Will Comedian Thor Ramsey make you laugh?

thor ramsey

Written by Tim Grable

March 17, 2017

Will Comedian Thor Ramsey make you laugh?Clean comedy is still a niche in the entertainment industry, but it has a lot of talented performers. We are certain about this because we work with most of them.

We will showcase Comedian Thor Ramsey, who is a gifted clean comedian. Moreover, who knows, perhaps he will be the entertainer you will hire for your next event.

His observations of laziness in the workplace are true and humorous to the point that he will have you laughing to the point of tears. We all can relate to the consumption of junk food, but many have never equated eating it as a way to see Jesus sooner. Thor is genuinely one of those people that can see the comedy in the world and share that point of view with the world to bring us to laugh at ourselves.

A Little Bit About Thor’s Background

Thor studied English Literature and Hellenistic Greek at the Texas Christian University. Not only that, but he also studied theology at Westminster Seminary, in California.

He started thinking about being a comedian since high school and shared this thought with one of his friends. His friend even had a dream that he was on The Tonight Show, which made him say:

“Well, if you are not going to follow your dreams, you might as well follow somebody else’s.”

Clean Comedy Is What Thor Ramsey Is Amazing at

In 1987, he was already working as a stand-up comedian and was traveling the country 42 weeks per year. He was mostly doing shows in comedy clubs and churches. Then, Thor started performing at comedy events, which he is still doing today.

Right now, he is not only mastering clean comedy, but he is also one of the most recognized names in Christian comedy.

Thor is best known for three things:

  • Thou Shalt Laugh DVDs (over half a million DVDs were sold, and the comedy movies were seen on cable television nationally);
  • Being a Host of Bananas Comedy (a family-friendly comedy series which was purchased by Sony Television);
  • The author of Thor Ramsey’s Total Money Meltdown.

He also attended many different festivals, such as:

  • Montreal Comedy Festival—”Just For Pitching”;
  • Vancouver Comedy Festival—Letterman Showcase;
  • Spirit West Coast—Del Mar, Featured Comic;
  • Spirit West Coast—Monterey, Featured Comic;
  • Lifefest, Appleton, WI;
  • Gospel Jubilee Weekend, Cherokee, NC;
  • J-Fest, Chattanooga, TN.

Did you know that Thor had his television series called Comedy at Large with Thor Ramsey? It aired for one season on the i-Life Network.

Thor Ramsey Is More Than a Comedian

At some point during his career, he realized something. To quote him: “Most comedians are just preachers who have not answered their call.”

He continued to perform at comedy events, while he also helped plant Emmaus Church in Redlands, California. Thor got closer to the church community and was a teaching pastor of the Threshold services at Canyon Lake Community Church for four years.

Now, he is the lead pastor of a brand new church plant in Lake Elsinore, California.

However, Thor did not stop here. He published two books as well:

His career is so diverse and filled with incredible accomplishments. Thor is not one to shy away from appearing on TV, at festivals, conferences, clubs or special events and tours.

He likes a challenge, and he also loves being in front of an audience with the sole purpose of making them laugh.

The Best of Comedian Thor Ramsey

In his short entitled “Homeschool” Thor shares the reactions of those that are just hearing about his and his wife’s decision to homeschool their daughter. He points out the dismay that some people have expressed upon learning of their decision to do so. He captures the expressions of those who express concern over their daughter’s socialization in his mimics. He also speaks of taking his daughter to an inner city school as public school deterrent. He explains, “I am a product of public school…” as an example of why they are homeschooling.

Body odor is always funny in a world full of toilet humor jokes. Just ask any 4-year-old who laughs when he breaks wind or burps.

Comedian Thor Ramsey understands comedy and  humor as he delivers the hilarity of bad breath and body odor in this comedy break discussing the need for underarm mints instead of deodorant. Ramsey argues, through is unique comedic style, which offering someone a mint is a lot less awkward and embarrassing than asking people with body odor if they would like some deodorant.

What would happen if a certain sector of modern LA met Noah’s ark? With Thor Ramsey at the helm, belly laughs, of course. Why did God flood our world when he did? Why not wait and flood the 21st century? In this clip from the DVD “Thou Shalt Laugh 2: The Deuce,” Thor Ramsey offers up his best guess, and blames it on Los Angeles (where else?) Thor Ramsey dishes out a hysterical, family-friendly dose of light irreverence in this roll-on-the-floor routine. With his trademark, highly visual comedic style, Comedian Thor Ramsey takes the fun in a new direction, treading common ground with a not-so-common perspective that brings everyone into the fray. Thor Ramsey’s charming persona flawlessly combines with his impeccable timing, actively engaging his audience in this delightful laugh-fest. It is no wonder that everyone introduced to Thor  hopes for more. They will not be disappointed; there’s a lot more of  Ramsey, both out there and coming.

You have to admit, he has a point, which he delivers in a way that isn’t offensive to anyone’s while still funny to everyone in the audience, proving that you can be funny without the shock and awe factor.

Thor Ramsey is most clearly FUNNY. He will have your sides splitting and your eyes watering as he gets the crowd roaring over the mundane life tasks turned hilarious.

Thor Ramsey is a standup comedian and author who performs hilarious clean comedy routines. He is most well known for his extremely popular “Thou Shalt Laugh” DVDs, as well as for hosting the “Bananas” comedy series. In addition, Thor has written two humorous books entitled “Total Money Meltdown” and “A Comedian’s Guide to Theology“.

Thor started his comedy career in Des Moines and eventually moved to Chicago. Before he knew it, Thor was performing 42 weeks per year at major comedy clubs across the United States. His clean, intelligent and frequently opinionated style of comedy has made him a favorite of audiences across the country. As a result of his performances, Thor has received accolades from media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Washington Post, calling his routine “hilarious” and “clever.”

Thor Ramsey has many television credits to his name, first appearing as a featured comedian on ‘The Comedy Shop’ on PBS in 1990. He has also appeared throughout the years on ‘An Evening at the Improv’, ‘Bananas – Comedy Special’, ‘Comedy at Large with Thor Ramsey’, ‘Rock the Boat’ and the ‘Smart Mouth Comedy Special’. In addition, Thor has appeared at some of the most well-known comedy clubs in the United States, such as Improvs (Ontario, Irvine, Brea, West Palm Beach, Cleveland, Tempe and Miami locations), Caroline’s (New York), Zanies (Chicago and Nashville), Stanford & Sons (Kansas City), Funny Farm (Louisville), Comedy Off Broadway (Lexington) and Crackers (Indianapolis). Thor’s major comedy tours have included the ‘Outrageous Comedy Tour’ with Mark Lowry and Chonda Pierce, ‘Pure Comedy Tour’ with Leland Klassen and Daren Streblow, ‘Montreal Comedy Festival’, ‘Vancouver Comedy Festival’, Spirit West Coast – Del Mar, Spirit West Coast – Monterey, ‘Piece of My Mind’ tour with Chonda Pierce, ‘David Phelps’ Christmas Tour’ and ‘Mason/Ramsey Comedy Expedition’ with Taylor Mason. Thor has also been a featured performer for Disney Cruise Lines.

Thor Ramsey’s two books have received excellent reviews and provide an excellent insight into his clean style of comedy. In “Total Money Meltdown”, Thor has written a hilarious guide to financial recovery that is an account of his bad financial decisions. In Thor’s “A Comedian’s Guide to Theology”, he writes a good-natured volume of comedy about defending the essentials of the Christian faith.

Through a variety of media, Thor Ramsey has proved that he is a hysterical clean comedian that can make an audience roll with laughter. He would be an excellent choice for anyone looking to book clean comedy!

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