8 Corporate Comedians You Need to Hire at Least Once (updated for 2020)

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Written by Tim Grable

March 14, 2018

An experience is worthwhile if people walk away from an event having learned something valuable. So it’s even more memorable if they laughed all the way through it.  Only a few comedians have this kind of impact on an audience.

You cannot go wrong if you decide to hire a corporate comedian for your event. Why? Because laughter is indeed the best medicine. It is contagious, it improves people’s mood, relieves stress, boosts their confidence and their spirit.

Overall, your audience will leave your event feeling uplifted and with a positive vibe.  If you’re looking to create memorable experiences at your events, you don’t need to look any further.

3 Corporate Comedians You Need to Hire at Least Once

For this article, we have picked 8 corporate comedians who will help your guests unwind and laugh nonstop.

Let’s find out more about them.

1. Kevin Nealon

The television industry has a tradition of introducing the world to some of the finest performers out there.

Kevin Nealon is without a doubt one of them. He has graced the small screens since the late 80’s when he was among the cast members of Saturday Night Live.

Nowadays, Kevin is still performing; only he switched from live television to starring as an actor in series and movies. He has starred in films such as The Wedding Singer, Anger Management and Joe Dirt.

You can also find him center stage, performing in front of a live audience. He is an established comedian who manages to deliver only bundles of laughter through his witty humor and likable demeanor. Without a doubt, Kevin’s show is something your guests will appreciate!

2. Andy Beningo

Andy Beningo is one of the most in-demand corporate comedians these days. Also, judging by how things are looking, he will hold that position for quite a while.

It’s understandable, what’s not to like about him?

The reason we say that is Andy has a way of connecting with the people he comes in contact with. This can be seen in his humor-filled performance, where he draws out clever anecdotes from his day-to-day experiences.

It’s through these relatable stories Andy manages to hook the attention of people from all walks of life. Be them from the corporate or non-corporate environment.

Your audience will love every minute of Andy on stage. So they’ll be pleased to know that by the end of it, they will have learned to see life a bit different.

3. Jeff Taveggia

There is something special about the way Jeff Taveggia conducts his performance, and you will notice it right off the bat. You could say Jeff is an odd one out of the industry.

You see, Jeff incorporates juggling in his comedy routine, something not many corporate comedians have had a knack for. And this works wonders for him, as nobody will expect to hear corporate humor during a juggling session.

Jeff Taveggia

Jeff has plenty of experience performing for both large crowds and small private audiences. Regardless of the nature of the public, Jeff always gives his 100%.

Through his performances, Jeff offers educational and highly informative speeches which fit his comedy act like a glove.

4. Brad Nieder

Brad Nieder is not just a corporate comedian – he was actually a doctor as well and was described as “Jerry Seinfeld with an ‘M.D’.”

Ever since he was a little child, he was fascinated by comedy shows. The first ones Dr. Brad discovered were Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show,” David Letterman’s ”Late Night Show” and George Carlin’s ”HBO specials.”

While he was in medical school at the University of Colorado, he was also performing stand-up shows at comedy clubs in Denver.

After Dr. Brad got his medical license, he started doing healthcare humor performances for corporate audiences all around the country. Audiences from all sort of industries have seen his medical comedy shows, and they were all such big hits.

If you are looking for a corporate comedian who can deliver a unique type of humor, then Dr. Brad is the right pick.

5. Jeff Civillico

Jeff Civillico is a Vegas headliner, corporate entertainer, Emcee and keynote speaker. For his show “Comedy in action,” he received “The Best of Las Vegas” awards by the Las Vegas Review-Journal three years in a row – in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Jeff also created a program called “Give Back Sundays.” 50% of the tickets sales go to a different nonprofit every Sunday, and he plans to raise 100k every year.

Aside from being one of the most multi-skilled corporate comedians, Jeff tries to provide in his shows entertainment which sends a message and also tries to infuse his talks with inspirational stories.

Jeff wants to help high school students who are interested in show business learn more about the industry, and so he started Showbiz Academy. It is a 5-day experience in Las Vegas, where high schoolers can participate in panel discussions, master classes, and workshops and meet significant industry players.

Jeff’s unique blend of skills will keep your guests engaged every step of the way.

6. Tim Cavanagh

Tim Cavanagh is a veteran in the entertainment industry. He has been doing comedy for more than 30 years for a variety of audiences and different events, such as corporate shows, association events, fundraisers or awards banquets.

Tim can make any event special, regardless of its nature, through his insightful customized material, which is written to match the particulars of every audience.

Thanks to his quick wit and playful style, he can easily interact with his public and make everyone laugh.

The best compliment Tim can get after an event is that the client books him again, which is something that happens quite often.

7. Tammy Pescatelli

Tammy Pescatelli is the type of person who can always say a good joke. Her comedy skills can partly be attributed to the fact that she grew up in a large Italian family.

The man she married is also part of an Italian family, which means that now her inspiration for the jokes has doubled.

When people ask Tammy how she comes up with comedy material, she casually says “I wake up!”. The reason behind this is the fact that she has an eye for finding humor in every situation.

Recently, she even released a 1-hour special called Finding The Funny which was created as an exclusive deal with Netflix. The show was chosen as “New and Noteworthy” by iTunes editors.

Aside from this comedy special, Tammy co-created, executive produced, wrote and starred in her reality series called A Stand-Up Mother. In this show, she documented her life as a mother and how she grew her career. Everything is, of course, presented hilariously.

8.  Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is the best corporate comedian that specializes in humor for all ages. He brings Clean Comedy to Corporate Events and makes jokes that are accessible for people from all locations and backgrounds to understand.

It can be difficult to find a corporate entertainer with broad appeal, but Allen fits the bill. He does stand up comedy to entertain others, not to promote his ideas and agendas. While many corporate comedians use their acts as platforms to present themselves as characters, Allen merely expresses his amusing observations of people and situations. He is not interested in becoming a personality that exists outside of his comedy.

Jeff Allen has built a stellar reputation and devoted following with his appearances in films and on numerous television comedy specials and tours. Jeff Allen’s credits include appearances on Dry Bar Comedy, Showtime, VH1‘s “Standup Spotlight” and the Grand Ole Opry, just to name a few.

Your Event Needs Corporate Comedians

mic, speaker, corporate event

Without a doubt, an act which has both an educational and an entertaining component will stand out at any event. Also, the comedians featured in this article will make your audience smarter and happier.

Each of these 8 corporate comics has several programs you can choose from for your event. This is great because it means you can book them more than once and every time your audience will see a different yet amazing show.

If you are interested in hiring top talents for any entertaining event, then you have come to the right place. Many professionals who are just one click away. Browse our catalog, and you will not be disappointed.  If you want to talk about how we can make your event stand up, contact us at (615) 283-0039.

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