Who is Daren Streblow, and what makes him so funny?

daren streblow

Written by Tim Grable

October 28, 2017

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Who is Daren Streblow, and what makes him so funny?You are hosting a Comedy Night and want acts that are family-friendly, yet sure to get your audience rolling in their seats—the funnier the act, the bigger the laughs.

That narrows down the list of potential acts, but “clean” comedians do exist. In fact, there’s a hysterical up-and-coming jokester named Daren Streblow of the Christian comedy group “Thou Shalt Laugh.” His humorous observations about family, fatherhood, and the foibles of modern life will tickle your humerus.

Who is  Daren Streblow?

The clean stand up comedy of Daren Streblow is super funny and family friendly. In his stand up comedic venture Daren provides wry and witty commentary on the comedic nature of ridiculous things that a loving father encounters when working to entertain his children. He accomplishes his goal to tickle the funny bones of those in his audience while maintaining a positive outlook and without the use of foul language or offensive humor. Daren Streblow is a great choice for the events looking to share in some laughs and have a good time while they visit one another.

Daren hails from Minnesota where he was born and raised. Known for an odd sense of humor when he was young, he would grow to make a career offering deadpan observations about the awkwardness of life.

Daren is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where he attended college as a communications major intending to work in radio. His clean stand up comedy career started when he began doing short stand up sets at various open mic nights. Eventually, he would go on to work for numerous companies as a corporate entertainer. He also performed on several corporate comedy tours and has opened up for some famous acts including Weird Al Yankovic.

Having four sons of his own, Daren Streblow is a family man himself. His shows are enjoyable without proselytizing to those who are viewing them. His comedic routines are relevant to people from all walks of life and are all around entertaining to view and hear. Hilarious wit is used to put forth a fine sense for the absurd as Daren Streblow entertains audiences with his keen observations of things that he sees and experiences in his life.

Known as “The king of uncool” in comedic circles, Daren at first took a while to work his sense of comedy into a style that people were able to understand. When he finally accomplished developing a decipherable act, many people found him to be a very funny and entertaining comedian.

What makes Daren Streblow funny?

Daren Streblow ruminates on the challenges of being a Christian in today’s society. Noting how quickly everyone takes his God’s name in vain, he wonders why people never seem to shout, “Oh, Buddha!” when minor misfortune befalls them.

Daren Streblow, Christian comic, delivers family-friendly fare that leaves audiences roaring with laughter. Streblow’s clean and relatable comedy stands up just as well in nightclubs as it does in church halls. Versatile, approachable and infectiously funny, Daren Streblow will dazzle any audience with his infectious wit. Drawing inspirations from classic entertainers such as Ken Davis, Victor Borge, and Fred Rogers, Streblow continues in their footsteps with comedy that will inspire the kind of laughter that brings families and communities closer together.

Daren Streblow is a comedian who does not need to add bathroom humor or sexual innuendoes to get the crowd with him and to laugh. He does not have to censor his humor, which plays well to all ages from children and teens to adults. Streblow turns ordinary occurrences into something to which the audience identifies as he reveals the humor in the mundane experiences of everyday life.

In the comedy bit “Daren Streblow Learns Spanish,” Streblow takes the seemingly ordinary experience of learning Spanish in high school and helps the audience view taking Spanish in class in a whole new and humorous light. He points out that he took Spanish in his Minnesota high school, a requirement of course because Minnesota is so close to…what?…Canada.

While Streblow has been a natural entertainer since childhood and a fan of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” he did not consider a career as an artist until he watched his family and their friends pack in tight around a small television and laugh uncontrollably at a clean stand-up comedy performance. It started him on a career that has given audiences around the country a world of entertainment.

If one word can describe Daren Streblow, it is “quirky.” His onstage presence is remarkably reminiscent of Jeff Goldblum--his humor requires you to listen and be patient, but his easy and conversational tone allows his jokes to flow naturally.

He also has adept at gallows humor: there’s one joke about how his wife sent him to rent a movie that they both enjoy. He picked Alien of all things (!), and instead found Your First Trimester of Pregnancy inside, and he wondered if a pregnant woman rented Trimester only to find Alien inside! The mothers in the audience laughed heartily, and the fathers laughed somewhat nervously.

A lesser comedian would have beaten the joke into the ground (and into familiar territory), but Daren just lays down the punchline and moves on. He is a lot better when the material is a little more drawn out, a bit longer, and he can “tease” us by ramping it up a little at a time until he reaches the end.

Most importantly, though, Daren’s jokes take on a wide variety of subjects. True, there are the basic categories of family and the various stages of his life, but each of them has a broader range of material (friends, children, observations, etc.)

So, if you want a guy who can get good PG-rated laughs, look no further than Daren Streblow. We can help you with Really Funny Clean Comedians and help you hire the right speaker.

Daren Streblow is available for booking for any event wherein clean and hilarious comedy is desired. Mr. Streblow’s act is perfect for family oriented affairs, and any number of other types of gatherings or events.

The comedy of Daren Streblow can also be found on The Daren Streblow Comedy Show, which is a radio broadcast that is aired on over 120 stations nationally and worldwide.

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