Date Night! Couples Comedy Everyone Will Love

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Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

Looking for a reason to hire a babysitter for the night?  Whether you and your spouse are planning a date night out on the town or a large gathering for an evening of fun, there is nothing more entertaining than a stand-up comedian for couples comedy. A good comic will have everyone in the audience feeling relaxed, and get a good belly laugh out of each and every person in the crowd.

Relationships are funny. Hilarious. Some comedians only talk about one side of a relationship, but there are so many more to be explored. These comedians do not shy away from any of it. They provide relationship comedy at its finest and make no apologies. Moreover, sometimes that is what you need, isn’t it? Someone who will just tell it like it is.From observational humor and improvisational comedy to relationship-based advice, these clean comedians are ideal candidates for any church sponsored date night

Date Night! Couples Comedy Everyone Will Love

The following talented, gifted comedian see the funny side in relationships, without resorting to using potty mouth. This takes a certain level of intelligence and creativity, both of which these comedians are adept at using in marriage comedy. These master comedians will have you rolling on the floor laughing, just by using everyday observations about married life! Choose from the following five entertainers to make your next event an unforgettable experience.

Comedians with Couples Comedy

Anthony Griffith started out in stand-up comedy in college. Since then, his career skyrocketed, with appearances on Star Search, The Tonight Show, Jay Leno, HBO and more. He has most recently done work on Apostles of Comedy, with a quick wit about common marriage scenarios that are so funny at their core that churches leap at the opportunity to have him entertain.

Jeff Allen specializes in sarcastic observational humor, and his jokes are all pulled from his observations of his life, childhood, and his current marriage and raising his children. Most audience members do not make it through a Jeff Allen performance without getting the feeling he is talking about their lives at least once.  Ascribing to the statement “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” Jeff Allen’s humor focuses on the truisms of raising kids and the story of a marriage gone wrong which was ultimately redeemed. With over 30 years experience with stand-up, appearances on Dry Bar Comedy, Comedy Central, VH1 and Showtime, including the films “Thou Shalt Laugh” and “The Apostles of Comedy,” Jeff shines onstage with his down-to-earth humor.  Jeff Allen’s matter of fact delivery adds pearls of wisdom to the joke that you have to hear. He helps you along your marital journey while making you laugh in the process. He is learned what marriage is like and is willing to share it in a comedic splendor.

Henry Cho has appeared on Laugh USA, Sirius XM Radio’s Channel 151, Sirius Radio’s Blue Collar Radio channel 103, and Pandora’s PG Comedy Radio channel.  His brand of comedy is a hilarious look at how life changes after marriage. His down to earth style is engaging and entertaining.

The hilariously funny Paul Aldrich is known for his couples comedy, including songs that will have you roaring with laughter. With a great history working on faith-based and corporate events, he has also produced an award-winning CD, “Mock and Roll.”

Taylor Mason, the two-time winner of the “Family Entertainer of the Year” award, is a stand-up comedian, ventriloquist and musician. His shows are raucously funny, using puppets and his original songs. Taylor began comedy in college, since then doing stints at Zanies Comedy Club and appearing on Star Search and Dry Bar Comedy.

Rex Havens tells it like it is. He does not mince words. In fact, he speaks candidly about relationships and marriage as a way of preparing the younger generation for that is to come. The fact that he makes you laugh in the process, well, that is a bonus.

Leanne Morgan speaks directly to women and says the things they are thinking, but never utter aloud. She talks about gifted children, going gout as a parent, and the change in life that occurs when children are added into the mix. She makes you laugh at you, and she does it with ease.

Mark Schiff’s delivery is smooth. You get caught up listening to the joke and laugh along as if you were speaking to a neighbor or friend instead of sitting at a comedy show. His easygoing demeanor lets his comedy sneak up on you. You do not know it is there until you are doubled over in laughter.

Michael Joiner is so comfortable on stage he makes you feel like you are standing at a cookout having a conversation. His approach to comedy is nonchalant, and that is how he slips in big jokes and makes you laugh before you realize what he said.

As the host of Daren Streblow Comedy Show since 2011, Streblow consistently displays his knack for quirky, observational humor. He has opened for big acts like Weird Al Yankovic and worked for places like Disney Cruise Line and Universal Studios – all known for consistently high quality and family-friendly shows.

Having grown up under hardship, Steve Geyer learned to use humor to cope with his situation. He now shares his talent for finding humor in hardships with his audience, able to take any unpleasant situation from day to day life and turn it on its head into something hilarious. Geyer has performed in a number of comedy tours throughout the United States and Canada.

Lots of comedians have routines about their married life, but Jay and Laura Laffoon bring the situation to the next level by performing together as a husband and wife dual act, and letting each side of the marriage have their own say. Their on-stage chemistry and constant rebuttals to each others’ jokes will have any audience rolling in laughter as the time-worn promenade of “comedian jokes about the spouse” are twisted and turned back on themselves.  They are perfect for couples night at church ideas.

A cavalier of lighthearted observational humor, David Dean is a master of keeping the subject matter light and whimsical and the audience rolling in the aisles. His act ranges in subject matter from his favorite movies to bad highway drivers, to just about anything else a typical person might relate to, and he can make any and all of it funny.

Thor Ramsey brings good words about the positive aspects of sex in a funny but tasteful way. Combining his faith with his comedy, he pokes fun at how Christians shy away from sex, encouraging them through humor to embrace it instead. His hilarious but meaningful message can be entertaining and helpful to all couples.  He is the host of the TV funny comedy series, “Bananas,” and has appeared in several of the “Thou Shalt Laugh” DVDs. He is also the author of two books, “A Comedian’s Guide to Theology” and “Thor Ramsey’s Total Money Meltdown.”

Michael Smalley, a motivational speaker and founder and Executive Director of the Smalley Marriage and Family Center, spends most of his time working alongside his wife, helping struggling couples to revive their marriages and other significant relationships. He uses his comedy to help people learn and grow, in addition to using it to entertain audiences all around Texas and other parts of the country.

Are you looking to do something different?.  Why not do a virtual comedy night?  No need to hire a babysitter for the night.  Couples can enjoy cooking a meal together and then enjoy your virtual date night program in their living room!  Marty Simpson is the worlds leading virtual comedian.

If you need a great entertainer for your next event, any one of these stellar comedians that have couples comedy would make your event unforgettable. Ensure that everybody has a good time with brainy, fun, engaging stand up comedy so good it will leave a great lasting impression.

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