Comedian and Ventriloquist Taylor Mason’s puppets

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Written by Tim Grable

March 18, 2017

Combining ventriloquism, music, and comedy is unique to comedian Taylor Mason.  One thing that everyone agrees on, the puppets are the stars of his show.    You will find a collection of videos in the post that highlight each of the puppets Taylor Mason has used over the years.

The Secret Lives of Taylor’s Puppets from Thou Shalt Laugh – Hosted by Taylor Mason who gives a behind-the-scenes look at the variety of puppets he uses.

Puppets featured: Romeo and Juliette

Taylor Mason on Bananas Comedy.

Puppet featured: Paquito

Taylor Mason on Thou Shalt Laugh 2

Puppet featured: Paco the Pig

Taylor Mason at Spirit West Coast

Puppet featured: BRIAN

Taylor Mason on Bananas Comedy.

Puppet featured: Kernal Corn

Taylor Mason on Taylor’s Attic.

Puppets featured: Sumo, Rocco, Juliette, Dusty, Stella, The Mice, Romeo

The Great Puppet Debate

Puppets featured:  Romeo and President Obama

Taylor Mason on Thou Shalt Laugh

Puppets featured:  Sumo, Paco, Romeo and Juliette

Puppet featured: Human Puppet (ventriloquist mask)

Puppet featured: Stash

Puppet featured: Peter Pumpkin

Puppet featured: Stella

Puppet featured: Goo Goo GaGa

Puppet featured: Romeo

Ventriloquist Taylor Mason and his “friend” Romeo keep the laughs coming in this video which was taped before a live audience. Romeo has one hand permanently affixed to his pocket and the other does not move. This unfortunate fact greatly hampers Romeo’s dream of becoming a world famous muppet. This same unfortunate fact fuels the ensuing comedy. Without spoiling the rest just know that hand gestures do factor in but not in the way you might imagine.

Unlike many, neither Ventriloquist Taylor Mason nor his alter ego Romeo relies upon off-color content or language to shock the audience into laughter. Nope, this is a clean show. If your children or in-laws are present, you will not turn beet red from embarrassment.

Entertaining is nothing new for Taylor Mason. He has been entertaining people for decades now, and he is frequently asked to perform his shows at corporate events. No matter where he performs, though, you can always count on a clean and classy show. This trademark is a big part of what sets Taylor apart from other comedians. There is no need to put a parental rating on his shows because they are all safe for all ages. Not only that, his performances have been known to entertain all ages as well!

Taylor Mason is actually not only a comedian and ventriloquist, but also an actor, musician, and accomplished writer. His career took off when he won the television talent show, Star Search. Since then he has won many other awards for his work and has become an international success. Although a frequent performer at non-profits, he has performed his shows at all types of theatre venues, on cruises, and even for business meetings. His writing has been widely used, including in well-known comedy shows and in commercials. He also has many published books and CDs.

The two main things that make Taylor Mason a unique entertainer are his versatility and his “clean” comedy. He can entertain any type of group, with all ages included, and with straight comedy, musical comedy, or comedy through the timeless art of ventriloquism. He involves his audiences, making them feel comfortable and totally entertained. It is difficult to find an event that will entertain everybody in the family.

Taylor’s extensive comedy background includes shows for corporate giants such as Wal-Mart and Microsoft as well as Disney Cruise Lines. Additionally, he has extensive experience as a comedy writer in comedy clubs throughout the United States. Ventriloquism, music and writing round out Taylor Mason’s entertainment skills to the delight of audiences young, old and everyone in-between.

For information on booking comedian Taylor Mason for your next event, call 615-283-0039.

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