Need a Comedian? Check out these Popular Drew Lynch Comedy Videos

Written by Tim Grable

March 24, 2017

Popular Drew Lynch Comedy VideosIn 2011, Drew Lynch had it made at the tender age of 23. He had moved to Los Angeles with his mother in dreams of being a Hollywood actor, and his efforts were paying off in a big way. He had received a second callback for the show “How I Met Your Mother”, but the next day the universe quite literally threw a curveball that changed the course of his life.

Not one to be kept down, he is now receiving nationwide recognition as the ‘stuttering comedian’, and he is finding quick success as seen in popular Drew Lynch Comedy Videos. In June, he was the first contestant of 2015 to receive the Golden Buzzer on “America’s Got Talent“. This achievement thrust him straight to the coveted live finals while bypassing the rest of the auditions.

You can see his raw humor and talent shine brightly in the following popular Drew Lynch videos:

At the quarterfinals of AGT 2015, Lynch jokes about having a service dog. He humorously ponders why California feels he needs a dog (since she cannot talk, of course!) and what kind of voice the beautiful and sweet lab would have. All the while he is winning over the judges and the audience with his infectious laugh.

How did the funnyman manage to win the Golden Buzzer that sent him straight to Radio City Music Hall? In his AGT audition, Lynch begins by speaking of the grounder that damaged his vocal cords four years ago. In his emotional introductory speech he portrays how much not only his life has changed, but how he has changed and the personal responsibility he feels due to that. Then he simply triumphs with an extraordinary routine that brings everyone to their feet.

Lynch continues to move the audience to their feet and enjoys fits of laughter and rounds of applause at Radio City Music Hall for the semifinals. His portrayal of the hardships of having a stutter coupled with a high voice is laugh-out-loud fun in these Popular Drew Lynch Comedy Videos.

The final installment of popular Drew Lynch videos is a 2011 performance at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, Calif., and is one of the first after the unfortunate accident. His performance lands him in first place of the competition and moves him on to the Soup or Bowl finals. Watching this, one can see how his confidence and delivery have been honed over the years since.

This comic’s unique brand of style and delivery would be a hit at any gathering, large or small. He wins over the crowds with ease and has them in the palm of his hand throughout his whole routine, as is witnessed in the above lively and popular Drew Lynch videos.

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