Have you heard the funny comedy of Dennis Regan?

Dennis Regan

Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

Here is just a small sample of what makes comedian Dennis Regan one of the country’s leading clean stand-up comedy acts. His ability to take everyday situations and spin them into relatable, amusing stories is part of his amazing comedic talent. From awkward interactions during airline travel to surly fast food workers to everyday marriage quirks, you will recognize the absurdity and humor pointed out by Dennis in his hilarious routines. His clean routines make him perfect for booking any corporate or family-friendly event where vulgarity or profanity would not be appreciated. Dennis is a true professional with over 20 years of experience in stand-up comedy and television sitcom writing.

Dennis Regan Clean Comedian and Entertainer

Dennis Regan

Clean, fun, real-life humor! Welcome to the world of this Clean Comedian, where he shoots from the hip and keeps the laughs coming from beginning to end in this enjoyable comedy routine. With subjects taken from everyday life, Mr. Regan instantly pulls the audience into his world giving them the ability to laugh at some of the common threads we share. His refreshing and fun act will be sure to entertain young and old alike, and he does it all without crude remarks. It’s easy to see why he has appeared in comedy clubs around the country and been on both Late Night with David Letterman and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

On the comedy circuit for over 20 years, Dennis has shared his humor in almost every one of the 50 states. He’s worked on cruise ships, on college campuses, the Las Vegas strip, and Atlantic City. He brings smiles and laughter to every walk of life. Obviously, clean humor is in demand.

Once touted as the older brother of famed comedian Brian Regan, Dennis Regan quickly set himself apart from his family ties to become a comedy powerhouse in his own right. Born in Miami, Florida, he first began his stand-up career in 1987 during an open mic night. At the time, he owned an asphalt business with his father when he was in his early thirties. However, Dennis was unhappy in his business and found that he loved stand-up from the moment he got onstage. He quickly gained his hometown’s attention, winning a local stand-up contest a few months after his first open mic night experience. He soon moved to New York to pursue comedy full time and headlining at top clubs like The Improv, The Comic Strip, and The Comedy Cellar.

His numerous television appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno have widened his reach to audiences throughout the country. He has also performed on Dry Bar Comedy, Showtime and Comedy Central. Dennis continued to show off his talent by writing for the hit television show “The King of Queens”, starring Kevin James for four seasons.

Dennis Regan  shines in his ability to make people laugh at this clean brand of corporate comedy where he turns mundane shoe shopping into moments of sheer delight. When he relates the tale of a salesman suggesting the wrong-size shoe, it’s not hard to imagine it happening to you. And the laughs do not stop there. Along with snappy responses, without the need for profanity, he quickly shows his adept style of humor and sharp wit.

Dennis’ brand of observational comedy turns to the subject of fast-food in a fast-paced routine sure to bring laughs and knowing nods from everyone who’s ever been frustrated at the drive-through window. And who hasn’t? Been wondering about the interview process at your local burger joint with their dubious employees? Dennis Regan’s got it all figured out, and he’s getting the laughs to prove it. Questioning the habits of the average teen behind the counter? He has a few hysterical observations about that too.

Turning his unique perspective to his marriage, the audience is soon laughing along at his honest misconceptions about women. From the clichés of “never going to bed mad,” to the dreaded, “candle shopping with your wife,” clean comedy has never been more fun.

Using comedy routines filled with warmth and jokes that poke fun at our everyday lives, Regan brings sparkling comedy to the stage.

Comedian Dennis Regan has performed for a wide range of audiences for corporate events, colleges, cruises, fundraisers, private parties, and many other types of entertainment venues, including Carnegie Hall! He has performed his cleverly delivered stand-up comedy in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as international shows in Ireland and China. He has opened for comedian and television star Ray Romano, as well as Dennis’ brother Brian Regan. He is a wonderful comic talent for any event, whether it’s a fundraiser, corporate conference, banquet, or church outreach event. A clean comedian like Dennis is perfect for all audiences and event venues.

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