Dry Bar Comedy Acts that Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

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Written by Tim Grable

December 5, 2020

Comedy truly is one of the best things in life – and one of the most effective tools we have at our disposal to boost our morale and get through difficult days.  Laughter makes you feel good and puts you in high spirits, and if you’re looking to get a good laugh right now, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve ever binge-watched stand-up comedy on the internet, then you’ve most likely stumbled on some videos by Dry Bar Comedy.   It’s a comedy platform that specializes in small-venue, up-close and personal kind of comedy, and if that’s your thing, then you’ll surely want to delve deeper into their catalog.

In this article, we’ll showcase a few comedians from their roster.  Check out these high-quality comedy acts from Dry Bar, and you’ll be smiling by the time you get to the bottom of this article – guaranteed. 

1. Joe DeVito

Whether doing a bit on relationships, human evolution, or current events, Joe DeVito’s savage wit, flawless delivery, and standout charisma make him a favorite with a wide array of audiences.

If you enjoy Dry Bar Comedy comedians who approach relatable topics with a satirical bent, then Joe DeVito is someone whose content and comedy you will enjoy.

Check out the video below where he shares his take on what it’s like dating over 40, particularly the challenges that come with it.

You don’t even have to be in the +40 age group to get a good laugh out of this.

2. Kristin Key

Kristin Key is a musical storyteller with a knack for comedy.

Whether it’s talking about her love for crochet, the weird people who search for love at the reptile store, or marching for cats, Kristin’s creative way of blending music and comedy is sure to be something you’ll enjoy.

Check out one of her comedy acts from Dry Bar in the video below:

3. Susan Jones

Gathering material from a wealth of life experiences, Susan Jones is a headlining comedian who delivers memorable, hilarious acts that leave you wanting more.

Susan’s content revolves around dieting, weight loss, and food, all of which are pretty standard in the comedy scene. However, her unique perspective on these topics and her original humor make her acts stand out from the rest.

Check out the video below to get to know her better and get a sense of her comedy style. Chances are, you’ll laugh out loud by the end of t.

4. Jamie Lissow

A producer, writer, and comedian, Jamie Lissow is best known for his contribution to shows such as Real Rob (a Netflix Original hit Series which Jamie co-wrote and co-produced) and Man with a Plan (TV series featuring Matt LeBlanc).

A headliner at comedy clubs across the country, Jamie appeared on Dry Bar Comedy, where he quickly became recognized as one of the most talented comedy acts on the show.

Watch him share his hilarious arguments regarding why marrying a crafty woman is dangerous in the clip below.

5. Jose Sarduy

Originally from Cuba, Jose came to the United States at a young age after being deported because of his father’s political prisoner status.

Today a successful comedian, Jose shares his unique life experiences to take audiences on a journey that lets them discover what it might be like growing up in a hard-working and always-quirky Cuban family.

Jose Sarduy is sure to keep you laughing from beginning to end in this clip. Take a look:

6. Mike Toomey

Mike Toomey has been in the comedy biz since the ’80s. Throughout his extensive career, spanning over three decades, Mike has established himself as one of the industry’s prime club comedians.

His slick delivery, quick wit, and no-nonsense humor have made him an audience favorite.

His most recent comedy special can be seen on Dry Bar Comedy, where you can watch one of Mike’s comedy specials:

7. Michael Palascak

Michael Palascak is an author, writer, and comedian that likes to joke about topics that other comedians won’t touch or consider too mundane.

Michael draws inspiration from day to day things, and his act is deeply rooted in personal experiences which he has had at home, in college, or at work.

Michael’s appeal comes from the common ground that he finds with his audience – where both Michael and the viewers laugh together at the many situations that they’ve had in common.

Catch more about Michael in some of his recent videos:

8. Nick Arnette

Nick Arnette is a comedian and keynote speaker whose material is filled with energy and positivity. Nick is the kind of comic who aims to deliver useful content, not just empty gags and jokes.

In his view, a comedian must also help people solve a problem or make them feel good throughout the entire day.

If you’ve been having a bad day, Nick’s comedy style is an excellent source of wellness. And to get a glimpse of his performance, you can watch it in the following video:

9. Don Friesen

Don Friesen is the comedian who will leave a lasting impression on the viewers, especially all the dads in the audience.

Don himself is a dad, and much of his comedy material draws inspiration from the awkward, silly, and sometimes ridiculous situations that parenting has put him through.

Don’s sense of humor might border on cynicism, or he might seem like he’s complaining too much, but in fact, he is having the time of his life – by being a dad, he gets to relive childhood all over again.

Watch Don’s full special on Dry Bar Comedy:

10. Dwayne Perkins

If jokes about family life are your thing, then you certainly have got to see Dwayne Perkins’ performances. He’s an observational comedian who gives a humorous spin on the banality of family relationships.

Dwayne is cautious with his delivery; he controls the show’s pace – choosing the right jokes to tell, emphasizing the right words through body language, and giving them ample time to set in.

If you’re interested to see Dwayne’s performance, then catch him in the act in the following video:

Get to Know and Laugh with Comedy Acts from Dry Bar 

Hopefully, the acts we’ve included in this article have managed to open up your appetite for high-quality comedy.  But what if we told you that you too could have the same level of entertainment and production value as seen on DryBar Comedy?

If you’re interested in giving comedy a chance at your upcoming event, then we’re here to help you.  To discover more entertainers from the show, which will have you rolling in the aisles, be sure also to check out this article we’ve written on the topic.

At The Grable Group, we provide you with a wide selection of entertainers from across all industries.  Give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and let’s turn your event into something truly professional!

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