Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas That Won’t Scare Your Boss

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Written by Tim Grable

March 6, 2017

Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas That Won't Scare Your Boss Finding corporate party entertainment ideas for a mixed group can be a real challenge, particularly when most comedy acts today rely on a form of humor that may be, ahem, a bit wild for your company’s corporate partners. Nobody wants to be the guy that is put in charge of the fundraiser and accidentally ends up scandalizing the suits. Want to keep the interest of the company’s twentysomething interns but not shock and appall Linda from accounting? Check out these four great acts that can bring that extra je ne sais quoi to your next party or event! These entertainers range from dazzling, experienced magicians to stand up aficionados to incredible artistic talents, and there is certainly something for every taste and every occasion.

Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas to Spice Things Up

Known for his eye-catching glittery suit jackets and his talent for physical comedy, Jeff Hobson is an established comedian and well-loved magician that has been delighting audiences across the U.S. for over twenty years. Hobson is well-known for incorporating unsuspecting audience members into his sneaky stunts, so keep an eye on your watch- it may end up in the act!

When was the last time you had a laugh talking about your new mattress? Jeff Allen’s comedy act specializes in finding the humor in mundane, everyday life, and he does it incredibly well. A seasoned entertainer that has been featured at corporate events for over 40 years, Jeff Allen is just like that wise-cracking uncle that you are always glad to see at family parties- but way more hilarious!

For some fresh-faced and feisty stand-up comedy, look no further than LA’s Taylor Williamson. This up-and-coming funny guy has been making some serious waves on America’s Got Talent, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Last Comic Standing. However, don’t worry about shocking your boss- Taylor Williamson’s self-deprecating riffing on life, love, and mom are both clean and utterly hilarious!

Are you seeking some unique corporate party entertainment ideas for your event this year? How about memorializing the night with a one-of-a-kind rendering of the evening on canvas? Heidi Schwartz is a young but brilliant artist who specializes in painting a scene from your event, live! Guests will be wowed watching her work, and the painting provides a fantastic prize for a raffle winner or honored guest!

Entertain With the Best Corporate Party Entertainment

Planning a large corporate event takes organization, though, and time. All elements must be taken into consideration; from decorations and seating to the food and drink, and, of course, the most anticipated Corporate Party Entertainment. Finding quality entertainment that is interesting and involves the entire group, is a difficult task. There are some different types of performers from which one could choose when making this decision. Selecting one of these highly skilled stage performers will ensure that your entire group is entertained, and they will all leave with a smile on their faces and lasting memories of the incredible time they shared. Matching the style of the performer with the audience is the key to success when hiring a live performer. Choosing one of these five performers will ensure a side-splitting time at the next corporate event.

Amazing Corporate Party Entertainment

Adam Trent uses audience interaction in his performances with elements of magic, music, and comedy. With the help of a member of the audience, he performs some hilarious dance moves and magic tricks. This type of corporate party entertainment combines different entertainment elements to ensure that the audience has the best time ever.

The laughter rolls continuously throughout this comedic musical performance. Matt Jernigan takes his observations of famous and favorite stars, singers, and actresses and transforms his comedy into hilarious parodies of famous tunes. Using his skills as a musician, he delivers quality corporate event entertainment that is current and popular in trending news with his lively acoustic guitar comedy style.

Piff the Magic Dragon and his tiny little dog Mr. Piffles are a hilarious duo and perfect for corporate party entertainment. Dressed in a shiny and outlandish green dragon suit, Piff and Mr. Piffles entertain audiences with magical flair and precision. This duo has performed on television, stage, and they are greatly admired by such magicians as Penn & Teller.

Carlos Oscar keeps his audience in stitches with his observations and storytelling abilities. He takes his everyday life and gives the audience a glimpse into his world with an upbeat and funny twist. Experiences from riding on a plane, raising children, to dealing with authority, his unique style of laughing at himself is highly relatable to audiences.

When it comes to great corporate party entertainment, Taylor Mason delivers the comedy experience that business associates can get into. Taylor’s stage setting resembles a scene straight from the wilderness. While playing his piano as supporting background music, Taylor takes on the issues of everyday life with an optimistically humorous outlook on even the dimmest of circumstances.

Working in the business and the corporate world is taxing and stressful. The responsibilities of business often pour over into organized events or meetings, but planners can help relieve this stress and ensure laughter when a live performer entertains the group. Hiring a live performer is an excellent way to get the entire group warmed up and in a jovial mood for any corporate event, meeting, or convention.

We hope that these corporate party entertainment ideas can help you get the ball rolling on your next party or special occasion. Each one of these talented showmen and women comes with an impressive list of satisfied clients, and you can be assured that your guests will be in great hands! So sit back, relax, and feel comfortable booking one of these seasoned professionals to enhance your next event!

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