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Comedian Anthony Griffith

Written by Tim Grable

March 6, 2017

Actor and Comedian Anthony Griffith knows how to entertain

Comedian Anthony Griffith

Anthony Griffith didn’t let a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis stop him. He turned his struggles with the disease into fodder for comedy. He bravely takes on his struggles in a way that encourages the audience to laugh with him without laughing at him. Griffith doesn’t play for sympathy; he has great material. He knows his craft, and he knows how to deliver a line with a timing that is impeccable. He’s not on stage to make himself feel good; he’s there to make you feel good. Comedian Anthony Griffith is not a one-note comic who uses MS in all his material. He delves into the life in Detroit, the awkwardness of aging and sex, life with forgetfulness and being behind on bills. He is a comic with a purpose, and his good nature draws the audience in so that everyone’s struggles seem lighter. Griffith reminds us of what comedy is for: to make life’s troubles seem not only bearable, but laughable.

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Discovering you have MS may not look like it could be a light moment, but Comedian Anthony Griffith turns his difficulties with moving his body into a memorable comedy routine. He commands his audience, leading them to laughter when they thought they might be headed to a more somber place. This is the true art of the comic, turning troubles to triumph. There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s all good.

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Using a life in Detroit as a backdrop, Anthony Griffith shows he knows his way around a joke. He sets up his punch lines with such skill, he holds the crowd in the palm of his hand. Go with Griffith to Detroit, where making money is a matter of great acting and comedic timing. Or better yet, stay in your seat and let Griffith take you to the streets of Detroit with his storytelling magic.

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Sex can be funny after fifty. So can basketball. Only the mind of Anthony Griffith sees both subjects as related. His take on aging and intimacy rings a bell with anyone who is navigating the path to getting older and remaining active. It’s all clean, and it’s right on target. It’s also on the mark when it comes to getting a laugh. Actually, when it comes to getting several laughs with his marriage comedy.

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Life with grandma can be frustrating, but for Comedian Anthony Griffith, it’s an opportunity to show empathy and humor in dealing with an aging grandparent. Somehow, his grandmother becomes everyone we’ve ever known who had to deal with the elderly. With a gentleness that balances his sharp insights, Griffith finds laughter in aging or taking care of grandparents in their later years.

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Anthony Griffith doesn’t care if you struggle to pay the bills once in a while. He gets it. The audience gets it too when he gives voice to the difficulty in dealing with overdue bills and bill collectors. He makes your financial woes lighter by laughing at his own. This is Griffith showing he has been there when it comes to money troubles. If you’ve been there too, you can feel better about it after Griffith shows you how to laugh in the face of adversity.

Anthony Griffith is at once unique and every man. There’s no time for wallowing in life’s difficulties when life keeps presenting so much material for comedy. Get in the Griffith habit of seeing what’s funny about trouble, and you’ll be a fan. The Comedian Anthony Griffith approach to stand up comedy makes life seem like a series of belly laughs, rather than a burden.

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