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Dana Danilels

Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

dana daniels magicianLance Burton, master magician, deems Dana Daniels Magician as “one of the funniest magic acts working in the business today.” Judging from the audience’s relation to Daniels, this label may not be too far off the mark. How often is it to see a crowd going from ooh’s and aah’s to giggles and guffawing?

Daniels has no problem messing with his audience’s minds and tickling their funny bones, too, even if it is at their expense. Even rescue notes from his parrot Luigi do not stop the show. Luigi knows he is the superstar even if Daniels will not admit it.

What works for Daniels is that he is taken on all the criticism of magicians to make his magic act even better, but his jokes are innocent enough not to offend. Watching this comedian in action is like paying for a comedy show and a magic show all at once for the same price.

Entertaining Comedy videos from Dana Daniels magician

Comedian Magician Psychic Connection

It’s a bird! It’s a man! It’s Dana Daniels and his psychic connection parrot Luigi!

Dana Daniels - Comedian Magician Psychic Connection

You know how many fans of the Magic want to believe the magician is real? So does Dana Daniels. Before going into an electrocution trick with money and a parrot, he enjoys a little inside humor with his volunteer onstage. See how his volunteer responds to jumper cables.

Dana Daniels has been in the comedic magician business for years. Now he’s back with a new series, “Thou Shalt Laugh 4” with Luigi to ruffle a few feathers – with laughter!

Watch Luigi harness his innate psychic abilities to increase the value of an audience member’s 20 dollar bill. With Dana’s quick wit and clean jokes, you will never believe what feats of the mind can be achieved when these two are together!

Dana Daniels Magician and His Psychic Parrot, Luigi

Dana Daniels and His Psychic Parrot, Luigi | Clean Comedy

Comedy fans have a love-hate relationship with sitting in the front row at comedy shows, and Dana Daniels used that to this advantage with volunteers. Challenging a woman to repeat his trick with playing cards, she quickly realizes there’s more to this deck of cards than a “squeak.”

Corporate Comedian Magician

Dana Daniels: Comedy Magic, Audience Participation

PETA may not want him to put jumper cables on birds, but he will sure defend his magically challenged parrot Luigi for a bombing on the magic trick. Think your pet can do better? While audience members crack up at guests and Luigi’s letter, pharmacists will get a special kick out of him.

It is not often that magicians mix politics with comedy and magic, but Dana Daniels threw in a quick jab before starting his trick. Maybe that was what threw off his parrot Luigi and his onstage volunteer who forgot what her card was. Will the audience rescue them both from awkward moments?

Comedy Magician Dana Daniels - 6min Promo

Although Dana Daniels Magician would probably have a joke for the comparison, he is a combination of a battle rapper and comedian combined. He has clearly heard the gripes about magicians, but instead of trying to wow the crowd with how he does not fit that other magician’s mold; he uses dialogue to turn the joke back on the crowd. From the money to bird’s eggs to card decks to Iowa, he is got a quip for it all.

Dana Daniels is s pro when it comes to entertaining at corporate events. Don’t let this year’s gathering go by the wayside. Make the most of the opportunity to build your team and foster a love of your organization by giving employees what they want the most – a unique experience with entertainment, surprises and a little bit of magic!

Dana and Luigi know clean comedy. Don’t worry about inappropriate jokes or off-color remarks with these two. They are certainly colorful, but after being in the business this long they are professionals in every regard.

Dana has earned some of the rare top honors in magic such as “Comedy Magician of the Year” and “Stage Magician of the Year” by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, CA. Dana has also made numerous appearances on broadcast television to glowing reviews.

Dana has opened for international celebrities like musicians Amy Grant and Vince Gill, as well as big-name entertainers like Ray Ramono, Tony Orlando, and Charo. Dana Daniels is truly an original voice in comedic magic – a field already known for its uniqueness!

“I almost fell out of my chair laughing.” – Morgan Freeman, Actor.

Dana Daniels can be booked for corporate events or other venues looking for an entertaining and unique performance. For more information or to contact Dana Daniels and Luigi, he a be reached at 615-283-0039.

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