Why Dry Bar Comedy Is The World’s No. 1 Source For Clean Comedy

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Written by Tim Grable

August 11, 2019

It’s no coincidence Dry Bar Comedy has become one of the biggest entertainment platforms on the Internet. Ever since it came out, it has quickly come to have over 20 million weekly views across all social media platforms.

Why is that? How could a small clean comedy platform from VidAngel acquire such traffic overnight? Let’s find out!

In the following article, we will showcase a few of the prime reasons why Dry Bar Comedy has come to be the powerhouse it is today.

Why Dry Bar Comedy Is The World's No. 1 Source For Clean Comedy

Stand-Up Comedy Only!

Before Dry Bar Comedy existed, there was Netflix, Hulu, and Comedy Central. They were the dominant platforms in terms of online entertainment. However, each of them was offering different forms of media.

You could watch series, movies, cartoons and the occasional stand-up show.  – However, none of them offered a centralized database where you could exclusively watch clean comedy shows.

This is the niche Dry Bar Comedy managed to occupy. Their platform offers nothing but segments from stand-up skits – totally free of charge!

A Simple Yet Effective Format

Another thing the other media platforms don’t have is a distinctive format in which they deliver their material. Dry Bar Comedy’s format has become a staple of their platform and for entertainment in general.

It’s simple and straight to the point – a video with a short intro that quickly transitions to the comedian’s stand-up comedy routine. It’s just one click, and you’re taken straight to the action.

In the age of social media, nobody would have expected clean comedy to get so much traction. This design choice has proved to be an outstanding move, as Dry Bar Comedy videos are easily shareable and they spread like wildfire!

A Line-Up of Very Talented Comedians

They may have the comedy market and the format on their side, however, at the end of the day, it’s the comedians who make the whole show. Also, Dry Bar Comedy has no shortage of incredibly talented comedians.

It’s important to mention that the platform also builds a lot of excitement and anticipation around their comedians. Instead of having videos released at once, they release them in an episodic sequence.

So if you’re curious as to who’s showcased right now, then here’s a shortlist:

  • Rodney Laney. He is a comedian with a very joyous personality, and his style of comedy brings laughter to everyone in the audience. He jokes about day-to-day topics, such as traveling or working out, but he has a way of making even the most mundane situations seem incredible.
  • Mike Siegel. Also known as Funny Mike, he is a comedian who takes the audience on a roller-coaster of emotions, tackling subjects such as employment, parenting, and the good ol’ days of childhood.
  • Rahn Hortman. 50% parent, 50% family man, 100% comedian. Rahn is a master at telling funny and compelling stories about all sorts of gnarly things which can happen in any basic household.
  • Jamie Lissow. He is the comedian who can make all the underachievers out there feel a bit better about themselves. His stand-up routines are like a slow-burn, but once they ignite, they’re completely ablaze!

4 Types of Humor You’ll See on Dry Bar Comedy 

Dry Bar Comedy has established itself as the definitive online platform for comedians to showcase their talent and to promote their comedy routines.

People often have the misconception that most stand-up routines are similar or if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

This can’t be farther from the truth, to show the diversity of the platform’s roster, we have showcased 4 styles of comedy you can find on Dry Bar Comedy.

1. Observational Comedy Galore

Of all styles of comedy out there, observational humor feels right at home on the platform. For the readers who are out of the loop, observational comedy is a type of entertainment whose aim is to poke fun at everyday life.

Observational humor is so popular because it brings out the silliness in the day to day activities we all perform. Because of this reason, it is very relatable.

This type of comedy goes hand in hand with self-deprecating humor, which gives comedians the leeway to make fun of themselves. Also, when it comes to poking fun of themselves, few comedians do it better than Andy Forrester.

He is a very laid back and expressive comedian with a penchant to make a mockery out of the many strange things he has been through.

2. The Best Place for Anecdotal Comedy

Anecdotal comedy is a style of humor which often has the comedian recounting a series of events that supposedly happened to them “that one time.”

The main point of this comedy genre is not the validity of the story, but how the comedian narrates the events to make them as compelling and as funny as possible.

To give you a great example of anecdotal humor on Dry Bar Comedy, be sure to watch the routine we have posted below, by Andrew Rivers.

In this sketch, Andrew tells how he once visited a doomsday prepper’s house and judging by the subject matter alone; you know it is going to be funny.

3. Slapstick Humor Has Never Been Funnier

While most comedians prefer to stay laid back and relaxed, slapstick comedians are all over the place. This style of comedy is made for those with a lot of energy, and it’s quite something to behold.

Slapstick humor is a style which involves much physical gesturing to enhance the jokes for dramatic effects. Because of this fascinating dynamic, slapstick humor is not also funny to hear, but also funny to watch.

Greg Morton is a master of slapstick humor, and the expressions he makes would have you believe he’s a walking caricature.

4. The Finest Display of Deadpan Humor

A golden rule of deadpan humor is that it should never be taken literally. It is easier said than done because sometimes the comedians can be compelling actors.

Deadpan humor is a style of humor in which the comedian frequently drops the punchline without even a shred of emotions. They deliver the joke without changing facial expressions, and it just works!

Brandon Vestal is so good at it people often time don’t know if he is joking or telling the truth. It’s this flair of mystery and uncertainty which draws people into this style of comedy, and they can’t get enough of it.

Dry Bar Comedy Has All Types of Humor

For the last few years, the platform has been the no. 1 source of comedy, and by the looks of it, the future is looking bright.

If you want to bring the same level of entertainment to your event, then we can offer you the chance to book comedians and other kinds of entertainers. 

Choose Clean Comedy for Your Next Event

Why have entertainment online? When you can have it live, right at your event. If you’re interested in having comedians of the highest caliber to perform live for your audience, then give us a call @ (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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