Comedy Entertainers for All Ages

Written by Tim Grable

July 23, 2017

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In “My Dad,” Bob Stromberg presents a riveting comedy routine that will have you laughing and nodding your head in agreement with him the entire time. Many people can relate to engaging and funny antidotes about parents, and Stromberg seems to hit any and all of them that matter.

From stories about traveling to and from school every day to humorous observations about family members, Stromberg delivers in the area of clean but strikingly funny comedy entertainers. Anyone with a family will be able to appreciate what Stromberg has to offer because not only is his material funny, but he is also able to send a message to the audience about various topics.

Good, clean comedy is hard to find. Bob Stromberg has mastered the art of impeccable comedy entertainers that is both relatable and hilarious. Believe it or not, he is available for private shows and would be a terrific addition to any reunion, birthday party, or anniversary that you have coming up.

Comedy Entertainers for All Ages

Bob Stromberg is a comedian. As a corporate comedian, Stromberg can bring meaning and humor to the context of your choosing.

More Comedy Entertainers

Taylor Mason is one of the funniest clean comedians the world. With his unique style of puppetry and ventriloquism, it is hard to tell that his friends are not real people or animals.  Fly with the piggy, and you will know what we are talking about. Audiences love his humor because it hits right on target. Falling in the floor laughing or crying because their cheeks hurt from smiling is no exaggeration of the effect that Taylor has on his audiences. Some of the best times during the shows are audience participation moments. Taylor is sensitive enough not to embarrass his volunteers but funny enough to make it entertaining for all. It is certainly a wild time any time Taylor performs.

Music is an essential part of his personality. He can belt out a tune that will surprise and tickle everyone watching. Original music and even some of the old church hymns fit right with his brand of comedy. He has proved to pastors, youth ministers and other organizational leaders that his performances are high quality and safe for all ages. They can trust Taylor Mason and that is essential in choosing a comedian.

Clean Comedian David Dean brings a rare gift to us all; the gift of clean comedy.  Seldom in our day do we get the pleasure of having genuinely laugh-out-loud comedy without the taint and stain of dirty jokes.

Here, David Dean talks here about the innocence and laughter of children. Speaking to an audience filled with adults, he speaks of the truth that the older you get, the harder it is to laugh out loud and enjoy yourself.

This sums up David’s comedy and routines as a whole. He longs to take you to a place of happy laughter. It is good medicine to make light of the seriousness of adulthood and chuckle at just how “grown-up” we can all be.

If you are looking for clean comedy entertainers with real laughs and appeal, David  Dean is your man. There’s no question that he is out to put smiles on the entire family’s face without even considering crossing a line in the parent’s conscience.

When you book David Dean you are getting a man who not only takes comedy seriously, but who takes family seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he is willing to draw from it and make us all laugh at it.

Many parents have found themselves in the position of having to click off the TV, or worse yet, feeling that they needed to leave a  performance to protect their young ones from vulgar language and dirty jokes.

Just about everyone who has both a sense of humor and a working internet connection is familiar with Larry Platt’s song “Pants on the Ground,” an internet and TV comedy sensation that humorously encouraged the nation’s young people to pull up their saggy drawers.

For musical comedians Bean and Bailey, who have been touring with their musical comedy variety act for more than a decade, that song’s message was simply too powerful to be expressed in just one musical genre. In this video, the guys summon all of their musical talents for a hilarious rendition of “Pants on the Ground” that will lift spirits and sagging pants alike.

For Bean and Bailey, who first performed in college in the early 90s and reunited as a professional comedy duo several years later, “Pants on the Ground” is just a small taste of an act that has been fine-tuned on the family-friendly comedy circuit since 1999. With their odd-couple dynamic and gags covering a broad range of relatable topics, the duo has made it all the way to the national television stage and beyond; in addition to appearing on the first season of “America’s Got Talent,” Bean and Bailey have also performed on XM satellite radio and as comedy entertainers on the Disney cruise line. Their tour schedule takes them to dozens of venues each year, from college campuses to churches to corporate events, allowing them to interact with many different audience groups.

So, whether you are seeking to bring some wholesome, hilarious fun to your venue or event, or you simply need a sweet reminder as to why you should keep your pants pulled up, Bean and Bailey promise to deliver every time.

Sit back and enjoy a comedy show for all ages.

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