Derrick Michael Tennant’s Touching Life Story Has Made Him a Motivational Speaker

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Written by Tim Grable

May 25, 2017

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Today, we are going to share with you a touching story about one of our amazing entertainers. His name is Derrick Michael Tennant, and he is an example of how you can turn obstacles into opportunities.

Derrick’s story is fragile, yet powerful and we hope you are going to find it as inspiring as we did.

How Tragedy Can Change a Life

Derrick was a promising athlete until he tragically suffered an injury. This injury puts him into a coma, which required for him to go under brain surgery.

After years of rehab and time spent in a wheelchair, Derrick recovered partially.

Due to the brain surgery, he was not able to move his left side of his body. Right now, he cannot use his left side entirely, but he has improved his motricity.

Derrick Michael Tennant's Touching Life Story Has Made Him a Motivational Speaker

Derrick Michael Tennant spent years in therapy, where he re-learned basic stuff, such as walking, talking or simple daily tasks.

Even though he is unable to use his left arm and walks with a limp, Derrick has accomplished so much in this process. Love was one of the things which kept him going. The love he received from his family, friends and his God was quintessential in those times of difficulty.

Derrick Michael Tennant and His Professional Career

Thanks to a miracle, in 1993, Derrick returned to the court and played basketball competitively overseas. He was so proud of himself, and he even said: “You should have seen me when I had two arms.”

Now, Derrick travels the world and shares his story to inspire others to transform their obstacles into opportunities.

There isn’t any doubt his personal experiences made him who he is today. However, Derrick’s family played a role in this as well.

His mother had a rough childhood. Despite all that, his mom loved her mom so much, and this changed Derrick’s entire perspective on what love is.

As a speaker, he enjoys talking about overcoming obstacles in life and changing them into opportunities.

Given his experience, Derrick knows how hard it is to overcome physical challenges. Because of this, he now works even harder towards helping others through comedy and inspirational speaking.

Derrick loves comedy, and so it was only natural he formed BLEEP FREE Comedy, which is a clean comedy show. You can watch it in various clubs across the country.

A few years ago, he landed a featured extra role in the movie “Crackerjack,” where he played a one-armed softball player named Lefty. At the moment, he is focusing on traveling the country and sharing his inspiration with many different audiences.

Send an Inspirational Message with Derrick Michael Tennant

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The perfect combination when it comes to corporate entertainment is finding an act which:

  • Makes your audience laugh
  • Sends a powerful message.

Derrick is the person you have been looking for regarding this job, and we know everyone will love him on stage. After all, he is not only inspirational, but he is funny as well.

Do you want to hire him for your next event? Then feel free to contact us for more details. 

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