3 Reasons Daren Streblow Is Not Your Average Stand-Up Comedian

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Written by Tim Grable

September 9, 2017

If you have been in the event planning business for some time, you may agree with us when we claim Daren Streblow is one of the heavy names in the clean comedy industry.

Having entertained audiences in over 60 countries, one can say Daren is a sure bet when you need a seasoned professional who always delivers.

However, that is what almost any renowned comedian does.

Daren, however, is a next-level kind of artist. Why? We put together 3 answers to this question, so read them carefully and decide for yourself whether he is the performer your next event needs.

1. He Is ‘The King of Uncool’

You would say this is a rather counterintuitive nickname for a comedian. So, let us explain why this is not a minus to Daren’s craft – on the contrary.

The attribute ‘uncool’ actually comes from the topics his acts are built upon. Not that these are nerdy stuff only aimed at small groups of people, but it is rather about Daren Streblow being a master of taking ordinary (uncool) bits of reality and turning them into hilarious (cool) bits of comedy.

How does he do that, however?

It helps a great deal that he is one of those smooth talkers who can take you on a ride as soon as you acknowledge his presence on stage. His composed demeanor adds a solid contrast to the lightweight nature of his jokes. In short, Daren knows how to balance all the elements implied by a successful act, all while crafting a far from average observational comedy content.

2. He Has His Own Show

Daren’s 19-year career debuted with a radio hosting job – which will explain why he is so masterful at conveying just the right amount of character by his vocal delivery only.

This is what sets him apart from the others – the fact that he was able to develop the knowledge and insight from the radio environment and use it as a contribution to the comedy world.

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show has grown to be a great platform for comedians of all kinds and experience levels throughout the USA.  Today the his Comedy Show features comedians like Tim Hawkins, Robert G. Lee, Ken Davis, Brian Regan and Chonda Pierce.

How does this benefit the outcome of your next event?

It certainly helps that he is in contact with the latest trends and performers out there. This way, he is always nurturing the growth of his craft and absorbing all the creative vibes his fellows convey.

3. He has Done It All

If it were for you to research Daren Streblow, you would find that he can be a:

  • clean comedian
  • Christian comedian
  • corporate/business comedian
  • college/school assembly comedian
  • church comedian
  • youth group comedian
  • club comedian
  • cruise ship comedian.

It seems he has been tested in almost every context possible.

This is how he forged his distinct path among similar comedians. His expertise in winning over the widest range of audiences is unparalleled.3 Reasons Daren Streblow Is Not Your Average Stand-Up Comedian

Clean Comedy from a funny man

Christian comedian Daren Streblow takes a baby’s eye view of child-birth in this quick clip from one of his live performances. Combining clean language and expansive, yet laid back gestures, this Christian comedian delights the audience and his fellow performers.

Streblow offers a slightly different take on everyday life in his work. His delivery style is remarkably similar to Fred Rogers, late host of the legendary Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. That is not surprising when you learn that Streblow counts the Presbyterian minister as one of his greatest influences.

Anyone who can relate to water slides, body art, married life, or trying to fit in with the cool crowd will love his act as a funny man. He has an “as a matter of fact” style that engages his audience. They feel as they are about to hear an exciting story from a dear friend. Daren is not overly enthusiastic. He keeps it cool so that people feel comfortable with him, but he still manages to have very successful deliveries with his clean comedy. He uses his wit and personality to deliver rather than an excess of energy.

In school, Daren had a knack for making his teachers laugh. However, the teacher’s pet status that he earned did not gain him popularity during the school years. His mother encouraged him to find work at a radio station. After working for a brief time at the radio station, Daren pursued a degree in communications. He believed that his career was going to be in radio, until one day when he discovered what he was meant to do: comedy.

Daren Streblow Makes It Easy for Your Event to Shine

A master of words, Daren gets better as he gains more experience. What’s even better is that he is effortlessly funny – no need to employ potentially sensitive content to have people die of laughter.

His mastery of observational comedy is enough – and this is how you can ultimately recognize above-average comedic skills.

If you want your guests to witness these skills in action, why not drop us a call at 1-615-283-0039 or a line here? We will take charge and make sure Daren is available for your event.

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