird Al Yankovic. Billed as a clean, observational comic, Streblow has enjoyed success working at universities and religious functions, as well as cruise lines and corporate entertainment.

Stand Up Comedian Daren Streblow shares some thoughts on waterslides, pools and other summer fun.  Streblow is Nightclub-tested/family-approved clean stand-up comedy.  Daren Streblow uses family-friendly comedy. He often makes light of his children’s disobedience, sharing light-hearted stories that the whole family can watch together and enjoy. Mr. Streblow does not use profanity or any sexual innuendo or references in his comedy shows. A popular subject for Daren’s comedy is the life stages that his children pass through, combined with everyday irritations such as telemarketers. Daren has the ability to take these normally annoying life situations and turn them into laughs, creating a great memory and putting a positive spin on these frustrations for you and your entire family.

Daren Streblow’s unique style of observational comedy (and he’s 100% clean, too!) has been entertaining people throughout the United States ever since he first stepped on stage in 1995.  Streblow appeals to wide audiences.

A great addition to his stand up comedy shows is the physical comedy and his stage presence. Daren Streblow’s stand up comedy show is full of funny faces, odd voices, and well-timed punchlines. The physical aspect of his comedy enables even the youngest audience members to enjoy the show and laugh alongside the adults, even if they do not understand the entire joke. A stand-up comedy show featuring Daren Streblow will be a fun event the whole family will look back on with fondness and laughs.

Mr. Streblow is a frequent guest at many Christian outreach festivals and revivals and is a popular performer due to his universal humor with a message. His lack of outright preaching makes him a great addition to your event as his humor reaches everyone where they are at, no matter of religious affiliation or background. Whether your event is geared toward church leadership, families or is a community outreach, Daren’s stand up comedy can create a light, fun atmosphere to share a non-threatening message.

Daren started “The Daren Streblow Comedy Show”, which airs in fifty markets, both domestic and overseas. In his hour-long show, Streblow and a special guest talk about all things funny this is not a normal talk radio show. There is also a call in line for struggling comedians to get live help on the air.  Some of the clean comedians featured on his radio talk show include Tim Hawkins, Bob Smiley, Andy Andrews, John Pinette, Brian Regan, Ken Davis, Larry Weaver, Robert G. Lee, Michael Jr., Jeff Allen, and David Ferrell.

Not only does Daren Streblow have a radio show, but he has also been on television. His performance on Bananas Family Comedy provides many scripted and unscripted moments that showcase Streblow’s ability to tap into the humor of situations.

Daren Streblow is adept at performing for many different levels. From churches to corporate settings, to universities, and stand-up clubs, Streblow has done it all. He refrains from foul language and sexual innuendo in his act, however, adult situations are not off-limits. The scenarios he discusses are relatable, which is one of the endearing qualities of his performances. In his “Grandparents” segment, Streblow muses on how his parents have changed since he was a child. He mentioned that there used to be rules when he was young, but now that there are grandchildren, the rules seem to have fallen by the wayside. Since this is a topic that many parents have discussed as they watch their own parents interact with their children, people can relate to his reaction. Streblow’s performances come across more like a conversation between friends, albeit a very animated one than a stand-up routine.

Streblow is ideal for anyone looking for a clean comic for an event. He says what we are thinking and emotes it with such vigor that you can’t help but laugh along. His imagination is impressive. He definitely shows that you don’t have to use foul language or be offensive to deliver good comedy.

Daren has participated in the Christian comedy series “Thou Shalt Laugh,” with Chonda Pierce, Taylor Mason, and other well-known comedians. He gets rave reviews from the crowds he entertains and is always a popular draw. Not too many comedians are as down-to-earth and eager to share what they know as Daren is.

Smart, inventive and able to please a crowd of all ages. Daren Streblow is a perfect comedian for your family-friendly special event.

For the observational comedy of Daren Streblow call 615-283-0039.

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