Daren Streblow – From Radio Host to Fundraising Events

Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

Daren Streblow has been described as an observational stand-up comedian. Although, that description doesn’t do him much justice.

As a child, he was fond of superheroes and acted out his imagination throughout the neighborhood. You could say he got a head start in comedy back then.

How Daren Streblow Got into Radio

Unlike most comedians, he says he has never been the class clown. In fact, his teachers appreciated his often unconventional humor much more than his colleagues.

His imagination sometimes got him into trouble, so his mother urged him to become a radio host. It was there that he could channel all his inventiveness and humorous antics.Daren Streblow - From Radio Host to Fundraising Events

Of course, he ended up liking the radio so much he wanted to follow a lifelong career in it. As it turns out, he also appreciated comedy quite a lot.

He has even been able to combine his two passions into one by creating The Daren Streblow Comedy Show“. It was met with great success, being aired all around the U.S. and the world.

But enough talk about his life, it’s time to take a look at his comedic style for a bit.

Daren’s Comedy

His comedy is called “observational” because he likes to observe every awkward happening. He sees life as a sketch which must be acted out and thus creates his unique style of comedy.

His overactive imagination combined with an offbeat sense of humor will have you gasping for air at his shows.

He always uses sarcasm to illustrate some ridiculous aspects of life. Things which might seem ordinary at first will always end up the laughing stock of the night.

For example, take a look at how he views the odd sports at the Olympics, such as “racewalking”. Or some of the dangerous attractions at water parks.

We bet that video’s thumbnail got you laughing before you even hit play. Daren will always find a way to incorporate visual humor into his act.

It’s too often that we take life too seriously. Daren Streblow helps you see life as more of a humorous canvas at which you can laugh.

Everyday situations are always an occasion to add something new to his routine. It’s why he apparently never runs out of jokes.

Just check out the experiences he has had with his kids:

He never leaves room for pause in between bouts of laughter. That’s what he’s good at.

And, the comedy is always clean, fit for any venue and audience. You can always walk out of one of his shows with a good feeling inside.

Why Daren?

The reasons outlined above are why he’s good for performances at churches, Universities and corporate events. Among other venues, that is.

Daren is also excellent at charity fundraisers. When people loosen up due to humor and laughter, they’re much more likely to contribute to worthy causes.

Invite him over and let him do his magic. If you want to book him for one of your events, give us a call and we’ll handle everything for you.

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