3 Comedians Making Comedy a Sought-After Entertainment Act

Written by Tim Grable

December 2, 2017

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As an entertainment act, comedy will never cease to deliver a good time.

There’s just something so liberating and unassuming about laughing your heart out – no wonder audiences of any kind love stand-up comedians.

So if you’re currently planning an event, you may have your eyes on comedy performances. To help you out with your quest for finding comedic excellence, here’s a list of 3 stand-up comedians and what makes each one of them an excellent pick.

3 Comedians Making Comedy a Sought-After Entertainment Act

Dustin Nickerson

In the introduction, we talked about how universally-appealing comedy is.

If we narrow it down to comedic sub-genres, we have to mention observational comedy as one of the most engaging comedic triggers. Everyone overlooks mundane aspects of life, so it is a surprise element when comedians observe them and develop their comedic potential.

This is what Dustin Nickerson does so brilliantly in his craft. He takes everyday life details and finds their hidden comedic quality, then wraps it up in a brilliant and thought-provocative speech.

Your guests will never get bored if you book Dustin as your entertainment act. On the contrary, they will always be on their toes trying to take in everything Dustin delivers and work out every surprising connection he makes.

Jonnie W.

Comedy is the kind of entertainment act which usually works without the addition of other elements.

However, when a comedian is multitalented, they can add something extra. Jonnie W. is that kind of performer. So his strength lies in his extraordinary voice.

Jonnie could have easily chosen to build a singer-songwriter career. Instead, he wanted to make people laugh and, as a result, he is now a very in-demand standup comedian.

What makes the musical comedy mix work is a bunch of elements like:

  • extremely relatable content
  • self-deprecatory humor
  • clean comedy
  • alternating singing bits with hilarious side comments
  • a ‘guy next door’ vibe
  • off-beat overall mood
  • resourceful voice
  • not overplaying mimicking or gesturing.

However you take it, Jonnie W. seems to have it all: sharp wit, vocal excellence, well-proportioned act. Or, in other words, the perfect anti-boredom recipe:

Tim Hawkins

Tim’s journey from a truck driver to a sought-after comedy entertainment act is first of all inspirational.

But inspirational story aside, he is one of the funniest and classiest clean comedians out there. From the hundreds of thousands of views his YouTube clips amass, it’s quite easy to understand his Christian comedy gigs appeals to many.

And if you go further and watch some of the clips, you will see what contributes to this widespread appeal:

  • the ability to mimic a wide range of voices
  • skillful role-playing
  • great on-stage movement (hilarious dance moves included)
  • secret talents like guitar playing and great vocals
  • family-friendly content
  • viral quality
  • familiar and relatable content which is worked out innovatively.

Sparked your interest by any chance? Here’s a morsel of Tim’s talent:

Do You Expect the Best are Your Entertainment Act?

Then you may want to meet more artists like Dustin Nickerson, Jonnie W. and Tim Hawkins.

They’re all in our entertainer’s list here, and we’d be more than glad to help you choose one of them.

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