The Latest Comedy Trends from Dry Bar Comedy

The Latest Comedy Trends from Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

December 16, 2020

Comedy trends may shift throughout the year, but people’s demand for good quality humor stays the same. Usually, the best comedians in the biz identify an audience’s taste and play on their sensibilities.

Naturally, people’s tastes for comedy are varied and, in this article, we will showcase a few stand-up routines which showcase some of the recent trends from dry bar comedy.


1. Millennial Cops

“Millennial Cops” is an exercise in self-deprecating humor by comedian Vinnie Montez, in which Vinnie talks about the phenomena of millennials becoming police officers. He would know, as he is both a millennial and a police officer.

During the entire stand-up routine, Vinnie throws humorous jabs at some of the quirky things which have resulted from having a newer generation into the police force.

Some of these odd things include writing emojis in police reports or driving environmental-friendly police vehicles.

Self-deprecating humor has been a hot topic in recent years, and Vinnie’s Dry Bar Comedy special is full of it:

2. The King of Stupid Questions

One-liner jokes have been an American favorite since time immemorial, and even to this day, it’s one of the most appreciated styles in the club comedy scene.

Dennis Regan’s stand-up routine “The King of Stupid Questions” is an entertaining foray into one-liner territory, where Dennis delivers one funny joke after another.

The cool thing about it is that each joke is an integral part of Dennis’ grand story about how he used to ask his teachers a series of interesting questions.

3. Voting Is the Adult Thing to Do

Observational comedy is among the most popular comedy trends in today’s industry. It’s a comedy style in which the comedian postulates about a topic from the day-to-day affairs that we all go through.

In “Voting Is the Adult Thing to Do,” Dry Bar Comedy comedian Zoltan Kaszas offers viewers a primer in observational humor – in which he tells a funny story about the experience that he had when he went to vote.

By and large, his short story is a commentary on the voting system’s intricacies and how each American should be better informed about the candidates in elections.

4. Skinny and Agile

Being able to tell hilarious jokes without batting an eye or having a change in expression is a rare comedian gift.

This humor style is called deadpan, in which the comedian stays expressionless throughout most of the performance. This kind of dry delivery creates a funny contrast between the stern expression on the comedian’s face and the silliness of the jokes he’s telling.

Richard Sarvate’s “Skinny and Agile” is an excellent example of such a style of comedy, in which Richard has a grave demeanor while telling a ridiculous story about a job offer that he’s applied for.

Catch the entirety of the story and much more in the following Dry Bar Comedy video:

5. What to Eat

Anecdotal comedy is one of those comedy trends which have never gone out of style. It’s a type of humor in which the comedian retells a funny story from their past, using the mannerisms and storytelling prowess that comes with the profession.

Comedian Susan Jones has lots of stories to tell, and in her stand-up “What to Eat,” she tells a short story about her funny interactions with her trainer and the dietary advice that she gave.

Catch the Latest Comedy Trends on Dry Bar Comedy

You know how they say that “tastes are not to be disputed.” If an audience prefers a certain style of comedy, then the best decision is to provide them with entertainment that fits their tastes.

At The Grable Group, we work with comedians who are in touch with audiences’ sensibilities for modern humor. And if you are looking for one that employs any of the styles showcased in this article, we will gladly help you find him.

Give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and let’s bring a dose of modern comedy to your events!

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