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Hilarious: Jeff Allen on the Secret to Marital Bliss

Written by Tim Grable

February 27, 2017

A comedian can lighten up the mood, rejuvenate achy spirits and set morale at healthy levels. Give your guests at your next event the gift of laughter by hiring a comedian to perform.

Laughter has many benefits. A good laugh can boost immunity, relax the body and reduce stress hormones. Socially, the heart-healthy cackles and merriment can strengthen bonds, enhance teamwork and help diffuse conflict. Joy is often a shared experience. Comedy also triggers the release of endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that can relieve pain and promote a healthy sense of well-being.

Jeff Allen Comedy Videos

For many events, a good comedian is funny but not offensive. A good comic is relatable, whether he discusses topics that pertain to everyone or he presents topics in a way with which anyone can empathize. A good entertainer is Jeff Allen.

From corporate events to private parties, Jeff Allen’s clean comedy and inspiration are sure to light up faces of any audience. Not only can he perform stand-up comedy focusing on family life, living with teenagers and a happy, healthy marriage, but he can also when requested, give inspirational testimony about working through a marriage.  Even his more risque topics like sex and marriage are handled with care like a scene out of a 1950’s television comedy sitcom but with better fashion. Jeff has performed for churches, television, radio, fundraisers and corporate functions for 30 years entertaining a very diverse audience. Jeff Allen can take almost any negative experience and turn it into a hilarious, positive story.

Did you pick up your dirty laundry? Because Jeff Allen airs him in a delightful manner. Only a man of this charming disposition can get away with discussing topics like dirty underwear at events like George Bush’s inauguration. He also had the pleasure of performing for deployed soldiers and the National Prayer Breakfast.

Parenting is a topic for which every person has an opinion, and Jeff Allen’s stories about life as a parent will inspire elbow-slapping giggles from even the most prudish parenting personalities. As a regular columnist for magazines like Living with Teenagers, Homelife, and Homecoming, Jeff Allen gives expert knowledge on what it takes to be the father of the year. His friendly, inviting character welcomes all audiences to laugh with him about his experiences.

Offer premium laughter as a memorable souvenir at your next event with the Jeff Allen. Featured in Dry Bar Comedy, Thou Shalt Laugh and Apostles of Comedy, Jeff Allen can bring your audience that commandment with promise. His captivatingly down-to-earth savoir-faire brightens the stage and the faces of all those watching his clean comedy.

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