7 Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy That You Can’t Ignore (2020 edition)

Comedians From Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

November 10, 2019

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Dry Bar Comedy is the internet’s hub for stand-up comedy of the highest quality. Ever since it started, it has given us some of the best comedy routines out there, and it has helped launch the careers of some truly gifted comedians.

With that in mind, we would like to present you with 7 comedians from dry bar comedy you surely wouldn’t want to miss!

7 Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy That You Can't Ignore (2019 edition)

1. Josh Sneed

Josh Sneed is the laid back type, and his style of comedy perfectly reflects his personality. He is the type of comedian who doesn’t need any stage antics to make the crowd laugh.

Through his comedy skits, Josh draws attention to the primary events from the day-to-day life of every American. And he manages to put these events in a light which makes them silly and worthy of a good laugh.

2. Mike Paramore

If you ever need relationship advice, then Mike Paramore is the perfect therapist. He is a stand-up comedian whose comedy skits deal with the goofiness of social interaction, especially between men and women.

His shows are perfect for audiences who want to relax and have a good laugh about all sorts of silly situations any one of us might end up in. Be sure see why he is on our list of the best comedians from Dry Bar Comedy.

3. James Johann

If you’ve never been to Kansas, then comedian James Johann is about to take you on an incredibly funny journey. A Kansas native, he always likes to joke about his home state and doesn’t shy away from making a Wizard of Oz reference here and there.

One thing everyone loves about James’ jokes is that they’re always so relatable. They hit so close to home that each wacky situation he describes leaves viewers with the impression as if they were there.

4. Nazareth

Nazareth is a comedian who never fails to entertain the audience. First off, his accent cannot be ignored; it’s part of the charm, which makes his jokes seem so punchy.

Secondly, it’s the subject matter of his comedy skits which don’t just get a few laughs out of people but also give them something to think about.

During his shows, he tackles many social issues that need to be addressed, but he puts them in a fun and engaging manner so that people are more open to discussion. See more of Nazareth and find out why he is one of the best comedians from Dry Bar Comedy:

5. Karen Mills

Karen Mills can find humor in the most unusual situations. She gets her material by living life and observing how crazy it can sometimes be. Her humor is so out of the box that she can make a joke about pretty much everything.

Family interactions, issues at work, or even simple occurrences while being out with friends can turn into some amazing stories. Who knew an ordinary day could be such an incredible journey?

6. Andy Forrester

Self-deprecating humor is always a tough sell. Sometimes, it might come off as forced, or others might even perceive it as offensive. However, that’s not the case with comedian Andy Forrester. His brand of self-deprecating humor is just right, without ever feeling like he’s trying too hard.

Andy also seems like he has a never-ending arsenal of jokes because he keeps pumping one after the other. Whether he’s talking about something funny which happened to him or about his struggles with losing weight, Andy always seems to have a joke up his sleeve.

7. Russ Nagel

Russ Nagel is known as “America’s Funniest Biker.” During his shows, he likes to tell stories and joke about all the crazy things which happened to him throughout his biker trips across the entire U.S.

He has had his fair share of unique experiences, and his comedy special is filled to the brim with them. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy are Great Live Entertainment

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and we hope it helped you discovered some incredible comedians.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in having Dry Bar comedians like the ones featured in this article to perform at your event, then you’ve come to the right place.

Give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will help you find the best comedians for your events!

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