Comedy Doesn’t Have To Be Rude To Be Funny Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

March 17, 2017

There is a common misconception that in order to be funny comedy a comedian has to swear, use toilet humor and generally insult the audience, this simply isn’t the case. Nowadays, a vast number of comedians are dedicated to finding new ways to shock and appall the audience and people are lapping it up. Some people feel that the more controversial the jokes, the funnier the act whereas others can’t stand vulgar humor. Humor is a hugely personal thing and the sort of comedian you enjoy will really depend on your own personal sense of funny comedy.

In response to all the crass humor that seems to be banded around these days, some comedians are going the complete opposite way and rejecting vulgarities in favor of clean comedy. There are now more clean comedy events than ever before with family-friendly comedy. There is a huge misconception that when you strip out all the swearing and vulgarities that an act is no longer funny and that it becomes bland but this really isn’t true. In fact, many comedians believe that keeping material clean and refraining from swearing can actually enhance the standard of the humor.

Comedy Doesn’t Have To Be Rude To Be Funny Comedy

Traditionally, clean comedy has a Christian or gospel theme running through it but nowadays this doesn’t have to be the case. Funny comedy can just be a humorous look at the world around us, just without all the swearing and black comedy. So can clean fun still get the laughs? If you take a look at any comedy club you are sure to find a wealth of acts that rely heavily on risqué material, bad language and vulgarity to get their laughs. However, many comedians that back the clean comedy movement agree that the amount of comedians of this sort exist because the majority of new comedians bursting onto the scene think that they need to copy this sort of humor, or even top it. They see the sort of success that this caliber of comedian has had and think that this is the way forward for them.

However, there are some famous comedians out there who enjoy success without having to expel expletives. Many of these comedians use a technique called ‘common ground’ to make people laugh. They make sure that the audience can relate and recognize what they are talking about and once they have done this it is easy to make them laugh.

Of course, some crude comics are very intellectual and brilliant, but it is usually their ideas that make them so rather than the bad language used. Crass humor can sometimes exclude those who do not like bad language or find risqué humor funny, but clean comedy can be appreciated by everyone. People of all ages can join in and best of all- no-one is going to get offended! Clean humor is perfect for any event whether you are throwing a corporate event, a family party or an awards evening; a good clean comedian can really make your night.

Clean humor can be just as funny as crude humor as there are plenty of funny things happening everyday that comedians can draw attention to. A typical bit of anecdotal humor can be just as funny as an exaggerated vulgar story, littered with swear words and there is no chance of anyone taking offense. There is no right and wrong when it comes to humor but the shift towards clean humor does go to show that attitudes and tastes are changing and moving away from crass humor in favor of good clean fun.

The funny comedy of Dana Daniels!

[vimeo 66292205]

With card tricks, side-splitting audience participation, and roll-on-the-floor funny comedy, Dana Daniels delivers laughs suitable for the entire family. Thousands of audience members have laughed till they’ve cried at his clean comedy act, and he’s been seen onstage with such performers as Ray Romano,Tony Orlando, Amy Grant, Charo, Tim Hawkins and Vince Gill.

His clean comedy isn’t the only thing entertaining the crowds. Dana is an accomplished magician, and he has earned the distinction of being named Stage Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, California. The Orange County Register called his work fresh and magnetic, while the Los Angeles Times said his comedy is “inventive and very funny.” Watch Dana and Luigi’s antics and see if you can keep yourself from laughing at their hijinks

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