10 Dry Bar Comedy Comedians that You’ll Instantly Love

Mark Poolos

Written by Tim Grable

July 31, 2019

What’s the first thing which comes to mind when you think about Dry Bar Comedy comedians? If you were thinking high-quality humor, then you’re correct.

In recent times, the platform has risen to be the no. 1 source for clean entertainment on the internet. So that’s entirely due to the outstanding comedians who get to be featured.

This is why, in the following article, we will present you with some well-known comedians from the platform, and we’re sure you’ll find them to your liking.

1. Andy Beningo

Andy Beningo is a well-established figure in the comedy industry. He has quickly risen to the top through his distinctive brand of comedy.

Throughout his career, he has done a record 2,800 shows. He has performed for many Fortune 500 companies and is a regular in some of the biggest comedy clubs in the country.

4 Dry Bar Comedy Comedians that You'll Instantly Love

As of late, he’s made quite a lot of appearances on Dry Bar Comedy, and people can’t seem to get enough of his clean and down-to-earth sense of humor. He has come to be one of the most in-demand Dry Bar Comedy comedians.

Nowadays, it’s common for comedians to go for shock tactics and over-the-top humor. This may get a few good laughs out of the public, but it fizzles in the long run, and people end up being burned out.

Andy, on the other hand, opted to do something different. He forged a path for himself through a style of comedy anyone can understand and appreciate.

He has a way of making even the most mundane things seem very compelling. Instead of going for cheap one-liners and punchlines galore, he prefers to take the audience on a different route, through story-telling and witty jokes.

2. Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan is a comedy heavyweight who has been making quite a lot of noise in recent times. He has been heavily featured on Dry Bar Comedy, and his comedy shorts have been getting quite a lot of attention on social media.

So it’s easy to understand why – as his style of comedy is very gripping and has people laughing out loud. This, combined with the “straight to the action” type of performance, makes his shows quite shareable on the internet.

If you’re interested to see him perform, click the following video:

3. Seth Tippetts

If you have been watching Dry Bar Comedy in recent times, then you’ve most likely heard about Seth Tippetts. He had a very successful run on the platform, managing to get quite a lot of views and shares around the internet.

He has come to be one of the most appreciated Dry Bar Comedy comedians, and this is due to his bustling sense of humor. One time he’s calmly telling a story and the other he’s dropping one joke after the other.

This style of comedy captures people’s attention and is very fun to watch:

4. Mark Poolos

Mark Poolos is a comedian and actor born in Edina, Minnesota. He started his career by playing in independent films, but quickly found a home on the stand-up comedy scene.

During his time as a comedian, Mark has made quite a name for himself, and many have come to compare him to Louie Anderson.

Mark Poolos

He has also gained a reputation for his avid touring cycle, having performed in more than 40 states across the U.S. and many locations across Canada.

He’s a workhorse, but his style of comedy is where he truly shines the most. He is an intrepid performer, managing to grab people’s attention with his lovable personality.

5. Adam Cozens

Adam Cozens is one of the best stand-up comedians in the business, winning him a spot on our list of the Dry Bar Comedy comedians to check out. His sarcastic, yet personable personality allows him to connect to his audience in a way most other comedians could only dream about.

He’s originally from Seattle but pursued a comedy career in the hustle and bustle of the New York City streets. This background allowed him the opportunity to grow and develop his skill into the remarkable and unique craft it is today.

Cozens mixes a sarcastic and observational style of humor with personable and relatable stories from his day-to-day life to deliver an experience that will connect to the audience in a way they’ve never seen before.

6. Karen Mills

Karen Mills is a woman of many talents and skillsets. Not only is she a nationally acclaimed and recognized comedian who has toured the country, but she also became the first University of Tennessee Chattanooga basketball player to be Division 1 All-American basketball player ever, leading her to be recognized and added to the Chattanooga Basketball Hall of Fame. Pretty amazing for someone who’s only five feet two inches tall.

After winning her battle with cancer, she learned to look on the bright side of life and always continue to bring the gift of joy and laughter to share with the world. Her confident and positive attitude and outlook on life translate when she’s onstage at every single event. Her joyful personality and inspiring message allow her to connect with her audience unusually and astonishingly.

Karen Mills truly has a gift to share with the world when it comes to comedy and entertainment, which is why she’s been featured on Dry Bar Comedy and TEDx. She has proven that no matter what is going on in the world or what the circumstances in your life are, you can always find a way to laugh and bring joy to others.

7. KJell Bjorgen

Comedian KJell Bjorgen has been in the industry for almost two decades now and has established himself as a leading name in the comedy industry. His entertaining sense of humor, mixed with his immaculate timing, polished and refined delivery, and his gobsmackingly hilarious sense of humor launches him lightyears into the future in terms of his skill as a comedian.

His accomplishments and appearances range from comedy festivals to hit shows such as Dry Bar Comedy, proving that no matter what audience he’s in front of, he can blow them away with his outstanding sense of humor and personable stories.

8. Dennis Regan

Dennis Regan has been performing stand-up comedy since 1987 when he stood on the stage of Coconuts Comedy Club. Then, after winning a comedy competition, he decided to move to New York City to make it big and pursue his passion for telling jokes and making people laugh. After climbing his way up to the top and appearing on the big names in the comedy industry, his gut instinct to chase his dreams proved to be true.

With his witty personality, comedic outlook on life, and promise to never take himself too seriously, Dennis Regan has established himself as a leading name in the comedy industry and paved the way for his career. His ability to connect with people even while on stage sets him apart from others in the industry, earning him a spot on our list of our favorite Dry Bar Comedians.

9. Leanne Morgan

Leanne Morgan tells it as it is, but never loses her authentic and charming southern personality. As a mother and a wife, Leanne brings an honest and comedic perspective on the life of a suburban mom living in the south. Her realistic and positive view on life allows her to be honest and real when connecting with her audience, even if that means it leaves little time to get her hair highlighted.

Leanne has appeared on Dry Bar Comedy, Sirius/ XM Comedy Channels, and Dr. Phil, to name a few, and has indeed established herself as a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Each story she tells the audience is real and authentic, leading to a unique and unforgettable experience every time.

10. Mike Speenberg

In the twenty years, he’s been in the industry, Mike Speenberg has established himself as quite the legend in the stand-up comedy industry, leading to him performing all over the world to an uncountable amount of crowds. Each time he steps on stage, a whole new experience is about to take place, no matter where he’s performing.

His intriguing personality and hilarious look on life have earned him clients such as Carnival Cruise Lines, The National Police Working Dog Association, and the Merrill Corporation, to name a few. Whether he’s performing for a crowd of thousands or only a hundred, he’s able to blow away and captivate the audience in a whole new way.

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