5 Dry Bar Comedians Who Are Perfect for a Corporate Event

Dry Bar Comedians Corporate Event

Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2022

Finding the right entertainer for a corporate event can be a daunting task. There’s the expectation of excellence in the corporate world, and there aren’t many entertainers that are up to the required standard. It would be best to have a performer who has a long history of working in a professional environment and suitable material to engage with the audience properly.

To help you with your search, we went over to Dry Bar Comedy and hand-picked a selection of comedians, which we believe to be an excellent addition to an event.Stand-up Moments From Dry Bar Comedy  

Tim Cavanagh

Tim Cavanagh is a comedic musician that has entertained a wide variety of audiences for more than three decades. He’s headlined some of the best comedy clubs in the country, performing at various venues, ranging from comedy clubs to large cruise ships.

What makes this comedian so widely appreciated as a corporate event entertainer is his playful way of handling a crowd and his insightful customized material that he dedicates so much time to creating.

Tim might seem cheerful, but his material is very introspective and deceptively smart. He jokes about aspects of society that we all find ourselves in, whether we acknowledge it or not.

For example, in one of his appearances on Dry Bar’s stage, Tim breaks down everything ranging from family relations to empty shopping malls and a few interesting stories involving the vices of gambling. He also integrated his guitar into the set, sharing humorous observations through music.

Check out our favorite moment from his special by clicking the following video: 

Tim Homayoon  

A versatile performer, Tim Homayoon has been in the comedy business for more than two decades.

Over that time, Tim has appeared on MTV, NBC, Comedy Central and recently had his first Dry Bar Comedy special where he revealed the correct way of stealing from hotels and discussed all the crazy things he has stolen. By blending physical comedy with wild, unique stories of his past, Tim presents a hilarious, unforgettable program that gets a grip on the audience.

But don’t just take our word for it. Gain a better grasp of his comedy brand by checking out the video below.

Lisa Alvarado

If you appreciate sassy and quirky comedy, chances are the following corporate event entertainer will become one of your favorite stand-up Dry Bar comedians. Dubbed as the Latin Queen of Comedy, Lisa Alvarado is without a doubt a powerhouse of a performer and a gripping storyteller.

Her comedy set is quite a rollercoaster ride, taking audiences on a trip through many of Lisa’s personal experiences. Because of the autobiographical nature of her work, Lisa is not afraid to chime in with many personal opinions and feelings on all the stories that she tells.

For example, there are plenty of online dating stories out there, but few as funny and emotion-filled as Lisa’s – and after watching her special, you won’t look at dating the same way again. 

Chris Monty

With over 20 years of stand-up comedy and television under his belt, Chris Monty is one of New York’s finest comedians.

In his performances, he channels a refreshing style of the 1960’s cool funnyman with a modern touch. His take on current topics and storytelling are reminiscent of a time that will make the older crowds at a corporate event fall in love with his act. 

His comedy has been featured on Amazon Prime, HBO, and more recently on the Dry Bar Comedy channel, where he talks about what it’s like to be an old dad and get married in your 40s. 

Kathleen Dunbar

Kathleen Dunbar is an award-winning comedian that has developed a humorous routine with a sarcastic edge. Armed with many personal life experiences, Kathleen tackles subjects like aging, motherhood, and family dinners with razor-sharp sarcasm and a flamboyant attitude. 

In her Dry Bar Comedy special titled Family Reunions Are The Worst, Kathleen goes into lengthy stories about what it’s like to come back to her Midwest roots after living in fabulous Las Vegas for more than a decade.

Her comedy special has been a hit with the audience, and we think you, too, will have a blast watching it.

The Right Dry Bar Comedians for Your Corporate Event

If you are interested in booking an exceptional comedian for any upcoming event, then you have come to the right place. 

At the Grable Group, we specialize in finding the right kind of entertainers that will best suit your preferences.

Reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and let’s work together to bring the best brand of entertainment onto your stage.

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