5 Comedians You Have Seen On Dry Bar Comedy and Can Hire For Your Even

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Written by Tim Grable

September 30, 2021

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best comedians who are killing it on the popular Dry Bar Comedy stand-up series, and we’ll provide a look into what makes them the perfect choice for corporate events, fundraisers, or holiday parties.

And you decide whether they’re the right fit for your corporate event. Let’s dive in!

1. Clint Hall

Born and raised in rural Indiana, Clint Hall is not afraid to embrace his small-town upbringing and show off his nerdiness on stage. Clint is a comedian who draws from his experience growing up in a small community and feeling like the whole town is his family.

If his wholesome sense of humor comes from being the youngest of four children in a rural household, his ability to read and control the crowd comes from his previous experience as a professional wrestler.

The stories he has gathered over the years are a joy to hear and make him one of those comedians that the world needs more of.

2. Erica Rhodes

Erica Rhodes is an incredible comedian from Massachusetts, able to tell jokes that everyone can enjoy. Her confessional comedy style explores topics like relationships, non-motivational quotes, bad grammar, and other mundane things from our day-to-day lives.

With a distinctive voice and with her talent as a wordsmith, it’s obvious why she’s been a frequent guest on the beloved radio show A Prairie Home Companion and even turned up on sitcoms like New Girl and Modern Family.

She has an impressive list of comedy credits, including NBC’s Bring The Funny, SeeSo’s The Guest List, and Dry Bar Comedy.

3. Robert Mac

With his ability to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and cleverness in a stand-up routine, Robert Mac is considered the thinking person’s comedian. With meticulously crafted jokes and ingenious twists and turns, Robert always gives the audience something to think about.

His accomplishments in comedy include two Dry Bar Specials, Grand Prize Winner, Entertainment Business Journal Top 100 Comics, Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots, and much more.

During Robert’s show, your guests will experience plenty of moments that will make them laugh maniacally and others that will make them go ‘’Hmmmm!’’

To Watch Out for the Best Comedians on Dry Bar Comedy

If you think this type of humor is right for your event, we suggest keeping an eye out for new additions and up-and-comers on Dry Bar.

Take, for example, Chris Schlichting. He is a comedian who takes pride in his immature and lovable style. With his previous experience working as a high school teacher, Chris has gathered enough material to keep you laughing from start to finish.

Or, if you want to check out what’s up and coming in the comedy scene, we can give Bryan Miller an example.

He used to be a serious newspaper editor when he decided to take a leap of faith, quit his job, and try out his luck as a stand-up comedian one day.

In only one year, Bryan has managed to win comedy festivals and is even on his way to releasing a new special. Now, Bryan enjoys a steady stream of success, and his Dry Bar Comedy appearance only indicates that what he does is paying off.

Take Your Pick

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our selection of comedians. If you liked what you’ve read about them, why not book one for your upcoming shows?

Their experience in the comedy club scene is more than enough to provide your events with high-quality entertainment.

And, to better convince you of their prowess, you can always check them out on Dry Bar’s platform.

If you want to hire a talented comedian for your next event, call us at 615-283-0039, and we can help you find the perfect talent for the occasion.

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