Seen on Dry Bar Comedy: 9 Hilarious Entertainers You Should Know

Dave Burleigh

Written by Tim Grable

May 13, 2019

In recent years, clean comedy has had a massive resurgence on the internet. Shows such as Dry Bar Comedy have brought a format which managed to find a large online audience.

Dry Bar is filmed in Provo, UT and is one of the world’s largest collections of clean comedy. It’s also one of the most popular ones, as the show has become a hit among a wide variety of audiences.

Dry Bar Comedy is one of the most popular comedy platforms available to audiences today – and is now getting more than 20 million views every week across all social media platforms.

What’s the secret to its success? They feature best-in-class comedians who put on fantastic performances the entire family can watch and enjoy.   In part, this merit can be attributed to the outstanding clean comedians who have contributed to popularize the genre once more.

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, then you most likely know the comedy greatness that it offers. However, if this is your first exposure to the show, then you’re in for a treat.

Either way, you should read this article where we showcase 8 of the hilarious entertainers who have been featured on the show you’ll want to watch more than once.  We can assure you that your guests will be more than thrilled to see them perform.

1. Dave Burleigh

Dave Burleigh is a top entertainer who combines comedy with memorable impressions, resulting in an incredibly-funny performance.

He’s had a very lucrative career as an entertainer, having won prestigious comedy awards and having shared the stage with comedy legends, such as:

  • Robin Williams,
  • Dane Cook,
  • and Kevin Pollak.

More recently, he’s been making waves on the hit comedy show Dry Bar Comedy, where Dave unleashes a barrage of funny impressions and smart jokes.

As a celebrity impersonator, he does a fantastic job imitating today’s most famous personalities. His best-known impersonation is that of President Donald J. Trump – which features Dave being fully dressed as the President, with make-up, prosthetics, and even a wig.

Seen on Dry Bar Comedy: 3 Hilarious Entertainers You Should Know

His portrayal isn’t meant to stir up any animosity but to provide real comedic value. Also, this can be seen in the incredibly clever and downright funny writing that goes into creating this character.

2. Kermet Apio

If you were to ask him, Kermet would say that comedy is his only real skill. We don’t know how true this is, but we can assure you that it is an area where he shines. He’s one of the hilarious entertainers working today!

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kermet moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. It was during this time that he began doing comedy as a hobby.

As time passed, however, this hobby slowly turned into something that showed real promise of becoming a career. So, he decided to give it a shot, and in early 1989, while he was still in college, he had his first gig at the Comedy Underground.

This proved to be a resounding success, as just one year later, Kermet decided to quit his day job to pursue a full-time comedy career. Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

Nowadays, he’s a regular of the Californian comedy scene, where he can be found performing at clubs and exclusive venues. Besides that, he’s recently been making appearances on Dry Bar Comedy, which have been an instant success.

His comedy show revolves around him drawing amusing anecdotes about his life. His jokes are clean and always hit the mark, making audiences roll in the aisles.

3. Eric O’Shea

Growing up, Eric never thought he would be making a living as one of the world’s most hilarious entertainers one day. However, after he graduated from college, he discovered that he had a passion for making people laugh.

It was during an open mic competition that he realized that performing brings him tremendous joy. In retrospect, that night was the spark which ignited his whole career.

Since then, Eric pursued his dream to become a comedian. So today, he’s got 5000 gigs under his belt, including numerous corporate shows and festival appearances.

On Dry Bar Comedy, he’s the guy with an almost endless amount of energy in front of the mic. So his jokes are equally vivid, filled to the brim with some of the funniest segments that ever graced the stage.

4. Cleto Rodriguez

With the rise of comedy shows such as Dry Bar Comedy, veteran comedians are once again making a comeback into the attention of mainstream audiences.

Cleto Rodriguez is one of these big names of the comedy industry. Even though he has been gaining attention for his recent shows, he has been doing comedy gigs since the mid 90’s.

Cleto Rodriguez

Throughout his career, he has shared a stage with the best of them – such as Daniel Tosh, Wayne Brady, and Brett Butler. He even has gone as far as to be an opening act for the legendary B.B. King.

He has quite a lot of stories to tell, which is quite fitting since his entire performance revolves around accounts from everyday life. So that’s a big part why the audiences so appreciate Cleto.

His stories are based on actual events which can be part of anyone’s life. Whether it is about marriage, family relationships or that one time when he was out with a friend – Cleto makes fun of it in a way which makes everyone laugh.

5. Tom Mabe

Tom Mabe has been dubbed as a Comic Superhero for tackling aspects of life which annoy most of us, such as junk email, bad customer service, or irksome salespeople.

He’s famous for pulling the best hidden-camera pranks and telemarketer prank calls, something he’s been doing since the early days of his career.

Tom is brilliant at putting a hilarious spin on all those annoyances of modern life we all know and dread. Also, that relatability factor makes it pretty much impossible not to laugh at his jokes!

However, it’s better to watch him in action to gain a clear sense of his style as a clean comedian. So, here’s him performing on stage at Dry Bar Comedy.

Hit play and get ready to get a good laugh in:

6. Mark Poolos

A Minnesota native, Mark Poolos was born in Edina and spent most of the early years of his life in the small town from Upper-Midwest.

As the life in the suburbs was uneventful, Mark had to find something to occupy himself with, and shortly after that, he decided to pick up acting.

Initially having a rocky start, Mark found out he’s a natural for comedy roles, and his career kicked off when he decided to give stand-up comedy a shot.

Since then, it’s been all uphill for Mark, as in his performances, he found a way to express himself through elements of story-telling and bubbling humor freely.

The American public loves him as his shows are always jam-packed and is enjoying quite a lot of online fame. For example, on Dry Bar Comedy’s channel on YouTube, he’s drawing hundreds of thousands of views.

7. Drew Barth

Drew Barth is the type of comedian who hits too close to home. His comedy act revolves around seemingly mundane issues, yet he presents them in a way it would be impossible not to laugh at.

Some of the issues he tackles in his shows include getting in shape for summer and why you shouldn’t watch sports with your partner.

You may not be impressed at first glance, but once you get enveloped into Drew’s way of telling of a story, you wouldn’t want him to stop.

8. Mike P Burton

Mike P Burton is an NYC based performer who rose to become one of the most respected clean comedians in the industry.

His history in the comedy scene goes back in 1996 when he was performing small comedy clubs around New York. Eventually, he started to acquire some popularity among the viewers, and from that, he quickly became an audience favorite.

He has taken his distinct sense of humor through all sorts of mediums, starring in feature films, commercials, and TV shows.

He’s also been featured on Dry Bar Comedy, much to the delight of online viewers who have been very eager to see him perform. His videos featured on the platform have acquired hundreds of thousands of views each, and his viewer base only seems to be on the rise.

9. Tim Wilkins

Tim Wilkins is an internationally acclaimed comic, an expert in health, nutrition, wellness, and a natural-born emcee.

You may be wondering, how does Tim manage to do so many things? Well, he isn’t nicknamed “America’s Fitness Comedian” for nothing. He is a very energetic figure, and his shows are an incredible display of positive energy and vitality.

Tim’s career didn’t start out promising. He was having a hard time scoring gigs. Through perseverance, he found the strength to reinvent himself and ever since, Tim has been on a streak, putting out one solid performance after another.

Most recently, he has been featured as a one of the comedians on Dry Bar Comedy, hosting an entire comedy special. His show is titled “Password Protected,” and through it, he explores and jokes about the many issues which come up from our day to day interaction with technology.

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