Our Ranking of The Best Comedy Specials from Dry Bar Comedy

Best Comedy Specials from Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

January 25, 2021

Ever since it debuted back in 2017, Dry Bar Comedy has been a hit on the internet, revealing demand for good stand-up content.  It has become one of the best sources of comedy online.

What’s the reason behind their success? We believe it’s the top-shelf comedy it features and a dedication to bringing quality content on the internet.

We will showcase some of the best comedy specials from DryBar, and we’ll let you judge if they’re up to snuff. There is a wide array of comedy types available on the platform to suit every taste. But for this article, we’ve rounded up the best of them that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

1. Dwight Slade

Few comedians do club comedy with the same finesse that Dwight Slade does it with. He’s a natural on stage, and his precise delivery makes it seem like a walk in the park.

Besides his laid-back attitude, audiences have come to appreciate Dwight for his ability to make impressions.

Even though he seems like an upfront and frank performer, he occasionally does voice and personality switches to impersonate different characters from his funny stories.  

2. Scott Losse

Scott’s Dry Bar Comedy set called “Wives and Knives” tackles, you guessed it, married life – with all the unique challenges which come along with it and that no one can prepare you for, as well as the unexpected joys it brings.

One of the things which make Scott Losse stand out is his unique style as a comedian. Watching him perform, there’s no other entertainer that comes to mind as being similar in style, making him extremely intriguing as a comedian.

Another trademark of his is his exceptionally dry humor. So, if that’s a type of humor you resonate with, then you should check out Scott’s hilarious special.

3. Kjell Bjorgen

For his entire life, Kjell Bjorgen has been in the situation of having to explain to people how his name is pronounced. Rather than letting this get to him, Kjell decided to do an entire Dry Bar comedy set around it.

Self-deprecation jokes are his specialty, and he admits that having an unusual name makes him no stranger to ridicule – which is why he decided to make a career out of it.

4. Matt Falk

Every comedian wants to be the one who writes the best joke in the entire world. According to Matt Falk, that’s an impossible job, the best joke in the world has already been written – not by him.


Then watch Matt talk all about it in his Dry Bar Comedy special. Matt’s effortless funny delivery, as well as his slick writing, will surely keep you laughing from start to finish.

5. Key Lewis

If you like stories with humorous undertones and cartoony characters, Key Lewis is the comedian you should listen to. His approach to entertaining is more akin to slam poetry or motivational speaking.

Key likes to tell wholesome stories with an uplifting message. He draws inspiration from his childhood and talks about the many interesting, bizarre, and downright funny things he has been through.

One of his recent comedy specials covers Key’s experiences of growing up with his father, who, according to Key, was “unique in his own way.”

6. Patrick Keane

Aviophobia. It’s the fancy name for fear of flying, one of the most common phobias people experience in their lifetime. And while this type of fear is no laughing matter, Patrick Keane sure knows how to make it funny with well-crafted jokes and quick delivery.

If you enjoy comedy specials that poke fun at some of the things that scare us most in life, then you’ll enjoy this comedy show by Patrick Keane.

7. Heath Harmison

Heath Harmison has been a Dry Bar Comedy Comedian since 2017 and is among the first comedians to have recorded a special in the iconic DryBar format.

The platform has recently released the entire special for everyone to see, and it is an absolute blast. During this special, Heath tells the audience a story about the interesting experiences while performing in Vegas.

Those in Vegas can attest that things can get a bit crazy in there, and Heath’s fiery performance sells this feeling.

8. Mark Poolos

If you regularly shop at Walmart, then chances are you know exactly where comedian Mark Poolos drew inspiration from when he created this Dry Bar special.

Whether it’s that odd couple getting a divorce in the product section or the weird guy in super short shorts and a cowboy hat dancing to a song only he hears, there’s no denying that strange people hang out at Walmart sometimes.

Check out Mark’s Dry Bar Comedy special to hear his hilarious take on all the crazy things which go down at Walmart and the cast of characters that often populate it.

You’ll be rolling in the aisles.

9. Josh Fonokalafi

Josh Fonokalafi is a comedian who dabbles in self-deprecating humor and politics. He jokes about the United States’ social situation of the last few years.

His delivery is straightforward, in typical club-comedy style – with a premise and punchline. Throughout his routine, audiences will get to hear his seemingly endless arsenal of one-liners.

To add variety to his performance, Josh likes to turn the page from self-deprecation to social commentary, joking about different mainstream events that have happened across the country.

Can’t Get Enough of Great Comedy Specials?

Not to worry; we’ve got you covered!

We have even more recommendations for top shows to watch when you are in the mood for laughs. Find them in this article.

Just Like on Dry Bar Comedy

Stand-up specials and small video snippets are fun, but nothing beats the experience of live comedy.

If you are organizing an event, then why not have a segment which features a comedy act? Whether you’re going for a virtual or a hybrid type of event, we assure you that laughter is always welcome.

If this sounds good to you, contact us at (615) 283-0039, and we can work together to bring the best entertainment to your events!

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