9 of the Best Comedy Specials on Dry Bar Comedy Right Now

Comedy Specials Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

December 20, 2019

Dry Bar Comedy prides itself as being the world’s most extensive collection of hilarious stand-up comedy the entire family can enjoy. It started as a small project by VidAngel, and in only two years, it became the fastest-growing comedy platform on the internet.

From the new names who are changing the game to established industry greats, there are hundreds of comedians on the platform waiting to be discovered by viewers from all over the world.  It has featured some of the best comedians in the biz.  Their specials are available for everyone to see on their YouTube channel or through the Dry Bar mobile app.

Here are 9 of the best comedy specials you can watch on Dry Bar right now.   If you want to see some top of the line entertainment and got a few minutes to spare, then here is some of the best comedy you will watch this year.

4 of the Best Comedy Specials on Dry Bar Comedy Right Now

1. “Big Daddy Kicks In,” by Jeff Wayne

Jeff Wayne was only 14 years old when he decided he wants to become a stand-up comedian. That was more than five decades ago. Throughout his incredible career, Jeff has worked incredibly hard to hone his craft.

However, he also has a natural comedic ease and charisma no amount of formal training can provide. On Dry Bar Comedy, he quickly became one of the most popular comedians, with his original, sometimes edgy content and perfect delivery.

In his special called “Big Daddy Kicks In,” Jeff tackles the topic of political correctness. Here’s a preview of the show, which will help you figure out if this is one of the comedy specials you’ll enjoy watching on Dry Bar Comedy, as well.

2. “This Is Mostly Baby Fat,” by Andy Forrester

Performing comedy since 1999, Andy has opened for comedy legends, such as Kevin Pollak, Louie Anderson, and Gilbert Gottfried, while also building his style as a stand-up comedian.

His brand of off the wall humor, high-energy routines, and easy-going style turned Andy Forrester into an audience favorite.

On Dry Bar Comedy, he brought his signature self-deprecating humor. If this is a type of comedy that tickles your funny bone, then you’ll enjoy his special called “This Is Mostly Baby Fat,” as well.

Check out Andy’s bit on the secret to weight loss in the video below. You’ll get a quick preview of the show and see why we’ve included it as one of the best comedy specials.

3. “Old Dog, New Jokes,” by Jeff Jena

One of America’s favorite comedians, Jeff Jena, has over thirty-three years of live performance experience. He’s well-known for connecting with his audiences, his stage charisma, and the ability to “tell it like it is.”

In his special “Old Dog, New Jokes,” Jeff Jena pokes fun at the weird habits in this highly-digitalized world, such as texting someone standing a few feet away and relying on emoji to communicate.

If you’re always on your phone like most of us are nowadays. You’ll find this snippet from the show hilariously-relatable. Take a look:

4. “Activated,” by Tommy Ryman

A semifinalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Tommy Ryman is known for his original acts, which have been described as absurdist and clever masked behind an endearing demeanor.

“Activated,” his special on Dry Bar Comedy, is a reminder that awkwardness can be – and often is – awesome.

Fans of self-deprecating humor, observational comedy, sarcasm, and satire will love this Dry Bar Special.

Watch the video below for a quick sample of what you can expect:

5.“Don’t Name Your Kids Something Stupid” by Dwayne Perkins

Dwayne Perkins is an incredibly funny stand-up comedian and a very inventive writer.

His stand-up set, “Don’t Name Your Kids Something Stupid,” covers many absurd situations he has been through that seem unbelievable.

In one of the segments, Dwayne jokes about how the U.S. doesn’t have any rules for naming children.

He has heard all sorts of audacious names and goes on to tell the audience about some of them he considered to be completely off-the-wall, such as Ginseng, Excitasia, and even Lamangelo.

6. Joe Larson’s set called “Champion.”

Joe Larson’s special is titled “Champion” for a reason, as the overarching theme of the entire set is the struggle of living up to the high expectations of very stringent parents.

He tells stories about his upbringing and how he didn’t graduate college as he eventually realized it wasn’t for him. Further into the special, Joe talks about the unusual experience he had when he went skydiving – as this was a sport he thought he’d never be able to do.

His entire set on Dry Bar Comedy is a blast to watch, and if you’re interested, then be sure to click on the following video for a sneak peek.

7. Jay Whittaker’s “Safe for Work”

Any fan of hip-hop should consider watching Jay Whittaker’s incredible special titled “Safe for Work” – where he takes audiences on a trip involving hip-hop classics, marriage, and stories from the time when he worked as a security guard.

During his set on Dry Bar Comedy, Jay dissects many of the stereotypes found in today’s society and shows the audience how goofy some of these ideas are.

If you want to watch a very laid back and funny stand-up set, be sure to check out the video below:

8.“Captain Snuggle Pants” by Joe Zimmerman

Joe Zimmerman is a very inventive comedian who likes to joke about all sorts of oddities from day-to-day life. He satirizes modern society and notes many things about it, which are outrageous.

His comedy set titled “Captain Snuggle Pants” takes audiences through a roller coaster of emotions, where Joe cracks jokes about all kinds of topics, such as doomsday preppers, the U.S. justice system, and concerns about overusing his credit card.

9. Understanding Your Love Language – Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is an incredibly talented comedian and Funny Family Man who knows how to use family comedy to make people laugh without using crude humor or dirty jokes.  Jeff Allen shows that every family can use a little bit of humor now and then.  He is hilarious and always well-received by diverse audiences of all ages. Jeff is a huge hit at corporate events where audiences can be discriminating and demanding. Jeff brings big laughs and more; those watching his act for the first time may be amazed at how quickly his set goes and will be left wanting more when he exits the stage. Isn’t this what organizers hope for when coordinating corporate events or other functions?

Which of These Comedy Specials Caught Your Eye?

Dry Bar has had a speedy growth, and over two years, millions of people have seen the comedy sets featured on the platform.

This only proves people love stand-up comedy, and it has the potential to attract large audiences. This is an opportunity for any event organizer to have a high attendance at their event.

We hope you enjoyed finding out more about these popular specials available on Dry Bar Comedy right now.

If you’re interested in learning more about the platform and some of the top comedians who are leaving their mark on the show, then be sure to check out this article, as well.

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