3 Corporate Entertainment Ideas Which Will Shake Things up

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Written by Tim Grable

August 30, 2018

A corporate event is usually perceived as a place where entertainment isn’t a priority.

However, that is not true. With proper planning and the right performers to back it up, there can be a ton of fun to be had.

Here are 3 corporate entertainment ideas which will make your audience look forward to your event.

1. Hire a Magician – Randy Charach

When your audience least expects it, hiring a magician will take them by surprise. They will never see it coming.

Randy Charach is the man for this kind of job. He is all about surprises and has a knack for getting the best reactions out of the public.

Get to know Randy better in the following video:

He is an established showman in the corporate events industry and his performances are always magical – literally.

His acts consist mostly of keynotes about various topics from the corporate culture. However, here’s where it gets interesting.

With Randy, you can never expect the same thing twice. He always incorporates different elements of entertainment in his speeches, such as magic, mentalism and a pinch of comedy for good measure.

This way, audiences always get an experience which feels fresh with each performance. Your guests will love it!

2. Hire a Music Act – Figaro

If you are set on impressing event attendees, then here’s one of the best corporate entertainment ideas – go for music!

Recorded, ambient music is usually a safe bet, but you can never go wrong with live music.

As a result, if you are looking for that kind of music which gets everyone’s attention, then Figaro is the right band for you. They are a male quartet which blends opera and pop music with great success. When they’re performing, you can expect a lot of high notes to be reached.

You can see their amazing vocal performances in action in this following video:

They have a clean and stylish demeanor, a slick repertoire and highly dynamic showmanship. All of these factors contribute significantly to the bands entire aesthetic and make them a natural addition to any corporate event.

The masterful music of Figaro is the secret to making a tremendous corporate party stand out!

3. Hire a Comedian – Daren Streblow

Hiring a comedian might not be among the most surprising corporate entertainment ideas. If the performance is on a whole different level, you can expect the fun factor to go through the roof.

See Daren in action in the following video:

With Daren Streblow, you can always expect this kind of top performance. Each time he is on stage, he delivers comedic blows, one after another.

His act mainly consists of humorous anecdotes from Daren’s life. He’s usually depicting day-to-day occurrences everyone in the public can relate with and puts them in a really funny perspective.

He always manages to understand what the audience is feeling and thinking. So that’s what makes him such a likable figure.

4.  Book a Virtual Mind Reader

Virtual Entertainer Eric Dittelman predicts people’s actions and figures out what they are thinking. Drawing on his background in improv and comedy, Eric incorporates a unique blend of humor and surprise into his online mind-reading act. Eric has been sharing his unique talents and entertaining audiences for both corporate and private events for years and has appeared on America’s Got Talent, The Ellen DeGeneres ShowPenn & Teller: Fool Us, and Live with Ryan and Kelly. He has also been featured in “Entertainment Weekly” and “Rolling Stone.” Now, he has made the pivot to Virtual Events as well and with tremendous success. Of course, if you were also a mind reader, you would have already known that!

Looking for More Corporate Entertainment Ideas?

 3 Corporate Entertainment Ideas Which Will Shake Things up

If the ideas mentioned in this article inspired you, then you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to book the performers featured alongside them.

They will elevate your event to new heights and will leave your audience wanting more.

If you are interested in booking other performers, then we have an entire catalog at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact us at (615) 283-0039. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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